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I started out with nothin'... just a kid from the streets, with nothin' to lose. Then I met Julius, and everything changed. Once I joined the 3rd Street Saints, everything started going my way. I'd run some jobs, get paid, and lady luck was on my side. Now I have the women, the clothes, the rides, but it's not enough, I want more, I want it all. That's the great thing about this city, it's there for the taking. If you've got what it takes.

Saints Row IV The Boss Rendered Fixed
I know over the years you've heard this speech a bunch of times... But we need to remember why we do what we do. And today the stakes are even higher. Earth is gone. It's not coming back and nothing we do today is going to change that. But one thing we can do is get revenge. And you better believe we're showing this motherf**ker humanity isn't dead because we're still alive. This isn't about hope, or faith, or even about winning. Kinzie's right, those things died on Earth. This is about will. This is about saying I don't give a shit how many times you knock me down, if I'm still breathing I'm standing right back up, and ya know what? You can hit as hard as you want 'cause when I hit back I'm gonna lay your ass out, b*tch! It's our time now, let's get this shit started.

Iron saint armor


The Boss is the main protagonist of the Saints Row series. Starting out as a nobody street thug initiated into the 3rd Street Saints gang, he quickly rose through the ranks, becoming second-in-command and finally the gang's leader. Throughout this journey, The Protagonist takes the 3rd Street Saints from a small-time gang from the Row to a "household brand name" in Stilwater and then Steelport. By the time the events of Saints Row IV occur, The Protagonist has become President of the United States.

Powers and Stats

Tier: 9-B physically, 9-B Weapons | 9-A, 9-B to 9-A with Weapons | 7-B, 5-A with the Zin Armada

Name: Unknown (Kinzie Kensington knows their real name, but is stopped mid-sentence before saying it), known as The Boss, The Protagonist, Mikey, Playa, That mute motherfucker, Prisoner 1138, The Butcher of Stilwater, Local Psychopath, Mr. (or Mrs.) President, The President of the United States, Nolan

Origin: Saints Row

Gender: Varies (Can be customized to be Male or Female)

Age: Varies

Classification: Human, Leader of the 3rd Street Saints, Counter Terrorist, Former President of the United States, Leader of the Zin Empire

Powers and Abilities:

Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Weapon Mastery (Skilled marksman and swordsman), Martial Arts (Skilled hand-to-hand fighter), 4th Wall Awareness, Vehicular Mastery, Explosion Manipulation (Via RPG, Annihilator RPG, Hand Grenades, and Pipe Bombs), Fire Manipulation (Via Molotov Cocktails and Flamethrower), Electricity Manipulation (Via Stun Gun and Shock Paddles), Status Effect Inducement (Can Stun via Flashbangs), Resistance to Explosions, Fire, and Small Firearms

Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Weapon Mastery (Skilled marksman and swordsman), Martial Arts (Skilled hand-to-hand fighter), 4th Wall Awareness, Vehicular Mastery, Explosion Manipulation (Via RPG, Annihilator RPG, Hand Grenades, Sachel Charge, Pipe Bombs, M2 Grenade Launcher, Reaper Drone, Mollusk Launcher, and SA-3 Airstrike), Fire Manipulation (Via Molotov Cocktails, Incendiary Rounds, Flamethrower, and Irradiated Saints Flow), Electricity Manipulation (Via Stun Gun, Shock Paddles, and Electric Grenades), Status Effect Inducement (Can Stun via Flashbangs), Telepathy (With Irradiated Saints Flow), Summoning (Can summon sharks with the Shark-O-Matic), Mind Manipulation (With the Mollusk Launcher), Sound Manipulation (With the S3X Hammer and Sonic Boom), Energy Projection (With Laser Pistols, Cyber Blaster, Auto Laser, Viper Laser Rifle, Laser Cannon, and Cyber Buster), Hacking/Technology Manipulation (With the RC Possessor), Homing Attack (Via Annihilator RPG), Resistance to Explosions, Fire, and Small Firearms

Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Weapon Mastery (Skilled marksman and swordsman), Martial Arts (Skilled hand-to-hand fighter), 4th Wall Awareness, Vehicular Mastery, Explosion Manipulation (Via RPG, Annihilator RPG, Hand Grenades, Sachel Charge, Pipe Bombs, M2 Grenade Launcher, Reaper Drone, Mollusk Launcher, SA-3 Airstrike, Plunger Gun, Minethrower Arm, Explosion [Blast, Buff, Telekinesis, and Buff], and Death From Above), Fire Manipulation (Via Molotov Cocktails, Incendiary Rounds, Irradiated Saints Flow, Flamethrower, Fire Blast, and Fire Buff), Electricity Manipulation (Via Stun Gun, Shock Paddles, Electric Grenades, Lightning Telekinesis, and Lightning Buff), Status Effect Inducement (Can Stun via Flashbangs), Telepathy (With Irradiated Saints Flow), Summoning (Can summon sharks with the Shark-O-Matic), Mind Manipulation (With the Mollusk Launcher and Mind Control Blast), Sound Manipulation (With the S3X Hammer, Sonic Boom, Dubstep Gun), Energy Projection (With Laser Pistols, Cyber Blaster, Auto Laser, Viper Laser Rifle, Laser Cannon, Cyber Buster, Z9 Handcannon, Xenoblaster, Kardak Lasershot, Thumpgun, Bounce Rifle, Burst Rifle, Dominator, Lasergun Arm, and the Zin Armada), Hacking/Technology Manipulation (With the RC Possessor), Homing Attack (Via Annihilator RPG), Damage Reduction (Takes less damage while using the Shokolov AR), Matter Manipulation (With the Laser Razor, which disintegrates things cut by it), Size Manipulation (Via Inflato-Ray and Shrink Stomp), Magnetism Manipulation (With The Polarizer), Existence Erasure (With the Disintegrator, which erases whatever it disintegrates from existence), Plasma Manipulation (With the Tyrant), Black Hole Creation (With the Singularity Gun), BFR (With the Abduction Gun), Broadway Force (With the Dubstep Gun), Danmaku (With 'Merica), Time Travel (With the Zin Armada), Forcefield Creation, Flight (Can glide through the air and levitate, gains true flight in the Mech Suit and both true and spaceflight with the Zin Armada), Elemental Manipulation, Ice Manipulation (Via Freeze Blast), Damage Boost (Via Bling Blast), Telekinesis, Life Manipulation (Can absorb life force via Life Force Telekinesis and the Dominator), Shockwave Creation (Via Stomp), Gravity Manipulation (Via Gravity Stomp), Empathic Manipulation (Via Bling Stomp, which makes those affected dance and cheer uncontrollably), Aura, Absolute Zero (Via Freeze Aura), Petrification/Transmutation (Via Bling Buff, which causes anyone near the Boss and anyone hit by Bling imbued ammo to be turned into solid gold), Forcefield Negation (Can negate forcefields with their superpowers. Should have powers similar to Matt's, who casually disabled the Boss' powers several times because he considered them 'unfair'), Acausality (Types 1 and 4; Was unaffected by the Dominatrix resetting the timeline of the Simulation and Zinyak manipulating the plot of the Simulation to lead them to die), Reality Warping (Has full control of the Simulation), Data Manipulation (Able to directly alter the code of the Simulation), Plot Manipulation (Due to having full control of the Simulation he should have powers comparable to Matt, who was able to manipulate part of the Simulation to turn it into a NyteBlade fanfiction, and Zinyak, who was able to directly manipulate the plot of said fanfiction), Power Bestowal (Capable of altering the code of others within the Simulation to give them new powers and abilities), Spatial Manipulation (Due to having full control of the Simulation, the Boss should have powers similar to that of Zinyak, the Dominatrix, and Clawz, who are able to freely manipulate space within the simulation), Time Manipulation (Due to having full control of the Simulation, the Boss should have powers similar to that of the Dominatrix, who was able to fully reset the timeline of the Simulation), Resistance to Explosions, Fire, and Small Firearms, Resistance to Mind Manipulation and Morality Manipulation (Was able to break free of Zinyak's mental simulation), Black Hole Creation (Able to resist the black holes of the Singularity Gun), and Memory Manipulation (Retained all of their memories of the events of the Dominatrix DLC when everyone else forgot what had happened after she reset the timeline)

Attack Potency: Wall level (Is easily able to rip fire hydrants and parking meters out of the ground, and is strong enough to hurt Maero who was able to survive falling through several floors. Comparable to Johnny Gat. Can send people and cars flying with Pimp Slap.), Wall level to Small Building level with most weapons | Small Building level physically (Was strong enough to beat down Killbane. Able to physically damage Brutes, who are comparable to Oleg Kirrlov and are able to tank the Boss' strongest weapons.), Wall level to Small Building level with Weapons (The Boss' weapons are largely the same, with some weapons such as the Annihilator RPG being more powerful, now being able to instantly fragment cars, which would require this much energy, and blowing up helicopters and private jets. The Boss also possesses weapons such as the Sonic Boom and the Apoca-Fist, which can vaporize people, a feat which would require this much energy, the Reaper Drone, which utilizes missiles identical to Hellfire Missiles and which can fragment cars, and Irradiated Saints Flow, which can create building-sized explosions with the Quarter-Circle Punch) | City level (Able to defeat The Dominatrix and Clawz, destroyed Zinyak's mech which is able to damage them, and then killed Zinyak. Their strength is comparable in the Iron Saint Armor and Mech Suit.), Large Planet level (Has control over the entire Zin Armada, which includes warships capable of destroying the Earth, and the Zin Armada has dozens of these warships), Ignores conventional durability with multiple weapons and abilities

Speed: Superhuman (Able to keep up with speeding cars), Transonic to Supersonic+ Attack Speed with Weapons | Superhuman (Able to keep up with speeding cars), Subsonic with Irradiated Saints Flow (Able to outrun most cars), Transonic to Supersonic+ Attack Speed with Weapons | Supersonic (Stated to be practically faster than a speeding bullet at full power, which averages at Mach 2.22, also stated to break the sound barrier by a game info sheet), Massively FTL+ with the Zin Armada (Zin ships are easily capable of intergalactic travel)

Lifting Strength: Peak Human (Comparable to Maero) | Superhuman (Able to physically overpower Killbane, Can casually pick up people and throw them several meters away) | Class K (Able to suplex Zinyak, who is twice the size of a normal human, then rip his skull and spinal cord from his body using full body strength), Class K with Telekinesis (Can move tanks, airplanes, and helicopters)

Striking Strength: Wall Class | Small Building Class, Building Class with the Apoca-Fist, Irradiated Saints Flow | At least City Class, Large Planet Class with the Zin Armada

