• I've seen some people here and there say that RWBY's appearance in BlazBlue Crosstag was confirmed canon by the people of Rooster Teeth. I asked for a citation, but they never responded or gave me one when I did.

    As a result, people are saying that the RWBY characters can now be scaled to the BlazBlue characters, thus the RWBY characters are eligable for some major buffs.

    Others are saying that even if it's not canon, the scaling should still be viable BlazBlue on the grounds that the RWBY characters being in BlazBlue Crosstag means they're strong enough to contend with the BlazBlue cast.

    Can anyone find me a statement from anyone at Rooster Teeth that BlazeBlue Crosstag is canon to RWBY? And whether ot not it is, should RWBY be scaled to that franchise for all future VS matches/debates? 

    (I've wanted to use RWBY characters in debates lately, but this whole Crosstag thing has left me really REALLY confused)

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