• A Great White and an Elephant are transported to a realm where they can both breathe and fight. The Elephant can run across the ground, while the shark can "swim" through the air (it can't go any higher than the Elephant's head though). Both of them are fully grown adults in their primes. All of their stats are the same as they would be in their normal environments. The realm is infinite in size, but they must not venture far enough that either one is no longer able to sense the other's presence. This means no ambushes from either party. Loser dies, while the winner gets sent back to the place they came from.


    Great White Shark

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    • Great white shark via the swimming advantage

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    • Well right off the bat, the Shark may be able to outmanuever the elephant, but the Elephant can counteract that via it's enhanced senses. I'm pretty sure the Elephant has the AP and Dura advantage so the shark has to rely on its speed to win. 

      Voting for the Elephant Mid-Diff. 

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    • All up it’s a bit in the elephant’s favour thanks to the Elephant having much thicker skin, greater strength and being far heavier then the shark is. Now the water might be an advantage for the shark but again I can’t see it doing the damage needed to kill the whale without waiting hours for the elephant to bleed out (which exceeds SBA if I’m correct)

      Honestly I feel a better fight for an elephant would be a large therapod like T.Rex The shark I could see fighting an Anaconda for instance.

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    • Elephant via being durable enough to survive the punishment and strong enough to overpower the shark, the shark has the edge in speed but that's not enough. Elephant high difficulty.

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    • A FANDOM user
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