Durability: Wall level (Survived getting slammed down by Maero followed by falling a few floors) | Small Building level (Can survive being hit by several RPG shots) | City level (Able to take blows from The Dominatrix, Zinyak, and Clawz), Large Planet level with the Zin Armada

Stamina: Superhuman

Range: Varies from standard melee range to several kilometers, At least stellar with the Zin Armada

Standard Equipment:

  • Nightstick
  • Knife
  • Baseball Bat
  • Crowbar
  • Pimp Slap
  • Vice 9
  • NR4
  • .44 Shephard
  • GDHC .50
  • T3K Urban
  • SKR-7 Spree
  • AS12 Riot
  • Tombstonr
  • 12 Gauge
  • Pimp Cane
  • K6 Krukov
  • AR-40 Xtnd
  • McManus
  • RPG Launcher
  • Molotov Cocktail
  • Hand Grenade
  • Pipe Bomb
  • Melee Weapons:
    • Nightstick: A melee weapon commonly used by police officers. A decent weapon up close, but other melee weapons are more powerful and better suited for close-quarters combat.
    • Knife: Ane of the most common melee weapons in the game, it is cheap and comparatively weak.
    • Baseball Bat: Readily available, and carried by many civilians, this melee weapon has a good knockdown effect.
    • Crowbar: A blunt weapon with more power than a Baseball Bat.
    • Pimp Slap: A powerful melee weapon, a single slap from which can send anyone hundreds of feet into the air. The Pimp Slap can also flip cars, potentially destroying them in the process.
  • Pistols:
    • VICE 9: The cheapest and least powerful pistol available to The Boss. To compensate for the low damage, it has a fast rate of fire and a 12-round magazine.
    • NR4: A pistol similar to the VICE 9 but with more power, relatively good range and accuracy, and a slower firing rate.
    • .44 Shephard: The only revolver in the Saints Row series, and the strongest pistol after the GDHC .50. The .44 Shepherd can only fire six rounds before being reloaded, and unlike the other pistols it cannot be fired rapidly. It makes up for this with incredible stopping power and pinpoint accuracy.
    • GDHC .50: The GDHC .50 takes three shots to kill, one more than the somewhat cheaper .44 Shepherd, and is slightly less accurate; however, it has an eight-round magazine, and can be fired repeatedly.
      • Gold Plated GDHC .50: The gold-plated edition of the GDHC .50. The rate of fire is increased, and the magazine capacity has been upgraded to 15 rounds. The damage is on par with the .44 Shepherd. This, coupled with a higher rate of fire than the Shepherd, makes it the most powerful handgun in the game.
  • SMGs:
    • T3K Urban: The lowest tier submachine gun. It has low accuracy and damage, but compensates for this with a magazine capacity of 50 rounds (increased to 100 if dual wielded).
      • Platinum T3K Urban: A platinum plated version of the T3K Urban with a 65 round magazine that does twice the damage of the normal TK3 Urban.
    • SKR-7 Spree: The SKR-7 Spree has a fast rate of fire and moderate damage, however it is let down by its 600-round ammunition reserve, depleting it in a matter of 12 reloads.
  • Shotguns:
    • AS12 Riot: A semi-automatic, gas operated shotgun. It packs a strong punch that can kill an enemy up close in a single shot, and in 2 to 3 shots at medium range.
      • Platinum AS12 Riot: An upgraded, platinum plated version of the AS12 Riot. Aside from the cosmetic differences, the weapon packs a deadlier punch than the normal AS12. The ammo capacity is increased to 15 slugs, and it delivers mostly one-hit-kills from short to medium range. Damage is also higher on vehicles, destroying most types in a matter of two to three hits.
    • Tombstone: The Tombstone is an average shotgun in performance. It is powerful enough to take down most enemies in one shot. However, its downfall is its rate of fire, which is the second slowest of all shotguns, and third-slowest of all weapons.
    • 12 Gauge: A sawn-off double-barrel shotgun which holds six rounds, has a good rate of fire for a shotgun and usually takes 1-2 shots to kill from the correct distance.
    • Pimp Cane: A lever-action 12 gauge shotgun in the form of a cane, while walking with this weapon equipped, The Boss uses it as a cane. It holds 116 Ammo, with 16 rounds per magazine. It has better damage than any other shotgun but has the lowest rate of fire of all shotguns.
  • Rifles:
    • K6 Krukov: A standard, light assault rifle, with average damage and accuracy.
    • AR-40 Xtnd: A military-grade assault rifle that beats the K6 Krukov in terms of accuracy and firepower, as well as magazine capacity (40 rounds).
    • McManus: A semi-automatic sniper rifle that boasts great accuracy and firepower. Being a sniper rifle, it comes with a 2x zoom scope. Despite the tremendous power of the McManus, it is somewhat let down by its 5-round magazine and high recoil which forces The Boss to wait until the rifle steadies before being fired again should he miss.
  • Explosives:
    • RPG Launcher: Launches Rocket Propelled Grenades, which explode on impact.
      • Platinum RPG: A platinum plated launcher that fires more powerful rockets.
    • Molotov Cocktail: Bottles filled with a flammable liquid with a soaked rag hanging out of the bottle. The rag is lit before throwing, and when the bottle smashes on the ground the liquid spreads and the vapors burst into flames.
    • Hand Grenade: An explosive that detonates a few seconds after being thrown.
    • Pipe Bomb: A cheaper counterpart of the Hand Grenade that does less damage and takes more time to explode.

