The Force is an Energy that surrounds both Jedi and Sith, and is the source of their power. It is similar to Ki from Dragon Ball in that more power over the Force makes for a much stronger character. Midichlorians are like Power Levels. It is referred to as the energy field that binds reality together, and said that without the Force, life itself would not exist.

Possible Uses

  • Levitation: Lifting things with the Force is a subpower of Force telekinesis. Telekinesis is the broadest power, as it is used in many ways. levitation can be used to lift almost anything, even things as large as spacecraft. Yoda casually lifted an X-Wing starfighter, and it's stated that size and weight are irrelevant to it. the same ability can also be used to tear victims apart. Force users also use it to control their lightsaber after throwing it.
  • Choking: Another application for telekinesis. it involves using the telekinesis to constrict the victim's windpipe. it can also be used to break a droid's inner circuitry and crush large objects like spaceships.
  • Lightning: One of the deadliest Force powers. This ability is mainly a Sith ability, since a decent level of aggression is required to fire Force Lightning. Force Lightning involves releasing powerful charges of electricity from the user's fingertips.
  • Precognition: Precognition is a mental ability that comes from a person being in tuned to the Force. It allows a Jedi or Sith to see things before they even happen.
  • Mind Reading: Also due to the connection to the flow of the Force. It enables a Force user to sense emotions and thoughts from other beings.
  • Shatterpoint: An extremely rare ability mainly attributable to Jedi, since a certain amount of focus is required. It is an application of both telekinesis and attunement to the flow of the Force. It involves finding a weak point in a person or object, and can be used to smash it. In people, it can be physical weaknesses or it can be mental ones. Mace Windu used it to detect that Sidious's main weakness in his plan was Anakin Skywalker. If Anakin had been killed, Sidious's plan ceases to exist. Anakin Solo later used it for a more physical means, using it to shatter a glass case by finding a small weakness in its structure.
  • Enhancement: Jedi and Sith are superhuman from their connection to the Force.
  • Healing: Jedi and Sith are capable of healing other people's injuries. The fact Jedi and Sith keep coming back after injuries that would kill normal people suggests they can heal themselves the same way, possibly by calling on the Force to bolster their natural healing, not unlike how it can bolster their strength, speed and durability.

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