A script has been installed into the wiki that allows administrators and content moderators to mark series of edits as patrolled in a far more efficient manner, which hides them from other administrators and content moderators who use the hide patrolled edits feature.

This will allow us to avoid performing the same work over and over, without knowing if somebody else has already handled the task.

If a certain series of edits has been inspected and deemed harmless, or easily fixed (By adjusting the grammar and structure, adding the 3 required categories, removing visual editor code, changing illogical statistics to unknown ratings, etcetera), we can easily mark them as patrolled, and nobody else will have to handle it.

Of course, this also means a responsibility to not mark edits as patrolled if you are uncertain about whether or not they are inaccurate or harmful, or what to do about them, as that will allow other staff members to check them up as well, and such instances should preferably also be handled by asking whoever made the edits to clarify/justify why they were made via their message walls.

In any case, here are some instructions about what you need to do in order to easily use the script within this wiki:

Practical Usage

Here is a useful page for monitoring suspicious edits within this wiki, as it hides patrolled edits, which includes those of administrators and content moderators:

However, here are some other options, if you prefer:

To use this, you click on the above bookmark, and open all of the potentially suspicious edit histories in separate tabs via the "hist" buttons.

It is usually a good idea to write down the time that you left off previously in a personal tablet notepad function, so you know where you should start, and which new edits that you need to inspect in the history sections.

If there is a regular editor who as good as always seems to know what he or she is doing, you can usually filter them away, as they do not need supervision, and there are regrettably not enough hours in the day to check up absolutely everything, so you may have to focus on the most important parts instead.

In any case, when checking the difference between a series of edits, there should now appear a "Mass Patrol" button that you can click in order to make sure that other staff members do not perform the same work.

However, do not use the old "Mark as patrolled" option, as it will both load slower and only mark this single edit as patrolled, rather than all recent previous ones for the page as well. This will recurrently cause it to show up in the recent changes page anyway.

Below are some screencaptures that illustrate what is intended in a more easily understood manner.

Patrolling Instruction Image 1 Patrolling Instruction Image 2 Patrolling Instruction Image 3 Patrolling Instruction Image 4 Patrolling Instruction Image 5 Patrolling Instruction Image 6 Patrolling Instruction Image 7 Patrolling Instruction Image 8

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