  • Samurai Sword
  • Pepper Spray
  • Stun Gun
  • Machete
  • Sledgehammer
  • Shock Paddles
  • Chainsaw
  • Kobra
  • GAL 43
  • SKR-9 Threat
  • AS14 Hammer
  • XS-2 Ultimax
  • AR-50 XMAC
  • AR-50 w/Grenade Launcher
  • Mini-Gun
  • McManus 2010
  • Flamethrower
  • Annihilator RPG
  • Flashbang
  • Melee Weapons:
    • Samurai Sword: A long, sharp sword, good for close combat. Can also be used whilst driving any motorcycle, slicing opponents whilst driving by them.
    • Pepper Spray: A weapon that temporarily stuns opponents, but cannot kill.
    • Stun Gun: A high-voltage, low current electroshock weapon. The Stun Gun has a slow rate-of-fire, but is capable of stunning or killing someone in just a few shots.
    • Machete: A weapon that functions the same as a normal knife but does significantly more damage.
    • Sledgehammer: A powerful and brutal blunt melee weapon.
    • Shock Paddles: An alternative to the Stun Gun, they do not do much damage, but can stun enemies as well as revive dead people, including Saints members, enemy gangs, police, and civilians. After reviving someone, they have full health again.
    • Chainsaw: A diamond tipped logging saw perfect for cutting through wood or bone. Although this brutal killing tool can result in quite a mess, it is thought by Ultor Labs to be the most effective close quarters weapon in Stilwater.
  • Pistols:
    • Kobra: The only Automatic Pistol in the game and holds 15 rounds per clip, more than any other pistol, with a max of 250 rounds in reserve. It also has good accuracy and the best range of any pistol, but does the least damage per bullet.
  • SMGs:
    • GAL 43: The GAL has an incredibly fast rate of fire, and holds 50 rounds in its magazine. It can be dual wielded to deal extra damage and increase the magazine capacity to 100. It is comparable to the SKR-7 Spree, albeit it does much more damage.
    • SKR-9 Threat: This fully automatic SMG has a high rate of fire and can be single or dual wielded. It does more damage per bullet than other SMGs, but like the SKR-7 Spree, the SKR-9's main disadvantage is that it has a lower ammo capacity; requiring constant replenishing if used extensively.
  • Shotguns:
    • AS14 Hammer: An updated model of the AS12 Riot, the AS14 Hammer has a high rate of fire, but the lowest damage per pellet out of any shotgun.
    • XS-2 Ultimax: The second most powerful shotgun in the game. Like the AS14 Hammer, it is a rapid fire shotgun, but has slightly less refire delay making it the fastest firing shotgun in the game. It has the greatest range of any shotgun, and the second greatest damage per shot at short range, just behind the Pimp Cane. However, it has the highest spread of all shotguns, limiting its effective range.
  • Rifles:
    • AR-50 XMAC: An updated model of the AR-40 Xtnd, which has the highest rate of fire and also the highest damage per second of all rifles.
      • AR-50 w/Grenade Launcher: This rifle is essentially the same as an AR-50 XMAC, but with an underslung grenade launcher which is used for secondary fire. The "grenades" it uses are whatever is currently equipped as a Thrown Weapon, which explodes on impact regardless of type.
    • Mini-Gun: The Mini-Gun sacrifices accuracy for sheer fire power. When firing this weapon there is a delay before firing while the barrel starts spinning.
    • McManus 2010: The replacement for the McManus. Much like its predecessor, it is semi-automatic, and boasts high power and accuracy, along with a variable zoom function which gives it the signature advantage of a sniper rifle. The rifle has poor hipfire accuracy, and a low ammunition capacity, but this is offset by a fairly quick reload speed.
  • Explosives:
    • Flamethrower: A lightweight incendiary device capable of igniting multiple targets at once.
    • Annihilator RPG: A rocket-propelled grenade launcher that uses laser guided missiles which can be re-targeted mid-flight. It is controlled by a laser-guiding system, and locks on to vehicles.
    • Flashbang: An explosive which isn't lethal but its blinding effects stun those caught in the blast, making them more vulnerable to attacks.

