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    This appears to be a galaxy in shape. Nebuals have been explicitly mentioned in DBS (there are at least 65), so there could be a possibility its a nebula. However given its shape, it looks more than galaxy than anything (nebulas dont look like this). 

    But looking at the planet on the side, it looks too small to be a galaxy. Or maybe its just perspective or out of scale.

    If this is indeed a galaxy then 4 galaxy DB universe will be debunked completely, and Goku and Beerus might be upgraded I think ?

    Video 2.Mp4 snapshot 16.26 -2015.10.11 00.21.10-

    Galaxy in DBS ?

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    • What time of the episode was this shown

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    • GTgokussj4 wrote:
      What time of the episode was this shown


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    • That is a galaxy

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    • If so, bye bye 4 galaxy 

      Also Beerus and Whis might get a MASSIVE (i repeat, MASSIVE) speed upgrade. 

      I suspect the sub will clarify whether thats a galaxy or not, more opinion is need. But 4 galaxy DBS will probably become invalid very soon

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    • the planet thing is no problem, thats simply perspective, and indeed, planets can exist between galaxies (very few)

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    • Well lots of anime and comics have perspective issues, so you're right. Or maybe just an inconsistency

      I personally never bought the 4 galaxy in the first place 

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    • Galaxy11

      real galaxy and dbs galaxy look similar

      its a real galaxy so is the 4 galaxy thing debunked
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    • Yes, it is. Also, Beerus gets two new techniques. Shadow Clones (don't know what is call in dbz) and he call literally turn any type of energy into nothingness. (some TSB shit there) Beerus got hax

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    • hmm

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    • I think it's the North Galaxy

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    • Well this galaxy is at least 26 minutes 44 seconds away from the galaxy where Earth is located (as Andromeda is the nearest galaxy in our universe). We have seen countless planets outside and beyond the galaxy shown in the picture. If that's true then there's no way DB universe has only 4 galaxies. If there was only 4 galaxies then the rest of the universe would've appeared as mostly empty space (since there are very few orphan planets and stars out there). But DB universe looks too crowded to be mostly empty space. If there are indeed a lot of orphan planets in DB universe then 4 galaxy is meaningless and there is still the same mass of objects present as our universe outside those galaxies

      Andromeda galaxy is 2.5 million away from Earth, or 25 times the diameter of milky way. If Whis took 26 minute 44 second to reach the nearest galaxy, that would mean he travelled nearly 1 milky way worth of distance (more like 0.93actually) every minute, or 49.15 billion x FTL

      2500000 light year/ 26 minute 44 second (1604 second) = 1558.6 light year/s

      1558.6 light year/s = 1.47 x 10^16 km/s

      1.47 x 10^16 km/s = 49151758443 c or 49.15 billion x FTL

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    • Nice

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    • There are tons of planets and star outside that galaxy, so 4 galaxy DB universe is kinda obsolete now I think. We still need more opinion on this. 

      Here's a pic to prove there are far more stars and planets outside the galaxy shown. That galaxy is nowhere in sight

      4701493-dragon ball super episode 003 - watch dragon ball super episode 003 online in high quality.mp4 snapshot 03.29 -2015.07.21 23.04.13-

      Whis, the fastest in Dragon Ball universe

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    • I don't understand how seeing one single galaxy disproves the official statements about the Dragon Ball universe having only 4 galaxies?

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    • You see the planets and stars in the background right? The galaxy you see in the picture is nowhere in sight. You can see planets and stars the entire time when his flew to the alien planet in the second episode. 

      There can be 2 reasons behind this:

      1) There are regular amount of galaxies in DB universe

      2) There are immeasurable amount of orphan planets and stars outside the galaxies which makes the 4 galaxy universe statement pointless since DB universe has the same amount of matter as any other regular universe

      If there was only 4 galaxies then rest of the universe would appear void the whole time Whis flew outside the galaxies. That's not the case as we see in Episode 2

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    • Well, given that it is surrounded by visible stars, and as such looks awfully small for a galaxy, it seems much more likely that it is a nebula or a large black hole. There is not remotely any conclusive evidence of 170 billion galaxies yet as far as I am concerned, which is required to contradict the facts that we have previously been presented with, and nagging about it will not change my opinion regarding the matter.

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    • I am not nagging about it, dont get so impatient. This is not a proof thread, I have already said that it could be a nebula in the OP, I'm asking a question not proving a point

      The 4 galaxy is not proven fact in Super anyway, I will persoanlly wait until 4 galaxies are mentioned in the anime itself. Thats just my opinion and I wont try to persuade others. Lets see if other people think its galaxy or not. There is a good chance it isn't

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    • It is irrelevant if lots of Dragon Ball fans with no staff positions in this wiki think that it is a galaxy. If it was a full-size galaxy seen from outside, it would be impossible to see something as small as individual stars, and regardless we have official statements regarding the size of the DB universe and nothing that contradicts them even if we have seen a single galaxy (which we likely have not). I will now close this topic.

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