• Just a few additions to the main protagonist and antagonist of one of the more recent installments. Corrin's seems to be upkept fairly well, so the additions there will be minor. Anankos on the other hand warrants quite a few additions. 


    Precognition - Anyone who has played the first few minutes of the came is already aware of how things play out in the prologue. It starts as a dream sequence, playing out the events to come with remarkably fine detail and accuracy as to how they actually go, ending right before Corrin has the opportunity to side with Nohr or Hoshido. I think this may have been an intentional allusion to the connection between Corrin and Anankos early on, as it would mean that they would both have this ability to solidify the familial connection. 


    Memory Manipulation - One of the bigger plot points early on in the game was that Corrin's older memories of their childhood in Hoshido were sealed away, presumably by Garon. Who as we later reveal, was just a puppet being used by Anankos, utilizing some of his powers as well. Which brings me into the next point.

    Mind Control - Another large plot point is how Anankos was able to control Garon. Incredibly straightforward, plus the description for the Silent Dragon class even has mind control listed as an ability he has. If a link to the wiki isn't sufficient, I'll boot up my copy of Fates to get a scan. But that description also has another ability listed...

    Water Manipulation - Yeah, Anankos never really shows this in game, but it's stated. However I have no doubt in my mind that he's got the ability, given how Corrin has it. And, again, familial connection. It's almost a gurantee he's the one the avatar inherrited it from.

    And that is essentially all I have for now. I'd like some feedback to see what you all think.

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