• So a user by the name of Aeyu posted these scans regarding high 1-B Q, but for some reason they got ignored, even though almost everyone agreed with it.

    JANEWAY: Omega destroys subspace. A chain reaction involving a handful of molecules could devastate subspace throughout an entire Quadrant. If that were to happen, warp travel would become impossible. Space-faring civilisation as we know it would cease to exist. When Starfleet realised Omega's power, they suppressed all knowledge of it. 

    SEVEN: Omega is infinitely complex, yet harmonious. To the Borg it represents perfection. I wish to understand that perfection. 

    JANEWAY: Omega caused quite a stir among my own species. Federation cosmologists had a theory that the molecule once existed in nature for an infinitesimal period of time at the exact moment of the Big Bang. Some claimed Omega was the primal source of energy for the explosion that began our universe.

    SEVEN: Particle zero one zero. The Borg designation for what you call Omega. Every Drone is aware of its existence. We were instructed to assimilate it at all costs. It is perfection. The molecules exist in a flawless state. Infinite parts functioning as one. 

    The Q are capable of synthesizing and creating these particles, and show no fear at their detonation:

    JANEWAY: Say hello to Q, everyone. 
    JUNIOR: We could fly into fluidic space and fight species 8472. Or we could detonate a few Omega molecules. What do you say? 
    JANEWAY: No. 

    ^the scans which were posted.

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