• Let me tell you all. I ain' stopping until either the profiles of DAL gets upgraded, or permentally deleted from this website.

    Now to bring some other feats:

    1- Shido can fight Nibecols, who can go on par with the likes of Kurumi:

    Volume 17 chapter 4:

    30 ships. 10 times the number of Wizards that Ratatoskr has. Thousands of Bandersnatch and Nibelcol. These were the forces of DEM (plus Artemisia and Elen) put together to kill Shidou. Whereas Ratatoskr only has 5 ships and places of Tenguu City that were remodeled by them to become artillery bases, plus the 10 Spirits and Mana. Before the battle began, Origami and Mana revealed their plan to defeat the Bandersnatch; that is by defeating Artemisia and insert the jamming code in her brainwave, which will supposedly disable the Ashcroft-Beta Realizers that the <Bandersnatch> is using. (I cannot really remember but there is some Realizers made by using Artemisia, those ones are then used as bases for the Ashcroft-Beta Realizers). As for Maria’s plan to defeat the <Nibelcol>……

    The war begins, with both sides at a stalemate until Isaac orders all units to sortie. This is also when Kurumi joins in the fight and destroy DEM ships. At the same time, AST troops were told to charge in to fight against the Spirits. However when one of the DEM wizards targeted the AST by using them as baits, Mukuro saved the leader by redirecting the laser to the DEM Wizard herself (Granzon-style Wormhole defense method), the AST decided to ignore orders and fight against DEM instead.

    Origami, Mana, Mukuro and Yoshino went up against Artemisia, however she was able to go up against them all. Things went worse when Nia told that Elen was going over there to back her up, but Elen then was stopped by Elliot who was all young again. At another place, some of the <Nibelcol> were facing against Ratatoskr’s Wizards, which were ended up saved by Tohka and the Yamai siblings……and their target Shidou. The <Nibelcol> immediately went to charge towards him, and while Tohka managed to obstruct several of them, one managed to pass through and head towards Shidou with intentions to kill him. As for Shidou,


    With a gentle voice,

    [………I love you.]


    With those words, the <Nibelcol> that was aiming for his heart had her eyes wide open while her thoughts froze at that moment. At that time, Shidou wrapped his arms around her neck and kissed her on the lips. At first, the <Nibelcol> thoughts were about how crazy it was for Shidou to do such a thing, but it then slowly changed as her heart melted but it felt really comfortable…… then she turns back to paper which also disappears into particles of light. The other <Nibelcol> that witnessed this also turned to paper and later disappear into particles.

    Kissing the <Nibelcol>. That was Maria’s plan to defeat them. She explained to Shidou that the <Nibelcol> came from <Beelzebub> which power originally came from Nia. Since Nia still has feelings for Shidou, and that <Rasiel> and <Beelzebub> are connected, Shidou is able to seal the <Nibelcol> since they are technically Spirits.

    The remaining <Nibelcol> (those that did not see the kiss) went in high alert and proceed to attack Shidou, but Shidou powers himself up with Gabriel and uses Zadkiel and Haniel to produce ice pillars to block their attacks and then transforming the ice to himself to confuse them for a second, he then proceed to kiss another <Nibelcol> and seal her.

    The <Nibelcol> then decided not to go near Shidou and proceed to attack him from a distance, but just by Shidou throwing them a kiss causes them to have their chest tighten and their cheeks redden. Then using <Raphael> to increase his speed, Shidou charges and kisses them again. Now in fear of disappearing, the <Nibelcol> runs away but Shidou gave chase as not to let them escape. After dealing with half of them, Kurumi appears.

