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    14:04, July 4, 2018

    This is for Eon's Elite skylanders. It seems like Eon's Elite should scale to Spyro. 

    "Of all the heroic Skylanders, there are several that Master Eon depends on to lead others into battle against the forces of evil. Eon’s Elite are the selected few that have displayed courage and bravery against all odds – and are revered by their fellow Skylanders for their inspiration and unwavering commitment to defend Skylands!"

    Essencially, and Eon's Elite Skylanders seem like they would scale to Spyro, since they are considered to be the most brave and powerful Skylanders. Since Spyro is in this group, it seems logical that all of them should be around the same level as him. Not to mention Eon's Elite Skylanders should be superior to the Supercharges who don't have Eon's Elite status, since they are chosen to lead skylanders. Yes, they were introduced before Superchargers came out, but they are still described as this for the second series released after Superchargers.

    In Summary: Eon's Elite Skylanders should likely be scaled to Spyro and/or the Superchargers.

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    • Ignoring the fact that I haven't seen enough proof for 5-A Skylanders, I don't think these changes should be made.

      While they are stronger than regular Skylanders, Elites don't have any feats or scaling that would imply that they're stronger than Spyro or the Superchargers. If Core Skylanders aren't already 5-A, then there's little reason for us to be scaling them to Spyro now. Not only that, but Elite Skylanders are only described as being good leaders who're courageous and brave. The only thing that implies their strength is the 3X multiplier to their stats. Another important thing to note is that special Skylanders like the Elites, Giants, Superchargers, etc. are never compared to each other or even mentioned outside of their own game, so to assume that Elites are stronger simply because Superchargers aren't Elite isn't a valid argument because Elites are only part of gameplay, not story.

      I think I covered everything, let me know if I missed something, you disagree, or if you have any other points to make.

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    • Welp, I have nothing. I guess this could be closed if nobody has any objections.

      Accept that I have an objection.

      I forgot to mention how Eon's Elite Skylanders also boost the power of Superchargers (The vehicles) when they are in them.

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    • While this is true, I don't think it's enough to warrant the upgrade. If it were stated or implied that elites boosted Superchargers due to their strength, then it'd be different, but such a small, unexplained feature isn't enough, and could be chalked up to either an outlier or game mechanics.

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    • So should we close this thread?

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    • Yeah, probably.

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    • Okay.

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