  • Woodsman
  • Nocturne
  • Apoca-Fist
  • KA-1 Kobra
  • 45 Shepherd
  • TEK Z-10
  • D4TH Blossom
  • Cyber Blaster
  • Grave Digger
  • AS3 Ultimax
  • S3X Hammer
  • Shark-O-Matic
  • K-8 Krukov
  • AR-55
  • Viper Laser Rifle
  • TOGO-13
  • Annihilator
  • Satchel Charges
  • Mollusk Launcher
  • Reaper Drone
  • McManus 2015
  • RC Possessor
  • SA-3 Airstrike
  • Cyber Buster
  • Sonic Boom
  • Melee Weapons:
    • Woodsman: A powerful chainsaw capable of tearing enemies to shreds.
    • Nocturne: The Nocturne is a copy of the signature sword used by the Deckers.
    • Apoca-Fist: The Apoca-Fist is a pair of oversized costume fists that cause the enemy to explode into a gory mess when the enemy is punched.
  • Pistols:
    • KA-1 Kobra: A modified version of the NR4, the KA-1 is more powerful and more accurate and has a built-in combat light by default. In comparison to the 45 Shepherd it is a smaller, lighter, and easier-to-use pistol. Though it is less powerful and somewhat less-accurate (at least at first) than its high-caliber counterpart, the KA-1 holds roughly twice as much ammunition, and fires substantially faster, even after the Shepherd has been upgraded. The difference is especially notable when dual-wielding, since with a steady trigger finger, the KA-1 can squeeze off considerable punishment in short order. Upgrades expand the Kobra's capabilities considerably, adding a magazine expansion, an increase in firepower and control, better aiming when blind-fired, and armor-piercing ammunition.
    • 45 Shepherd: A powerful handgun and the successor of the .44 Shepherd, though visually it is more similar to the GDHC .50. A "brute force" firearm first and foremost, the Shepherd is a powerful, accurate, slow-firing firearm that is much more potent per-shot and much more accurate (at first) than the KA-1 Kobra. By default it holds 8 rounds, and its heavy barrel ensures that it's extremely accurate. Unfortunately, it has a sluggish rate of fire (dual wielding and upgrades both alleviate this) and a harsh kick. Upgrades improve its rate of fire, clip size, and give it explosive rounds.
    • Laser Pistol: A weapon originally wielded by the Space Amazons, the Laser Pistol is a dual weldable pistol that fires bursts of energy.
  • SMGs:
    • TEK Z-10: A submachine gun intended for a balanced application of firepower. As is the case for all SMGs, it can be dual wielded. The TEK Z-10 does relatively little damage, lower than the D4TH Blossom, but is more accurate than other SMGs. Upgrades make the TEK Z-10 much more effective, giving it increased magazine capacity and accuracy, improves firepower and recoil, improved hip-firing accuracy, and incendiary rounds.
    • D4TH Blossom: A Sub-machine Gun intended for suppressive fire, boasting the highest fire-rate of any Sub-machine Gun. Like all SMGs, it can be dual-wielded. While it does extremely little damage by default, its high fire-rate makes up for this shortcoming, making it capable of quickly taking down targets through volume of fire. Its magazine is fairly big - 40 shots, like the TEK Z-10, but it fires so much faster that it tends to burn off its ammunition much quicker. Fortunately, its upgrades make the D4TH Blossom remarkably dangerous, expanding its magazine significantly, improving its firepower, reduce its recoil, and giving it armor-piercing rounds.
    • Cyber Blaster: The Cyber Blaster is an SMG used by the Deckers. It is a relatively accurate SMG that fires laser rounds, and is one of the few weapons in the game that does not need to be reloaded.
    • Auto Laser: A weapon originally wielded by the Space Amazons, the Auto Laser is a dual weldable SMG that fires bursts of energy.
  • Shotguns:
    • Grave Digger: A lever-action shotgun that is by far the most powerful of the three shotguns. When fully upgraded this gun adds two barrels and gains incendiary ammunition.
    • AS3 Ultimax: A mass-production model combat shotgun that is the successor to the XS-2 Ultimax. It boasts a mounted combat flashlight and has the highest fire rate, longest range, and tightest cone of fire of the three shotguns, giving it the best overall range. It gains increased firepower, accuracy, magazine size, and rate of fire, becoming a fully-automatic shotgun when fully upgraded.
    • S3X Hammer: A futuristic counterpart to the AS14 Hammer, this shotgun is equipped with prototype sonic shells, allowing it to fire continuously with no need to reload, but causing it to overheat if fired too much. As it upgrades, it gets stronger and faster and gains a red dot sight to improve accuracy.
    • Shark-O-Matic: A shotgun that, when shot, covers what is shot at in fish guts. Afterward, a shark comes up from the ground and violently devours their victim.
  • Rifles:
    • K-8 Krukov: A much more modern weapon than its predecessor, the K6 Krukov, the K-8 Krukov is an average assault rifle that boasts better accuracy and the ability for upgrades, which further increase its accuracy, boost its firepower, gives it a considerable magazine increase, turning it into a light machine gun with a barrel mounted grenade launcher when fully upgraded.
