• Here is my third installment of Marioverse abilities. Really, I'll just be covering abilities in this thread that weren't rejected by most people, because the thread seemed to only get closed because of being out of hand. So I'll readdress the abilities I'll repropose and then give further explanation for ones less obvious.

    Resistance to Petrification for Mario. The only arguments made against this are that Mario got affected by it. He did. That's right. But he broke out of it. That warrants a slight resistance. That can be labeled as a slight resistance.

    Paper Mario, Bowser, and Luigi should get Type 4 Immortality, because after helping out Jaydes in Super Paper Mario, she said she would tilt the scales in their favour if they ever got a game over. Paper Mario should get Sound Manipulation from the Attack FX Badges, One Hit Kill from Bump Attack, Spin Attack, and First Attack, Durability Negation from D-Down Jump, D-Down Pound, Resistance to Fire Manipulation from Fire Shield, Ice Manipulation from Ice Power and Ice Manipulation, Extrasensory Perception with Peekaboo, Electricity Manipulation from Zap Tap, and Resistance to Status Effect Inducement with Feeling Fine. Nobody rejected any of these abilities, they just weren't properly evaluated at all in the thread.

    • Power of music, blah blah
    • Chaos flooding the world
    • Toad confirms Chaos and Discord will destroy the land
    • Dancing causes magic
    • Dancing causes the boat to cross the river
    • Dancing causes everything to dance
    • Dancing causes miracles
    • Dancing can be used to fight
    • Dancing causes Koopas and other enemies to explode into music notes
    • During a dance-off, dancing can nullify the powers of the other dancers that are losing
    • Chaos of the Keys is causing a Twister
    • Dancing fixes a hotel
    • Keys are used to make a whirlpool
    • Dancing can pilot a ship underwater and in the air
    • Dancing can speed the user up
    • Dancing can make the Boos "warm up" to you
    • Dancing can warm the user up, create fire bubbles, and even quickly melt giant sentient ice beings
    • Dancing can causes even inanimate objects to dance
    • Dancing can be used to dodge
    • Dancing reflects the Bullet Bills
    • Dancing can build rockets that wield hammers
    • Keys can fix tone deafness
    • Mario's usage of the Keys causes happiness and the urge to dance within people
    • Music is within souls

    Sound Manipulation - Music within their souls, and attacks turning Koopas into sound/music notes.

    Mind Control - Waluigi was going to hypnotise people with his dancing.

    Reality Warping - Basically everything caused by the dancing was Reality Warping. Toad also says that Mario can perform miracles by dancing.

    Broadway Force - The dancing makes everything dance, even inanimate objects.

    Chaos Manipulation - It is stated three different times that the Keys induce chaos/discord unto the land, which is induced by the same force that their dancing controls.

    Heat Manipulation - Mario heats himself up when in the house, and also can melt giant freezies in very short amounts of time by dancing.

    Fire Manipulation - Mario creates fireballs with his dancing. I know Mario already has this ability, but I'm saying the other four can use it, too. I don't think Waluigi or Wario have it on their pages.

    Telekinesis - He sailed a ship through the air by dancing, caused an icy floating platform to float across a cavern, caused a regular boat to sail across a river by dancing, and made the Keys fly high into the sky at the end of the game.

    Summoning - Summoned the rocket that smashed Bowser with a hammer by dancing.

    Statistics Amplification - He sped himself up while chasing Wario through dancing.

    Explosion Manipulation - Caused the Koopas to visually explode into music notes. Can cause other things to blow up by dancing the same way.

    Power Nullification - The dance-offs essentially nullify the powers of the other dancer while consistently losing the battle.

    Matter Manipulation - He changed the hotel from being a massive corkscrew to being back to it's regular sized self.

    Size Manipulation - Shrunk the hotel, made the Mushroom grow really big out of the ground. I know Mario has this, but others should be able to do it, too.

    Weather Manipulation - The weather catastrophes like Twisters and whirlpools and harsh snowstorms were caused by the Keys, which as stated earlier, these things can be done through dancing. Also could included individually Air Manipulation, Ice Manipulation, and Water Manipulation.

    Empathic Manipulation - It was stated that the dancing could cause the Boos to warm up to you. It was stated that Mario used the keys to put happiness into everyone at the end.

    Enhanced Senses - Bowser was going to use them to fix his tone deafness. How embarrassing.

    Attack Reflection - It is shown and stated to be reflecting Bullet Bills.

    Magic - Toad stated the techniques were magical.

    Death Manipulation - Bowser's usage of the Keys made all plant life die around his castle.

    Life Manipulation - Mario gave life to trees and plants and grass around Bowser's castle, undoing the effects of what Bowser did.

    Plant Manipulation - Basically for the above.

    Transmutation - Bowser turned the water around his castle into lava, and Mario changed it back to water.

    Soul Manipulation - Music was put within all of the souls of everyone by the Keys. It was causing everyone to dance.

    All by dancing.

    This applies to Mario, Luigi, Wario, Waluigi, and Bowser.

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