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    Doraemon got tasked by his old principal to help a planet get rid of a rampaging dragon that just consumed the Ravines of Time.

    Doraemon must therefore do anything to remove Acno from the FT planet (Victory conditions for Doraemon is therefore killing, BFR, and incapacitating Acnologia enough for the Time Patrol to transport him). Acno wins if he kills or incaps Doraemon.

    Speed equalized.

    Knowledge: Doraemon's only knowledge is Acno's stats. During his destruction Acno overheard from some lacrymas that extraterrestrial help is coming.

    Doraemon has 1 hour of prep as he is coming to FT with his spaceship. During that 1 hour, he got these ready:

    • Ace Cap: Objects thrown by the user of this cap will always land on their target, even if the user throws them in the opposite direction of the target or doesn't even know the target's location.
    • Illusion Shower: Anyone coated in the water coming out of this shower head uses refraction of light. The user's actual body becomes invisible to another person's eyes, and refraction of light projects into their eyes the image of the user several meters away from the actual person. Using the shower again undoes the effect.
    • Empathy Orchestra: Boosts his morale and gets rid of his psychological weakness to panic.
    • Pocket Forcefield: A sphere that when activated creates an invisible forcefield 2 m in radius around the user. By allowing things with certain characters in their names, user can allow these things to enter the forcefield. This forcefield is bullet-proof and can withstand the full-speed charge of a car without a scratch when at standard size.
    • Kikai-ka-ki: Grants the user the abilities of mechanical devices. Prior to the fight it was used to give Doraemon the homing ability of the Ace Cap, thus he doesn't need wear it.
    • Big Light: Enlarges himself so that his AP and Dura match Acno's Large Country level
    • Sound Solidifier: Any word/ character spoken from the user’s mouth becomes tangible and solid and flies toward the opponent at the speed of sound. The solidified characters are not heavy but still can knock-out a normal human when at standard size.
    • Robotic Boxing Arms: A pair of robotic arms that can be attached to the user's shoulders, acting as an extra pair of arms. They automatically protect user from attackers using boxing techniques.
    • Protector Spirit: An invisible robot with the ability to read its master's mind. Once released, it will follow to protect and do anything the master wants before vanishing after 24 hours. This robot, however, can be too effective, as it will try to make what the master thinks about come true, without the master's order or permission.
    • Invisible Hand: An invisible robotic arm that can be attached to any place of the body, and can extend for 10 m.

    As he lands, he rushes to face Acno immediately. He uses these during the fight.

    Gadgets during battle
    • 2-D Camera: Anything that gets snapped by this camera turns into a photo, effectively trapping it. This camera works on both living and non-living beings. Pouring hot water on the photo will undo the effect.
    • Shock Gun: A gun that stuns/ shocks enemies. It does not work on the undead.
    • Reflecting Mantle: Manipulates waves to deflect all attacks, energy-based or physical, from the user. Can be used to send the attack back to the opponent. Can only reflects attacks coming from 1 direction.
    • Air Cannon: A gun barrel worn on the arm used to fire a powerful burst of air which can knock out the victim when the user says “bang”.
    • Flamethrower: A weapon that can quickly turn an entire building of reinforced concrete and metal into ashes when at standard size.
    • Shock Stick: A stick that mimics the appearance of the stone spear utilized by prehistoric humans. It is actually made of plastic and therefore lighter than the real stone spear. The handle has a button that when pushed projects electricity enough to make an elephant faint when at standard size.
    • Bamboo Copter: Allows Doraemon to fly
    • Electric Automatic Sword: A sword that can predict the opponent’s movements and provide counter-attack. The sword acts automatically and guides the user's hand, and therefore the user's concentration is not needed. It can run out of batteries quite quickly, however.
    • Appreciation Microphone: User of this microphone can make others do what they says by simply saying the demand into the microphone. It can control at least 20 people simultaneously. The effect is completely undone if the microphone is removed from the user's hand.
    • Opposite Flute: Anyone hearing the music from this flute will do the complete opposite of what they intend to do.
    • Esper Cap: A cap that grants the user the abilities of Teleportation, Telekinesis and seeing through objects. Teleportation is spammable, and all 3 powers can be used simultaneously as long as the user has strong willpower.
    • Time-stop Watch: Allows the user to stop the flow of time completely, with only the user able to move in stopped time. User can also allow certain things to move in stopped time by touching them with the watch. Doraemon’s gadgets can work in stopped time. The only way to let time flow is to click the watch again. The watch malfunctioning does not undo the time stop.
    • Toy Troop: A troop of minuscule (knee-height) robots resembling toy soldiers, with 1 commander and 4 soldiers armed with rifles. Despite their size, they pack a serious punch, as their tiny rifles are in fact laser guns that can give serious burn to a normal human and reduce a baseball to ash. Once given the order to protect the user, the soldiers will rain laser on anyone and anything posing a threat toward the user. In fact, they can be too effective, as they will shoot anyone and anything even attempting to approach the user or showing the tiniest hint of hostility. They also chase after the target until that target is confirmed shot. Once they give chase, not even the user can order them to stop.
    • Glue Gun: A gun that shoots out a strong adhesive that restrains movements of anything shot by it.


    Doraemon - 3? (Ricsi?, Velox, glass)

    Acnologia - 0

    Inconclusive - 0

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