    • AR-55: The AR-55 is a military-assault rifle, boasting a burst function as opposed to firing on full-auto, making it much more accurate than its predecessor, the AR-40 Xtnd. The assault rifle is fitted with two scopes, a vertical foregrip, weaponlight and fixed carbine stock. When fully upgraded it goes from a 3-round burst to a 5-round burst, gains a sniper scope, and has greatly reduced recoil.
    • Viper Laser Rifle: A highly-advanced weapon, it is a laser rifle, meaning it has no need for magazines and can continue firing as long as there is ammunition for it, though it's necessary to carefully control the firing rate to avoid excessive heat buildup. If the weapon overheats, it is rendered inoperative until it fully cools down. Its upgrades improve its accuracy and dramatically improves its fire rate.
    • TOGO-13: The TOGO-13 is a fully-automatic sniper rifle which can be fired in three different ways depending on how quickly the trigger is pressed. Holding the trigger results in full-auto, rapidly pulling the trigger results in short bursts of fire, and pulling the trigger once results in the discharging of a single round.
  • Explosives:
    • Annihilator: A powerful single-shot rocket launcher. Upgrades to the Annihilator mainly focus on increasing the rocket's power, with the final upgrade changing the scope and allowing rockets to lock on to targets or seek the middle of the crosshair if they are not locked on.
    • Satchel Charges: The Satchel Charge is a thrown explosive sticky bomb with a remote Detonator which sticks to any surface when thrown - including vehicles and people. The charge can then be detonated remotely.
    • M2 Grenade Launcher: The M2 Grenade Launcher a weapon that shoots grenades at long distances both accurately and effectively. The M2 Grenade Launcher also has a manual detonation feature triggered with the use of the Grenade button, permitting The Boss to decide for themselves when they want the grenades to go off. However, even if manual detonation is not utilized, the grenades still explode after a few seconds.
    • Mollusk Launcher: Professor Genki's Mollusk Launcher is a bright colored weapon that fires live octopi at targets. The octopi fly straight forward, stick to what they hit and can be rapidly detonated using the grenade button. Unique to this gun is the mind control ability. When a human target is hit, they first burst out in dance, then aid The Protagonist in battle for as long as the octopus remains attached.
    • Laser Cannon: A weapon originally wielded by the Space Amazons, the Laser Cannon functions as a grenade launcher that fires explosive pulses of energy.
    • Electric Grenades: Electric Grenades function as a stun device. It has a stun gun-like area-of-effect. When fully upgraded, the grenade sticks to whatever surface they strike.
  • Special:
    • Reaper Drone: The Reaper Drone lets The Boss pilot missiles while they hide from a safe distance. The Reaper Drone has two firing modes: a straight-fired rocket, or a controlled smart bomb. The unguided missile can be fired more rapidly, but the guided missile does more damage.
    • McManus 2015: The McManus 2015 is a sniper rifle that replaces the McManus 2010. In its default state it has a relatively short barrel with a suppressor. When upgraded it has a much longer barrel with a muzzle brake making it powerful enough to send people flying backwards when shot with it. It can also be upgraded with a bipod that improves accuracy and reduces recoil.
    • RC Possessor: The RC Possessor shoots a tag-like projectile which can take control of vehicles. It can control any vehicle and can detonate controlled vehicle on command. There is no time limit for controlling a vehicle, but there is a range limit; if the vehicle moves outside the fixed radius from The Boss, control is lost.
    • SA-3 Airstrike: The SA-3 Airstrike is a powerful weapon that causes a laser guided cluster bomb to drop from the sky and damage a large area.
    • Cyber Buster: A special arm cannon with unlimited ammo and the ability to charge for more powerful shots.
    • Sonic Boom: The Sonic Boom is a high-powered, "experimental", sonic frequency device developed by STAG. Unlike other STAG weaponry, this weapon concentrates energy into focused, sonic frequency waves. It has to be charged up before firing.
  • Irradiated Saints Flow: Created in a particle accelerator by Jimmy Torbitson, this enhanced version of the Saints Flow energy drink temporarily grants The Boss superhuman powers.
    • Super Sprint: Allows sprinting faster than normal and generate a purple/pinkish aura of energy while sprinting.
    • Invincibility: The Boss becomes invincible to gunfire and explosions while under the effects of Saints Flow, but can still be killed with melee attacks.
    • Telepathy: One of the side-effects of the irradiated Saints Flow is the ability to read people's thoughts. However unlike the other abilities, The Boss cannot control this power.
    • Saints Pow: Gives The Boss superhuman strength, which enhances melee attacks. Also, hitting an enemy produces superhero-ish biff-bam-pow style word balloons.
    • Quarter-Circle Punch: Gives The Boss the ability to generate fireballs.

