• Shikoutazer actually fits the bill for a Doraemon villain pretty well. The tanuki faces giant creatures, robots, and giant robots quite frequently, so let's see how this fares


    Speed: Equal

    Place: Empty Tokyo

    Mind set: In-character.

    Knowledge: Doraemon knows Shikoutazer's strength and abilities but has no prep. Shikoutazer gives Emperor boy some limited Information Analysis, so no knowledge or prep for him.

    Victory: Death, KO or BFR

    Doraemon with his gadgets (reminder again, no he doesn't pull off with insane haxes even when bloodlusted, so don't go "lol existence erasure" or something like that)

    Shikoutazer in Base, controlled by Emperor boy. Honest is not around so no Purge Mode.





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