    Volume 17 chapter 5:

    Shidou and Kurumi versus <Nibelcol>. While Shidou went kissing <Nibelcol> and Kurumi attacking them, the two exchanged words after words as they went against the <Nibelcol> who are also pissed for being ignored by the two. At the midst it was revealed that Shidou also received the feelings that Kurumi has for him when she used Yud to show him her memories and that he loves her too (which made her face red for a while, but seeing that Shidou said that while kissing the <Nibelcol> made her feel unpleasant)

    2- Mio wants to ressurect Shido to become at the same power level as her:

    Volume 17 chapter 5:

    This part of memory is when Mio was crying in suffering over the death of the boy. Letting her rage take over, she was able to unleash her powers around allowing her to escape with the boy. Even after recovering the boy’s wounds, the boy did not wake up which further causes Mio to cry. While she cries, Mio realizes how much the boy means to her, how much she likes the boy and how the boy fills her ashen world with colors. Then with her knowledge, Mio thinks about how she can meet the boy again. After a long time of thought, Mio finally thought of a plan. Kissing the boy on the lips, the boy then turns into particles of light and was absorbed into her.

    [……I will give birth to you. This time I will not let you die. This time I will not let you be broken]

    Mio’s plan was to recreate the boy by giving birth to him, but including the power of the Spirits in him. However, a human’s body is too frail to take in all the power at once, so she decided to give only one power first; the power to take in the Spirit’s power.

    There will be a time when the boy is born, raised and turn into a fine man. Dividing her powers and planting them like seeds into the girls, she will let the boy take them in one by one, watching from the side. Then when the boy finally takes in all the Spirits’ powers inside him, the boy will finally become one with absolute power and near-infinite life, becoming Mio’s eternal lover.

    [I will not let you go ever again, I will not make mistakes ever again……… That is why, please wait. Shin.]

    To all those who don't know Mio's casual power, she is capable of doing this:

    Volume 1 chaper 1:

    30 years ago, it happened in the middle of Eurasia. An entire region that included the Soviet Union, China and Mongolia disappered in a single night as if it was dug out.

    Causalities estimates were around 150 million victims.

    It was the largest and deadliest catastrophe in the history of mankind, and was coind as "The Great Eurassian Air Disaster"

    To all those who don't know the exact power output of a Spacequake, here are references to its levels:

    Volume 1 chapter 1:

    Spacequakes are explosions, vibrations, disappearances, among other things of unknown origin. Occuring at irregular intervals, causing indefinite amounts of damage. These large scale phenomena have been described as "Earthquakes in the airspace"

    Another level of power of Spacequakes:

    Volume 1 chapter 1:

    Six months after the Great Eurassian Air Disaster, the region from the southern part of Tokyo to the northern part of Kanagawa Prefecture was reduced to a ring of scorched earth.

    3- Mio's true power level:

    Volume 18 chapter 1:

    “«Phantom»” Reine says that name, and farewell to Kotori.

    “...... Now, it's time for me to go. ─── Kotori, the days spent with you make me happy. However, it's over now.”

    Reine in the blink of an eye disappears from the cabin of «Fraxinus».

    Reine appears in front of Shidou, standing beside Mio. The light radiates from their bodies, and the two merge into one. Original appearance of the First Spirit - Takamiya Mio, Astral Dress with a circle of 10 pearls on the back. The Spirit with the godly name «Deus» is now standing in front of Shidou ─── No, more correctly, Takamiya Shinji.

    Shidou expresses his feelings, but also questions and tries to advise Mio, while Mio persuades Shidou to hand over everything to her. Then Mio made a final decision, while she reached out to Shidou then Tohka appeared.

    Tohka, along with Yamai's sisters after handling «Bandersnatch» and «Nibelcole», returned to Shidou. After a short conversation, the two sides broke out, Mio clearly her purpose.

    “It's been a long time since I've met Shin so I forget. That’s right, all of you are still here ─── To avoid the good parts of『Shin』 and only erase『Shidou』’s memories, it will take some time and effort. So I think I should deal with the girls first.”

    The battle broke out between Tohka, Yamai sister and Mio. However, Mio did not want to involve Shidou, so she sent him to the classroom. The feeling is the same as when using the Fraxinus teleport system.

