• I think the Power and Abilities section under Nico Robin's Powers and Stats are missing some things, but I'm having some trouble with knowing what counts and what doesn't.

    Is Robin making Pell think she "impaled" Vivi with her hand a form of Illusion Creation?

    Listed in Roronoa Zoro's Powers and Abilities is 'Exceptional Willpower' and I thought it should be added to Robin's since she's shown exceptional willpower ( Searching for the Rio Poneglyph while on the run from the World Government for 20 years since 8, recovering in a short span of time from her shadow being taken when it normally takes 2 days to recover, successfully pushing the Thousand Sunny ship away from the undersea mountain despite being weakened from her submerging her devil fruit hands into the sea). But it's not listed in the Powers and Abilities Category.

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