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    15:51, April 13, 2019

    There is too much evidence for both being high 1-B. Lifebringer scales to above the Living Tribunal, the same tribunal stated to be above the rouge beyonders who killed the previous Tribunal. Lifebringer, via revamped origin when talking to Ego, should scale to Multi-Eternity at least. We know that the purple galactus rendition we see is the incomplete galactus, based on author tweets which I have, and that he is scalable to Multi-Eternity and TLT. Why are they both 1-B/high 1-B but Lifebringer who scales above both set to 2-A/at least 2-A? The Nullifier also has reset mutli-eternity on multiple occasions even by someone as weak as Richards. This isn't even Galactus using it, but just Richards. We know the Nullifier scales off of how powerful the mind of the user is so to speak, (I could be wrong). But nevertheless we know lifebringer should be high 1-B via scaling and direct feats.

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