    Not able to react, when Shidou opened his eyes, he was in class with his classmates. This sudden appearance caused all of them to ferment . Due to the critical situation, Shidou was forced to reveal the situation and use «Michael» to open the door.

    Returning to this situation at Tohka, after several attacks on Mio, Westcott interrupts with Demon King «Beelzebub» and the «Nibelcole». At this point, Mio summoned her first Angel〖Cathedral of All Creation «Ain Soph Aur»〗

    A giant flower appears in the air. And from the center, the silhouette of a young girl as if praying is standing there. An extremely majestic and magnificent sight. But that’s the thing bringing『 Death 』.

    When Mio says: “Blooming.” 『 Death 』starts spreading around.

    The scene change to DEM, the battleship «Almandal», «Honorius», «Galdrabók», «Lemegeton» and the «Bandersnatch» armies continue to be deployed above the Tenguu City. As witnesses of a power far out of their imagination appear, DEM members are panicking, but only Isaac Westcott still laughs wildly.

    “Finally appeared ─── «Deus». My beloved Spirit.”

    In the surrounding area, whether "Nibelcole", "Bandersnatch", Wizards or even the giant warship, anything that touches the bright particles emanating from "Ain Soph Aur" disappears like smoke . When the obstacles are gone, Mio turns to Tohka and Yamai sisters.

    “........ Bring it on, my lovely ─── daughters.”

    Volume 18 chapter 2:

    Continue with the battle between Tohka, Yamai and Mio. After many unsuccessful attacks, Tohka and Yamai sister decided to team up for the most powerful blow.〖Final Sword «Halvanhelev»〗 with «Raphael» complete form - El Kanaph attack at the same time. After that powerful attack, Mio's silhouette disappeared.

    Then suddenly appeared behind Kaguya more than 10m, Tohka shouted warning but too late, a silk strip from the Mio's Astrall Dress pierced through Kaguya's chest. From the top of it, an orange shiny Sephira is drawn.

    “.........! Kaguya!”

    “Yu ─── zu ───”

    Kaguya took her last breath in Yuzuru's arms.

    Mio explained that the entire area was under the influence of «Ain Soph Aur», without the protection Spirit Power or Magic Power, no one could stand it.

    Yuzuru becomes uncontrollable after Kaguya's death and goes madly attacking Mio. But a silk strip from Mio's side pierces through Yuzuru's chest:

    “Apo....... logize, so...... rry, Toh..... ka......... Ka, gu........”

    “......With this, is 2.”

    “Ugh ─── , Mio, you...........!”

    Tohka clenched her teeth, when despair and pain enveloped her, Mukuro, Yoshino, Origami and Mana flew. Mukuro promptly blocks a Mio’s attack to protect Tohka.

    Mio is happy to see Mana again and does not want her involved.

    “ I need to revoke the Sephiroth right now. I do not want you to die. Just for a moment, let's leave here.”

    Shidou was flying over the city of Tenguu and saw the Ratatoskr and DEM battleships still fighting each other. Suddenly Shidou felt the concentration of power was interrupted, the winds enveloping him weakened and the speed of flight was reduced.

    On the flight, Shidou confronted the «Nibelcole», and DEM chief executive Isaac Westcott appeared. Shidou now remembers the whole past, including having been killed by Westcott once.

    Volume 18 chapter 3:

    Looking up to the sky, a huge flower hatches.

    “Ah ───────────────, so, beautiful.”

    Woodman smiled peacefully and gently closed his eyes.

    “ ───〖Samsara Paradise «Ain Soph»〗”

    When Mio raised her hand and called up that name, a giant tower appeared. The tower is surrounded by flowers and branches, and its top is pierced by the sky. In a moment, the entire surroundings are only black and white, and the scene is made up of cubes.

    “Ukm........ After all, what is this?”

    “Not....... illusion...... right?”

    “........., Territory? But, to this extent ───”

    At the words of Origami, Mio spoke up as if to respond.

    “......... That feeling is not wrong. DEM has recreated the model of『This place』, a free space of operation called Territory.”

