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The Zashiki Warashi of Intellectual Village is a Japanese light novel series written by Kazuma Kamachi and illustrated by Mahaya.

The series takes place in modern Japan, years after the creation of Intellectual Villages, advanced villages that recreate the atmosphere of old rural villages to promote designer and brand name products made with high-tech tools and traditional methods to compete with cheap products from other countries. The Intellectual Villages projects are very successful, leading to a third of the country being redeveloped and now resembling the rural Japan of the pre-industrial era. However, Intellectual Villages also cause the re-emergence of Youkai, and with them, a surge of Packages, systems using human techniques to take advantage of a Youkai's supernatural traits, usually with criminal intentions.

Power of the Verse

Since the series is not focused on battles, the verse is relatively weak in terms of raw power and speed. The strongest characters in the series are glass cannons with City Block level or higher AP. Most strong characters have Subsonic speed with Supersonic reactions.

However, Youkai and other supernatural creatures are immortal beings that are invulnerable to purely physical damage and conventional weapons. The series also has a decent amount of hax for its low level of power. There's Soul Manipulation, Spatial Manipulation, Time Manipulation, Mind Manipulation, Petrification, one-hit kill abilities and other skills such as Destiny Manipulation, Reality Warping and the ability to obtain any power the user wants. Some of the characters can also buff several people with various abilities like Precognition and improve their physical skills.

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