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    • Okay.You are making a lot of battles for just one day.Why don't you take a break or make one battle per day?

      On Topic:Even though Roy mustang didn't show I am pretty sure he has variety of alchemy abilities.Which will give him an edge.But Ozai is stronger in power with sozin's comet boost and can fly.So i would give it to Ozai.

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    • Their pages indicate that Mustang actually has far higher AP than Ozai, even boosted—Town level vs. City Block level.

      Both fighters show a much higher AP than the other's durability; Town vs. City Block, City Block vs. Building. Other than Ozai's AP vs. Mustang's durability, and the fact that Ozai can fly, every single advantage that can be had goes to Mustang. Mustang has higher speed, but of course, that's been equalized. Still, if it comes down to who gets the first hit, I'd say it's only fair to give the edge to Mustang. Speed equalized doesn't mean Mustang suddenly has a disadvantage, at worst it means they're now precisely equal in their ability to aim and dodge, and Mustang's AP edge should allow him to win a beam-of-war. As Basilisk noted, Mustang has versatility via alchemy—the fact that he's relatively featless isn't a problem, because alchemy is science, not magic. It should be assumed that Mustang can transmute anything any other alchemist could as long as we can infer that he understands the basic principles required. At the same time, that's also hard to employ without speed advantage, because he has to draw a transmutation circle.

      However, Mustang has the intelligence advantage. Ozai is listed as average intelligence, but I question that. He lived to see the final battle by sheer luck. His strategies mostly involve using overwhelming force, all of the time. He'd be easy to predict and manipulate, two things that we know Mustang is good at. Need a transmutation circle? No problem, just provoke the flying jerk into scorching it into the ground for you. More importantly, Mustang is listed as having nearly ten times Ozai's range. He could blast the Fire Lord out of the sky, overwhelming him before he even got close enough to fire back. If it started at close range, he could use the aforementioned intelligence and versatility advantages to gain distance, if he even needed it.

      Mustang's just got more fire in him.

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