    The present space is explained by Mio as『Neighbor World』, a world that exists next to the real world, where the Spirits live.

    Mukuro intended to use «Michael» to nullify «Ain Soph», but when Mukuro stabbed through the『hole』that «Michael» opened up in space, the top of «Michael» was plugged directly into Mukuro's body.

    “........... Did I say that?『This place』, is the neighbor world has been overridden in the real world. ─── My world. All laws, all rules, all natural phenomena, are different from the world you know. In this world, attacks on «Ain Soph», all becomes impossible. ─── Like humans can not live under water, or apples fall out from trees can not fly to the sky.”

    Mukuro collapsed on the black and white ground, and Astral Dress melted into bright particles, from her back, a faint shining Sephira soaring. Mio waved, Sephira automatically flew and sank into her chest. A position in the circle of 10 stars behind Mio radiate golden light.

    4- Full Form Tohka's ture power level:

    Volume 18 chapter 4:

    In an indeterminate space, when Tohka is floating, she sees a young girl.

    “You, after all is....”

    “Name? I do not have that. ──── If I have to say, I am you.”

    Tohka talked with Dark Tohka. Dark Tohka explains the origin of the Spirits.

    “Human........ What do you mean? Certainly Origami and Kotori were human..... But Yoshino or Kaguya, Yuzuru, Natsumi, they were not the same Spirit as me?”

    “No. In addition to that woman, the beings called the Spirit, are human who receive Sephira from that woman. ──── There is only one exception. The people you just mentioned their names, they are just human who have erased memories, and became Spirit from decades ago.”

    Then Dark Tohka makes Tohka realize her true identity.

    “I'm still alive. And if I was still alive ──── I still, can fight.”

    “I see. ──── But the opponent is our mother. Assuming you can fight, you must first create a surprise. If possible, make the most of the few minutes you have. At worst we will die again. No...... This time that woman will not make mistakes anymore. We will definitely disappear without any consciousness or debris left.”

    “ ──── It’s ok. If it can last for a few minutes, it is definitely enough for Shido to run away. I can not think of any other solution to this situation. ──── Little hope of this, is enough for me to bet my life.”

    “ ──── If so then you should go, me. Until satisfied, do whatever you want.”

    “.......... Umu. Thanks, me.”

    Dark Tohka stopped hugging Tohka and pushed her forward.

    Back to the situation of Shidou, Mio is trying to coax and persuade him. Suddenly, Tohka appears, standing in front of Shidou and confronting Mio.

    Volume 18 chapter 5:

    The battlefield now is only Shidou, Tohka and Mio left.

    “............ Indeed it is you ──── Tohka. .......... Ah, that’s right. If someone can confront me, I think it would be you.”

    Mio explains more about Tohka.

    “......... I divide my powers into 10 Sephiroth, then distribute them to humans and turn them into Spirit........... But something unusual happened, myself split into that Sephira. ──── Maybe, that's when you was born.”

    Shidou was really shocked now, he stared at Tohka.

    “No way, that is.......?”

    “............ Shin, don’t you realize? Between Tohka and the other Spirits there is a difference. They have something that Tohka originally did not have.”

    That’s right, is the name. Origami, Nia, Kurumi, Yoshino, Kotori, Mukuro, Natsumi, Kaguya, Yuzuru and Miku all have names from the beginning because they are human.

    The battle broke out between Mio and Tohka. Tohka can now borrow power from other Spirits and Mio herself. She wears a new armor suit, like Yoshino's «Siryon». With new strength, Tohka temporarily can fight against Mio and injure Mio.

