Dwarves and mountains have one thing in common: It takes an almighty hammer and a tremendous amount of persistence to overcome them.
~ Murk Region Saying


Die Zwierge (lit. "The Dwarves") is a series of high-fantasy novels written by Markus Heitz that follows the titular Dwarves, a species of humanoids possessing great might and mastery of craftsmanship, most notably Tungdil Goldhand, the central protagonist who is a foundling raised by humans.

While the books possess great multitudes of conflicts and storylines, the main plot revolves around Tungdil's protection of Girdlegard, the country/continent the story takes place in, and his eventual abandonment of hope for the land. Major threats to the land include an evil, soulless brand of elves, roaming demigods seeking to purge evil away at all costs, and a sentient pestilence seeking to take over the land itself.

The series itself gained enough notoriety to spawn a series of video games in recent years.

Power of the Verse

The verse's characters largely land in Wall level to Building level+, with the most powerful of creatures and heroes reaching even up to Large Town level to Mountain level.

The lower tiers of the verse possess very little hax but many of those in Tier 8 or above possess extraordinary abilities, up to but not limited to Soul Manipulation, Madness Manipulation, Low-Godly Regeneration, Petrification, Deconstruction, Corrosion Inducement, and Age Manipulation.







  • Tungdil Goldhand
  • Boindil the Ireheart
  • Boendal Hookhand
  • Balyndis Steelfinger
  • Gandogar Silverbeard
  • Bavragor Hammerfist
  • Giselbert Ironeye
  • Myrmianda Alabaster
  • Sanda Flameheart
  • Gemmil, King of the Freelings
  • Bislipur Surestroke
  • Lorimbas Steelheart
  • Romo Steelheart
  • Salfalur Shieldbreaker
  • Goimgar Shimmerbeard
  • Councilor Balendilin
  • Queen Xamtys II
  • Goda Flameheart
  • Ginsgar Unforce


  • Rodario the Incredible
  • Furgas
  • Tassia


  • Prince Liutasil
  • Princess Rejalin
  • Esdalan


  • Lot-Ionan the Forebearing
  • Andokai the Tempestuous
  • Narmora the Forgotten
  • Nudin the Knowledge-Lusty
  • Sabora the Softly-Spoken
  • Turgur the Fair-Faced
  • Moira the Life-Preserver
  • Dergard the Lonely
  • Goren
  • The Amsha
  • The Eoil



  • Flagur
  • Sirka
  • Sundalon


  • Djerun
  • The Acront



  • The Kordrion
  • Ogres
  • Orcs
  • Dragons

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