  • Rat Stick
  • Laser Razor
  • 9MM Tactical
  • .45 Fletcher
  • Z9 Handcannon
  • Magna 10mm
  • Xenoblaster
  • Deacon 12-Gauge
  • TAK-10 Streetsweeper
  • Thumpgun
  • Inflato-Ray
  • Shokolov AR
  • Guardsman AR
  • Dominator
  • Disintegrator
  • Bounce Rifle
  • J7 Rocket Launcher
  • Tyrant
  • Singularity Gun
  • Loud Locust
  • McManus 2020
  • Abduct-O-Matic
  • 'Merica
  • Minigun Arm
  • Minethrower Arm
  • Dubstep Gun
  • GL G20 Multibomber
  • Mech Suit
  • The Zin Armada
  • Melee Weapons:
    • Rat Stick: A sturdy baseball bat with several dozen nails embedded in it for extra damage.
    • Laser Razor: An energy katana that disintegrates enemies as well as objects.
  • Pistols:
    • 9MM Tactical: The Quickshot Pistol descends from the KA-1 Kobra, with large-capacity magazines and higher rate of fire over the other Pistols, as well as having an Armor Piercing Ammo upgrade. Clip Size, Damage, Recoil and Reload Speed can all be upgraded as well.
    • .45 Fletcher: Though descended from the 45 Shepherd, the Heavy Pistol has a slower default rate of fire. Clip Size, Damage, Rate of Fire and Recoil can all be upgraded, as well as giving it explosive ammo.
    • Z9 Handcannon: An Alien Pistol that fires energy projectiles and does not use magazines, meaning it can overheat instead. Damage, Overheat Level, Rate of Fire and Recoil can all be upgraded.
  • SMGs:
    • SWAT SMG: The SWAT SMG is the descended equivalent of the TEK Z-10. Like the TEK Z-10, the Heavy SMG is intended for a much more balanced application of firepower in comparison to the Rapid-Fire SMG and Alien SMG.
    • Magna 10mm: The Rapid-Fire SMG descends from the D4TH Blossom. The Rapid-Fire SMG is designed as suggested by it's name, for laying down high rate of fire. This gives the Rapid-Fire SMG the advantage of quickly eliminating targets at close range, but as a result of the high fire rate, makes engaging targets more difficult at range.
    • Xenoblaster: The Alien SMG is an SMG with a high fire rate makes it effective at close range encounters, but makes longer range encounter more difficult. It has the advantage of having no magazine and very rapid cooldown times. The more this weapon overheats the more damage it does.
  • Shotguns:
    • Deacon 12-Gauge: A high powered shotgun that can inflict high damage in close quarters.
    • TAK-10 Streetsweeper: An effective close-range gun that acts as a street-sweeper, and can work at longer ranges better than the Pump-Action Shotgun due to its tighter spread.
    • Thumpgun: The Thumpgun has traits of a rifle, having the single projectile of such a weapon but damage comparable to a shotgun. It has a Fully-Automatic fire mode by default and has a higher rate of fire. Like other Zin weapons, the Thumpgun has the no magazine, and can be manually cooled if needed.
    • Inflato-Ray: The Inflato-Ray is one of the least shotgun characteristic weapons within the shotgun class. If fires a laser beam that inflates enemies before the enemy over-inflates and explodes into a gory mess. It uses Charge Capacity and does not run out of ammo, and fires continuously until the trigger is let off or the Charge Capacity runs dry.
    • The Polarizer: The Polarizer fires a magnetic beam that picks up multiple targets and launches them. It uses Charge Capacity and does not run out of ammo, and fires continuously until the trigger is let off or the Charge Capacity runs dry.
  • Rifles:
    • Shokolov AR: The Automatic Rifle descends from the K-8 Krukov, having Fully-Automatic fire and high fire rates, with more range and better accuracy than its predecessor. It also comes with the Tough Guy perk, which reduced the damage The Boss takes when theyre wielding this gun.
    • Guardsman AR: The Guardsman AR is a Burst-Fire rifle as opposed to a Fully-Automatic weapon. However, its accuracy when fired in rapid bursts deteriorates extremely rapidly.
    • Dominator: The Alien Rifle is a laser rifle capable of both rapid fire and 3 round bursts. It has Vampiric Ammo, allowing The Boss to steal the life force of those he shoots to heal themselves.
    • Disintegrator: A very powerful weapon that fires projectiles that erase targets from existence on contact. The Disintegrator can also destroy objects and vehicle. The Disintegrator has uses Charge Capacity and requires no ammo.
    • Bounce Rifle: The Bounce Rifle is a weapon that fires 2-round bursts that ricochet, allowing them to damage or kill multiple targets. The gun uses Capacity Charge and therefore requires no ammunition, which removes any concerns of the gun running out of ammo.
  • Explosives:
    • J7 Rocket Launcher: The successor of the Annihilator RPG, the J7 is a powerful single shot rocket launcher than has the ability to control the projectiles flight path and help alleviate the slow projectiles.
    • Tyrant: A powerful rocket launcher than fires blasts of superheated plasma. It requires no ammunition as it uses charge capacity, and fires from both in front of and behind itself simultaneously to prevent prevents enemies from attacking from behind.
    • Singularity Gun: A launcher that fires miniature black holes which pull everything in their vicinity towards them, spaghettifiying them and disintegrating them if completely pulled in. Being an alien weapon, it relies on a charge and does not use ammunition of any sort.
    • Loud Locust: A miniature pistol of obscure origin and unknown capability. Unlike other weapons in its class, this does not fire projectiles, rather whatever it is fired at is instantly hit with extreme accuracy.
    • Outhouse Avenger: Fires an explosive plunger that sticks to foes, then explodes in a noxious mess.
  • Special:
    • McManus 2020: An extremely powerful long range rifle that is designed to eliminate long distance targets. The Sniper Rifle is extremely accurate and can shoot through multiple targets.
    • Abduct-O-Matic: The Abduction Gun works as a laser designator for a beam of light that lifts those caught in the beam into the sky into an alien ship and flying away into space with them.
    • 'Merica: The 'Merica consists of a Light Machine gun, Sub Machine gun, Auto Shotgun, Heavy Pistol, Minigun, Rocket Launcher, Flamethrower, and a Combat Knife. All small arms weapons and the minigun are constantly firing when the trigger is held, and the Reload button alternates between the secondary firing weapon, which is either the rocket launcher or flamethrower - with the selected weapon rotating to the top of the weapon.
    • Minigun Arm: A brutally-effective street-sweeper of alien design, the Minigun Arm is a wide-spread laser weapon.
    • Minethrower Arm : A launcher that fires magnetic mines that explode when someone is near them.
    • Dubstep Gun: The Dubstep Gun, is a unique and powerful weapon. It fires long-range pulses of energy to the beat of an electronic song, the song being determined by the Costume selected for the gun. It has no ammo reserve, instead relying on a charge percentage that regenerates over time. It also needs to charge up briefly when firing. Each costume for the Dubstep Gun changes the song played in addition to the weapon's model. Unlike other weapons, the change is more than aesthetic, as the rhythm and beat of the song determines the rate of fire and intensity of the shots. A full list of songs can be found here.
    • The Eviscerator: A launcher that fires an infinite number of projectile knives that cause bleed damage over time.
    • Heavy Minigun: Similar to the Mini-Gun, the Heavy Minigun is a stronger weapon that can be upgraded to have increased accuracy and damage, and causes its damage to increase with distance.
    • GL G20 Multibomber: The Grenade Launcher is a powerful launcher that fires grenades that explode upon impact with a humanoid enemy.
  • Mech Suit: A giant suit of power armor equipped with a minigun and rocket launcher. It is capable of melee attacks and hovering, giving it the ability to body slam, ground slam, and smash enemies with its powerful arms.
  • The Zin Armada: The space fleet of the entire Zin race, the Zin Armada is one of the most formidable and technologically advanced in the entire universe, being capable of intergalactic flight, time travel, and the power to destroy entire planets with just one of their dozens of warships.