    I pretty much explained everything, but i will explain it again, but in short terms:

    What needs to be changed:

    Mio's tier: High 6-B (Her first Spacequake caused the destruction of the Soviet Union, China and Mongolia, effectively causing causalities worth of 150 million people), potentially 5-A (Ain Soph is described by Mio as a parallel world to the real world, and she confirmed that she rules everything in it)

    Full Form Tohka's tier: High 6-B, potentially 5-A (Was capable of fighting and injuring Mio for a short amount of time. Draws power from all of the Spirits, including Mio herself)

    For the tier of Shido and the Spirits that can use Spacequakes, and in turn all of the Spirits that can scale to all of them, Via this thread, the strongest Earthquake is around 99 million tons of TNT, which equals 4.14216*10^17 joules, which is according to the wiki here, is almost the high end of City, so we can scale the Spirits who can create Spacequakes, and in turn, Shido and the rest of the Spirits that cannot use Spacequakes to them.

    Shido's tier: 7-B+, likely much higher (Can trade blows with Spirits and Nibelcols, who can create Spacequakes that can destroy cities with ease. Has the equavalent power of 9 Spirits) | High 6-B (Can briefly hold his own against Mio, though Mio was holding back because she didn't want to hurt him)

    Key: Pre Volume 18 | Post Volume 18

    ​​I think that sums it all up...for now until the next Volume comes out.

    I suggest that we should make those upgrades to this verse immediately, or else delete the verse from this site.

    I'm waiting for replies and arguments.

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    • Hmm,honestly this fine and good,so i agree,but Muh,do you already contacting Graff?

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    • Nope. Contact him for me please. I'm busy contacting staff members.

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    • Seems fine at first glance, but you should definitely hear from others before making any changes.

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    • Have you checked the Knowledgeable Members List for people who know the "Date a Live" franchise?

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    • I already check it,unfortunately only him and Graf who is the expert of this verse,even so Graf is limited to Anime only,for the LN he not too know a bit.

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    • Okay. Unfortunately I am too busy to properly analyse this.

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    • @Muhammed

      Summarize the changes you're proposing so we can analyze them.

      I'm not a Date a Live expert and neither is any one else on the Staff to the best of my knowledge.

      If we don't know what you want to change, then this thread isn't going to go anywhere.

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    • @Reppu

      I have already listed what I want to change.

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    • I'm iffy about the 5-A stuff. It looks more like hax than anything.

      In addition, casualties have no real bearing on AP feats of this scale.

      The Shido, Tohka, and spacequake stuff look fine at a glance.

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    • Okay. About the causalities thing, I think Mio's Spacequake destroyed the Soviet Union, China and Mongolia. So it's High 6-B.

      The 5-A stuff is legal because it's not a reality marble like that of Shirou Emiya or Archer (Fate/stay night), it's a true world.

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    • It's a world of her own, where Spirits live, so it's more like she created it.

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    • I just want your agreement and I will execute the upgrades right away.

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    • @Muhammed

      I'm still opposed to the 5-A stuff.

      For one, she overwrote Earth, which is a small to average sized planet. So that would place it as Low 5-B.

      Second, she's manipulating the physical laws, not actually destroying anything.

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    • Okay. Then it's Low 5-B

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    • Then I can agree to this.

      Make sure you check back when you're done so I can look over your changes.

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    • Hey. Something to add.

      Inverse Origami Tobiichi was implied to have destroyed the entire world, leaving only a few survivors, and Mio is vastly superior to her. What would that make Inverse Origami? I mean at what tier?

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    • You're going to have to be more specific than that and unless there's a timeframe it's useless.

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    • You mean something from the LN, right?

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    • If so, can you wait until i bring it?

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    • Yeah, you have to bring context. I can't take your word alone.

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    • Alright. Since Muhammed and Velox messaged me to comment here:

      1. I pulled my name from DAL expert list long ago, because I've dropped the series for 3 years and I am not the type to marathon through a novel series to collect feats. I'm saying this so next time threads similar to this pops up don't call me. Yes I did tell Velox I may restart the series, but that doesn't mean I have the time to go through 17 volumes of LN. I'm more of a manga/ comics guy.

