The Sphere of the Gods is a metaphysical reality that exists on a higher plane of existence than the Orrery of Worlds, but on a lower plane of existence than the Monitor Sphere. The Sphere of the Gods is home of the New Gods, Gods of Olympus who each resides in one of eight realms that make up the Sphere of the Gods.

Among these eight realms, there's Apokolips, New Genesis, Heaven, Hell, The Dreaming, Nightmare, Skyland and The Underworld and its inhabitants are beyond normal time and space and are conceptual and abstracts. The Gods Sphere is also where the Graveyard of the Gods and the Anti-Life Equation came from.

The Sphere of the Gods is among the Seven Harmonious Forces that make up the justice aspect of the Totality and gives the multiverse magic and it is opposed to the Void Wind.

Powers and Stats

Tier: Low 1-C

Name: The Sphere of the Gods, Gods Sphere

Origin: DC Comics

Classification: Metaphysical reality, Higher plane of existence, Seven forces of the universe

Powers and Abilities: Magic, Subjective Reality, Reality Warping, Conceptual Manipulation, Higher-Dimensional Existence

Durability: Low Complex Multiverse level (The Sphere of the Gods is a metaphysical reality which is a higher plane of existence than the Orrery of Worlds which contain the 5-dimensional Bleed and is the sphere of raw magic that surround the multiverse. Contains Heaven which is its own multiverse and each soul of Heaven creates its own universe. Hell is Heaven's dark reflection and there are as many Hells as there are souls in creation. New Genesis and Apokolips are higher vibratory worlds where all mortal universes exist inside bubbles. Darkseid's shadow cast across the universe as he falls into the multiverse. The Dreaming is infinite and in there, every dream is a reality. The Lucien's library has every book that was never written and all titles martyred by retcon. Destroying the stories in the Library ends everything and changing the stories in the Dreaming would change the reality as well)

Range: Low Complex Multiversal


  • New Gods
  • Metron
  • Gods of Olympus
  • Poseidon

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