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A mysterious organization is gathering the strongest high school students in Korea for the "The God of High School" martial arts competition, offering a single wish to the winner. Their reason: to find the "Key" to take down the gods. Enter Mori Jin, a 17-year-old high school student who was taught a special brand of Taekwondo by his grandfather. After winning his 300th consecutive street brawl, he happily declares himself the strongest guy around before running into a strange blond man who invites him to the tournament. While disinterested at first, he decides to go after getting his first loss against said blond-haired man. Along the way, he meets the other contestants and makes two constant companions in Mira Yoo, the last heir to the ancient Moonlight Blade sword style, and Daewi Han, a practitioner of Full Contact Karate.

But that's only the half of it. As the trio raises in the ranks, they get themselves into a war that, for the first time, was never their fight to begin with. The power of Borrowed Power (power borrowed from gods) as well as the machinations of several characters behind the scenes and literal Gods themselves are all vying for control and supremacy.


Borrowed Power - As the name implies, Borrowed Power is power borrowed from the Gods. When humans were at war with the monsters in the past, they beseeched the Gods for help, and in return, the Gods lent them their power. Originally, this power granted humans with great power, but an unfortunate side effect was that using said power would either age or de-age them rapidly. However, after the God Lord Hwanung destroyed the original Borrowed Power system, the new and current form of Borrowed Power emerged. This form of Borrowed Power is speculated to have propagated from the offspring of Lord Hwanung and Kim Ungnyeo and spread throughout the world.

Currently, Borrowed Power is achieved through spiritual communication with the God you wish to borrow power from. The greater the physical talent, the stronger the connection, and thus, the stronger the Borrowed Power. Borrowed Power grants the user the powers and abilities of the God they borrowed power from. For example, Daewi Han's Borrowed Power, Haetae, grants him control over water and healing using Haetae's tears.

National Treasure - A weapon that has gained a great deal of fame for its legendary power and craftsmanship. While the characteristics vary between them, traits they all share are having incredible attack power (Mira was able to cut through Ilpyo Park's Borrowed Power with it despite the vast difference in raw power), near indestructibility and incredible resistance to Borrowed Power based attacks, the ability to teleport to its user on command, the ability to bolster the user's Borrowed Power three times with an unknown recharge time in between, and the ability to pick its user and refuse to be wielded by anyone else.

Power of the Verse

While fairly formidable for a martial arts tournament series at first (frequent bouts of massively hypersonic combat speed and city blockbusting power) the last 100+ chapters have given it a massive power spike with the introduction of Nox, the Sage Realm, and the Gods.

The top tier characters now hit Massively Faster Than Light+ combat speed, with up to Solar System Busting power, along with a variety of other abilities. Even the Mid-Tiers are casual country and island busters with Massively Hypersonic+ speed. The series has decent hax- Okhwang and Daewi Han can control fundamental forces of physics on a subatomic level; Sujin Lee can nullify powers, Commissioner R can steal others' powers and Satan can copy other's abilities by reading mind. Many of the fights involve exploiting the other's weakness/overpower the other first and counter the opponent's Borrowed Power.

Calculations and Explanation Blogs

- Mori Jin gets thrown into a wall: 8-C (0.617 Tons - Scales to first arc God of High School contestants)

- Mori Jin creates a huge crater after kicking: 8-B (32.050 Tons - Scales to Mori and Daewi using martial arts, and their durability)

- Jaesan fuses 567 nuclear missiles together: 6-C (8.5 Gigatons - Scales to Angelos)

- Fodder dragons shaking the Earth: Low 6-B (1.066 Teratons - Possibly scales to Commissioners)

- Mori extends Yeoui for the first time: 6-A+ (3.393 Petatons - Scales to Incomplete Monkey King Mori and Bishops)

- Mori survives the Sage Realm exploding: High 4-C (948.241 Tenatons - Scales to third arc Monkey King Mori Jin)

- Mori and Daewi push Jupiter back into its orbit: Low 4-C (19.43 Tenatons - Backup feat. Scales to a dying Mori Hui with the original Yeoui and Daewi Han with the King's Eye)

- Mori extends Yeoui faster than an Angelos can toss a spear at Daewi: Massively FTL+ (202526.465c - Scales to Incomplete Monkey King Mori Jin and Bishops)

- Mori flies across interstellar distances: Massively FTL+ (4457000c - Scales to Speed Mode Monkey King Mori)


- The High 7-As like Daewi Han are backscaled from the 6-C clac.

- The 6-Bs like Mori Jin are upscaled by 8x from the Low 6-B calc.

- The High 6-Cs like Jegal Taek are upscaled from absorbing 30 over Angelos, all who scale to the 6-C calc.

- The High 6-C+s like Mori Hui are upscaled by 48x from the 6-C calc.

- The High 6-As like Sujin Lee are upscaled from the 6-A+ calc.

- The High 4-C+s like Old Okhwang are upscaled by 72x from the High 4-C calc.

- The Baseline 4-Bs like Dante Okhwang are upscaled from the previous High 4-C+ upscale.

- The 4-Bs (Above Baseline) like Phase 2 Satan empowered by heat are upscaled from the previous 4-B upscale.

- The 4-Bs (5.05 Megafoe) like Supreme God Mori Jin are upscaled by 250,000x from the previous Baseline 4-B upscale.

- Satan's 4-B+ durability is upscaled by 250,000x from the previous 4-B (5.05 Megafoe) upscale.






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GoH Participants

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