• I remember you said BB's Bug Space thing and some other such should be taken off due to Kazuradrop being the one who did it rather than BB herself in the Foxtail manga.

    However, BB's FGO mats was translated and released not too long ago (in fact it was earlier today, in relation to the time of this message was made that is) and this is what Ever found while working on a page for her FGO self:

    "Territory Creation: A

    She can construct powerful territories as a ruler-type underclassman. The Sakura Dungeon that makes a maiden’s heart into a protective wall, areas with the Sakura Rules – 25 prohibitive rules where if violated, causes the violator to die – the Dog Space that forces one to live out a life of crawling on all fours, the Cattle Space that forces one to live out a lazy life where they can only eat and sleep, the Bug Space that shrinks one to the size of a bug and breeds them as such, the nostalgic old school building that can protect her precious ones, and so on, as though there is nothing she cannot do."

    Does this change anything for CCC! BB seeing as she can even do that anyways and while as a Servant contracted to Chaldea among other things? Cuz I have no idea how else to work with this if she can still do this yet her Moon Cell self "can't" or "hasn't done so herself"?

    ^BB's Mats if you haven't yet seen it yet in full on Reddit.

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    • Apologies for just getting to this now, but I think this does give some more credence to her keeping that ability on her profile.

      I know at one point her profile was going to be split into another one to cover the FGO version separately. Is that still the plan or have things changed?

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    • Her FGO! self has been made already, in fact.


      I think I saw a bit on the Bug Space being on her CCC page but point is, the plan was already in stone so yes, BB of CCC and FGO are separate for this occasion.

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    • I've tried to respond to this several times, but hopefully this finally works.

      I think that she should have the ability to use the Bug Space in theory, but I'm not sure if we should add it since she didn't actually use it in CCC.

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    • I think her page already notes it on her powers and abilities section somewhere, in fact. Not in the techniques place, but at powers and abilities among the rows of text.

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