The Karate Kid is an American martial arts drama multi-media franchise, created by screenwriter Robert Mark Kamen. The franchise began in 1984 with The Karate Kid, and was followed by three film sequels: The Karate Kid Part II (1986), The Karate Kid Part III (1989) and The Next Karate Kid (1994). Cobra Kai, a television series that serves as a sequel to the films, premiered in 2018.

The success of the first two films spawned an animated television series that aired in 1989, while a remake film centered on kung fu was released in 2010, set outside of the main story and featuring a similar plot to the original film.

While the first film garnered critical acclaim, critics were less enthusiastic about its sequels. However, the Cobra Kai television series garnered critical and audience acclaim. Furthermore, the franchise has also had a lasting influence on both karate culture and teen film narratives in America

Power of the Verse

Karate Kid Verse takes place in a world similar to ours in terms of attack potency. Characters like Mr. Miyagi and Daniel LaRusso are Wall level physically, there are martial artist capable to face both Mr. Myagi and Daniel LaRusso.

There is a decent amount of hax in the verse Expert hand-to-hand combatant, Melee and firearms proficiency, Stealth Mastery among others.







  • Samantha LaRusso
  • Robby Keene
  • Demetri
  • Chris
  • Nathaniel

Cobra Kai

  • Miguel Diaz
  • Aisha Robinson
  • Eli Moskowitz
  • Bert
  • Tory
  • Mitch

Master Sato

Alpha Elite

  • Eric McGowen



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