      2. @Muhammed: Because you make quite a number of DAL CRTs with each of them having a wall of text, here's an advice: Create respect blog for each character. See here and here for examples of respect threads for novel characters. For each character, make a Respect Blog, paste the paragraph describing a feat and bold what conclusion you draw out of that paragraph. If the feat seems calc-able, bring it up in calc request thread.

      That's all I have to say about this thread and future DAL CRTs in general. I don't know if spacequakes can scale to spirits' normal AP because I only know Kurumi and Kotori can trigger it and they don't use it in regular combat. Know nothing about Mio. Only tier 5 feat I know is Mukuro's planet stopping which I already said in the previous thread as hax.

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    • @Reppu

      Volume 11 chapter 1:

      Now that Origami went back to her original world, we can’t stop her from inversing. Now that the Origami from 5 years ago saw her parents get killed, her revengeful heart will not disappear. Borrowing Kurumi’s words, all Shidou has done was just dance on the world’s palm.

      He doesn't know how long [Yud Bet12th bullet] effect will stay in play but, he will probably head back to his world soon. To that nightmarish world with an Inversed Origami trampling the Earth.

      “Yes……that’s right”

      Kurumi talked to reply to Shidou’s words.

      “That is true. Shidou-san did not stop Origami-san. You didn’t change the world.---it looks like, that is the [End], [This world] has already been decided”

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    • I think it's safe to put Origami at 5-B, with Mio being vastly superior to her. This means that Mio should be 5-A.

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    • How about Kurumi? Should she get an tier upgrade?

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    • Kurumi should be 7-B+

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    • @Veloxt

      After making revisions, Kurumi does have a notable upgrade:

      Volume 7 chapter 3

      Kurumi began to consider as she placed her hand below her chin, and then she suddenly grabbed Shidou's collar, and began to leap backwards towards the right.

      "Kuu…eh….!? You, what are—"

      Shidou, whose collar had been suddenly pulled by Kurumi, began to argue—before stopping.

      The reason was simple. The spot where they were standing earlier was hit by a piercing torrent of light, inducing an explosion, creating a large crater within the ground.

      This would be FTL speed, and I think Shido and the other Spirits should scale to this.

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    • Another proof that Kurumi is FTL:

      Volume 7 chapter 3

      Kurumi grabbed Shidou underneath her arms, and jumped up into the air. The magic light ray from the exploded on the ground, igniting a small explosion. The evacuating employees gave a look of amazement, before quickly entering the shelter.

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    • I don't think Kurumi should be FTL,she may recieved memory from other timeline so she know what would happen before it really happens.

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    • Nope. She didn't. If she would have, we would have saw her use her Angel, but she did this in the middle of the fight.

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    • Muhammedmco wrote:
      Nope. She didn't. If she would have, we would have saw her use her Angel, but she did this in the middle of the fight.

      She attempted to save the timeline first,and used her Angel when she realized that's impossible,that's okay.

      She can load game but that doesn't means she should do this at very beginning,the high cost should be considered.

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    • Here's another proof, mainly Inverse Tohka:

      Volume 7 chapter 5:

      At this point, Ellen moved upwards from below Tohka, flipping up Tohka's sword. In that instant, a large opening appeared in Tohka's stance.

      Of course, the same applied to Ellen. But then, Ellen moved backwards slightly, modified the shape of the weapon on her left shoulder, as it extended from her elbow. At the same time, the tip of the weapon began to gather energy.

      "Pierce, [Rhongomiant]."

      In an instant, the weapon began to unleash a blinding flash. It was a flash of light imbued with concentrated Reiryoku, thick enough to possibly be able to burn someone's eyes if they were to look directly at it. It simply wasn't comparable to the weapons used by the AST – this was a weapon that could easily match the power of an Angel. In an instant, Tohka's body was devoured by the light, and the walls and ceiling of the building were blown apart like a piece of paper, and the remnants would continue to spread through the air.

      That was slightly different compared to a cannon. To be more precise – it was a ray.

      A ray of light that spans several hundreds of metres, obliterating everything in its path, its large figure standing in the sky above.

