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The Human, also referred to as a Survivor or Player, is the only playable creature in ARK: Survival Evolved. There are two sexes to choose from, as well as numerous options for body types. Every human on the island spawns with a Specimen Implant in its arm. Humans can reach a maximum level of 100.

Powers and Stats

Tier: 9-B | At least High 8-C, higher with preparation | At least High 8-C, higher with preparation | At least High 8-C, higher with preparation

Name: Varies

Origin: Ark: Survival Evolved

Gender: Varies

Age: Unknown

Classification: Human

Powers and Abilities:

same as before to a greater degree plus: Sleep Manipulation (With Narcotics, Tranq Arrows, and Narcotic Traps), Smoke Manipulation, Can stop opponents in their tracks with the bola, Can find statistics of various objects via Magnifying Glass, Fire Manipulation (Via Campfires, Torches, and Flame Arrows), Vehicular Mastery (With Wooden Raft), Light Manipulation (With glow sticks), Plant Manipulation (With various crop plots)

same as before to a greater degree plus: Can lay down bear traps, Skilled Marksman, Surface Scaling (Via grappling hook and climbing pick), Poison Manipulation (Via poison grenades), Explosion Manipulation (Via Grenades), Stealth Mastery (With Ghillie Suit), Further Sleep Manipulation (Now has access to Tranquilizer Darts), Further Plant Manipulation (Can now grow plant species X, Y, and Z with sufficient time which help in combat)

same as before to a greater degree plus: Electricity Manipulation (With Electric Prod and Charge lantern), Further Fire Manipulation (Now has access to the Flamethrower), Underwater Breathing (Type 2 with SCUBA and Tek set), Light Manipulation (With Heavy Miners Helmet and various other lighting equipment), Further Enhanced Senses (Now has access to night vision goggles and the Tek Helmet), Deconstruction (With Industrial Grinder), Homing Attack (With homing rockets and homing underwater mines), Energy Projection (With Tek Rifle), Flight (With Tek Chestpiece and glider suit), Surface Scaling (With Tek Boots), Duplication (With Cloning Chamber), Forcefield Creation (With Tek Forcefield), Teleportation (With Tek Teleporter), Gravity Manipulation (With Tek gravity grenades), Summoning (With Unassembled Mek), Further Explosion Manipulation (Now has access to C4, Rocket Launchers, and homing Underwater mines)

Resistance to Radiation (With the Hazard suit and Tek armor), Extreme Temperatures (With Tek Suit)

Attack Potency: Wall level (Capable of punching down trees) | At least Large Building level (Stronger than before, capable of breaking large boulders with their tools and contending with weaker creatures), higher with preparation (Can build large structures and equip them with large ballista's and catapults given sufficient time, can also tame weaker creatures) | Large Building level (Stronger than before, has access to various explosives, can contend with mid-tier creatures with effort), higher with preparation (Capable of creating stronger structures and taming mid game creatures | Large Building level (Much stronger than before, capable of fighting strong creatures), higher with preparation (Capable of taming end game creatures such as the Titans, capable of creating Meks and the Mega Mek)

Speed: Athletic Human (based on this calculation) | Superhuman travel speed, Subsonic attack speed with ranged weapons | Superhuman travel speed, Supersonic attack speed with firearms | Superhuman travel speed unequipped, at least Subsonic, possibly Supersonic with Tek Leggings, Much Higher attack speed with Tek Railgun

Lifting Strength: At least Regular Human, likely Above Average Human (Capable of running around effortlessly with full metal armor and heavy weapons with ease)

Striking Strength: Wall Class (Can punch down trees) | At least Large Building Class (Stronger than before) | At least Large Building Class (Stronger than before) | Large Building Building Class with Tek Gauntlets (Superior to Grenades)

Durability: Wall level (Can withstand hits from other players) | At least Large Building level (Stronger than before, can withstand a grenade blast with armor, can take hits from weaker dinosaurs) | At least Large Building level (Stronger than before) | At least Large Building level (Stronger than before)

Stamina: High (can run and fight for extended periods of time), Much higher with Stim berries, Stimulant, and Energy Brews

Range: Standard melee range | Extended melee range with spears, tens of metres with ranged weapons | Hundreds of metres with firearms | Hundreds of metres with firearms

Standard Equipment: 

  • A list of armor can be found here
  • A list of weapons can be found here

Intelligence: Extraordinary Genius (Capable of creating highly advanced technology, expert in Chemistry, Building, Crafting, Fighting, and Taming creatures)

Weaknesses: None notable

Notable Attacks/Techniques: 

  • Oil Jar and Fire Arrow: Lights enemies on fire.
  • Bola: Throws a Bola at an enemy that prevents movement, including flying.
  • Deploy Parachute: Massively slows down fall speed, allowing the Survivor to survive big falls. Can be used as a Glider.
  • TEK Helmet and Grenades: By employing the TEK Helmet that prevents vision obscuring and poison immunity, the Survivor uses Smoke Grenades to make a wall of obscuring smoke to blind his/her enemies, or a Poison Grenade to knock enemies unconscious.
  • Attack My Target!: The Survivor orders his/her entire pet army to attack an indivdual target. They attack without remorse or fear, attacking enemies thousands of times their size and strength.

Key: BaseStart of Game | Mid Game | End of Game



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Ryley Robinson (Subnautica) Ryley's profile (Both had their full arsenal up to 9-B, seamoth and pets were limited, speed was equalised)

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