      Then, Ellen slowly exhaled a breath and the gigantic ray disappeared with it. As for the building, the entire walls and ceiling of the upper floor was completely destroyed, giving the impression that it had been chewed off by a giant.

      "Tohka… Tohka!?"

      Shidou continued to call Tohka's name as he looked around his surroundings, but he couldn't see Tohka anywhere.

      Could she have been obliterated by that ray – a terrifying thought like that swept through his mind.

      But, that theory was disproved the moment he saw Ellen glaring furiously at the sky. From the building, the view of the sky was widened due to the destroyed roof. Tohka was calmly surveying the area, with her back against the moon, a faint glow from her Astral Dress that was fluttering in the wind. It appeared that she had parried the attack with her sword. There was no trace of injury on her body.

      Now that i think about it, i think they should have Hypersonic+ speeds with FTL reactions. It seems reasonable.

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    • Ellen has gathered energy before launch her ray.

      Even Shido achieved similar thing,dodged attack from Artemisia。

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    • Yeah. But Tohka still stood in her place, even after the beam of light was shot., and she parried it with her sword. So that's FTL reactions.

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    • @Reppu

      Can u open Kotori's page, please?

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    • That really doesn't seem like enough evidence for a light speed attack.

      Only being called a "Flash of light" isn't enough.

      Blocking it with a sword proves that it isn't actual light as well

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    • Hmm. Okay.

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    • But it's called a ray of light as well.

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    • And i quote:

      That was slightly different compared to a cannon. To be more precise – it was a ray.

      A ray of light that spans several hundreds of metres, obliterating everything in its path, its large figure standing in the sky above.

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    • Still not enough.

      It would need to exhibit some properties of light

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    • Like?

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    • Reflecting on a mirror, or being intangible for example

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    • Wait until I check on it.

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    • Ah. Here it is.

      Volume 5 chapter 5:

      Ellen clashed with Tohka, sword of light against sword of Spirit. Sparks flew everywhere around them while they were up in the air, with Shidou watching in awe and disbelief from witnessing a human being capable of keeping up with Tohka.

      Ellen back away from Tohka, breaking the sword struggle. She then pointed her sword at the Spirit. The sword glowed for a couple of moments, before releasing a white beam of light that was travelling towards Tohka.

      Tohka, on instinct, raised [Sandalphon] in between her and the beam of light. Once it made contact with the sword, the light beam got reflected, hitting the ground beneath them. The beam hit the ground, creating a large crater in the process

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    • I see that Muhammedmco has performed the edits. Were they accepted here? There were no linked calculations explaining the new statistics.

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    • Reflecting on a sword is definitely not the same as reflecting on a mirror.

      Light also doesn't destroy things, unless you are using a laser


      FTL no. Other stuff i don't know

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    • In addition, the + sign should only be used when there is a calculation placing a character in the upper half of a tier.

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    • @Kaltias

      Perhaps we should undo all of the edits until Reppuzan has given his approval?

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    • @Ant

      I have done so.


      As i said on your wall, wait before the entire thread is concluded before editing the pages.

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    • Okay. Thank you for the help.

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    • I have made calc for Inverse Tohka's destructive capacity. Why they were undone?

      I agree on the no FTL thing, but i have just made Blog Posts that prove my talk. What would i do again for you guys to belive me?!

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    • Has your calculation been accepted by the calc group?

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    • Has anybody seen it? And where is this calc group? Where can i contact them?

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    • You provide a link to your calculation blog here:

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    • But aside of that, all of those links are of the LN novel itself. Then why i can't be accepted?

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    • You preferably need calculations for the feats, rather than guesswork.

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    • But it's not guesswork. It's straight from the Light Novel. I also made a calc in my two recent blog posts. I don't see any mistake in it.

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    • Calculations for all of the statistics?

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    • In any case, it is probably best to wait for Reppuzan. I am very tired and not very informed about this.

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    • A FANDOM user
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