Gifted (Despite having little experience by means of crime other than offhandedly killing a few people in his life before joining the Saints, the Boss quickly became adept in numerous tasks that required great amounts of skill such as assassination, demolition, precision driving, and piloting. Since joining the gang he assisted in orchestrating the missions of and eventually coming out on top of two all-out gang wars against three other rivals gang on both occasions, with almost every rival gang being headed by a veteran mob boss with decades of experience commanding their gangs and eliminating those who opposed them, and after breaking out of jail he in a few days regained control over territory that took three rival gangs years to take over in his absence. The Boss is surprisingly capable of wielding nearly any weapon, be it for melee or a gun, he comes across to a high degree even if he has no prior with it, as well as improvising objects such as defibrillators as lethal weapons, and by the end of Saints Row 2 he had become a veteran of dozens of firefights, as well as having taken down several people larger and arguably stronger than himself in hand to hand combat)

Gifted (Due to having spent years running the Saints after the events of Saints Row 2, the Boss has grown in both tactical and combat skill, moving up from bringing down local gangs to taking out global megacorporations and fighting and defeating a massive military unit equipped with technology and skills specialized towards containing and eliminating gangs. The Boss' ability to wield new weapons in seconds has also increased drastically by this point, having moved on to be able to use highly advanced weaponry such as directed energy rifles, high-tech military drones, and experimental sonic weaponry with no issue whatsoever, as well as being able to pilot sophisticated military vehicles such as tanks, attack helicopters, fighter jets, and vtols on his own)

Genius (By this point the Boss has grown to such a degree that he is recognized as being among the best and brightest that humanity has to offer, even moreso than geniuses such as Oleg, and despite the Zin's technology being the most advanced in the known universe the Boss is able to wield their weapons and pilot their vehicles with ease, as well as hack their computers and eventually take full control of their empire)

Weaknesses: None notable | The effects of the irradiated Saints Flow are temporary | The Mech Suit can only be used for a limited amount of time, The Boss cannot utilize his/her superpowers outside the Simulation without the Iron Saint Armor

Notable Attack/Techniques:

Super Powers: By altering their code within The Simulation, The Protagonist is capable of bending the simulation to their will and acquire powerful superhuman abilities that allow them to easily traverse the simulation. These powers can also be accesses in the real world via the Iron Saint armor.

  • Super Sprint: This Super Power enables The Boss to travel on foot at high speeds when sprinting, allowing the to run on water and up vertical surfaces, as well as create a powerful vortex behind them when they run.
  • Super Jump: Super Jump is a power that lets The Boss jump much higher than normal and glide through the air.
  • Death from Above: Death From Above allows the Boss to hang in the air and hit the ground, dealing damage and creating a nuclear explosion if they are high enough.
  • Forcefield: Force Field is a passive power which is used while Super Sprinting. It creates a shield which blocks all incoming damage and reflects projectiles. It also allows the Boss to quickly recover from power suppression.
  • Blast: The blast superpower unleashes a concussive force that can be modified with a variety of elemental options.
    • Freeze: Frozen enemies are stuck in place and damage to them is greatly increased. Frozen vehicles lose control, even if they're flying. disabled when frozen. Enemies killed while frozen shatters into pieces.
    • Fire: Enemies are set on fire and can panic on the spot, and take damage over time.
    • Mind Control: Enemies become allies for a short amount of time and attack other non-glitched enemies.
    • Explosion: Enemies explodes and can cause chain reactions, resulting in numerous enemies exploding and being killed. Enemies killed by explosions also get deleted.
    • Bling Enemies take extremely high damage at the cost of 10,000 Cache.
  • Telekinesis: Telekinesis grants the ability to lift people, vehicles, and other objects in the air and hurl them great distances.
    • Force: The Force Element causes Telekinesis to deal additional damage to a target upon impact!
    • Lightning: The Lightning element causes all lifted objects to become floating tesla coils, which spreads to nearby vehicles and enemies.
    • Life Steal: The Life Steal element allows The Protagonist to absorb health from nearby pedestrians and other enemies as a means to replenish their own should there be no health drops nearby.
    • Explosion: Explosive element turns targets held by Telekinesis into time bombs, which explodes after being held for a while or explodes on impact after being thrown.
    • Bling: Bling element steals Cache from targets being suspended.
  • Stomp: The Stomp Super Power causes powerful shock-waves to emanate outwards from a massive stomp to the ground.
    • Rock: The Rock element knocks back all nearby elements and vehicles, causing damage to all hit targets.
    • Gravity: The Gravity element causes all nearby enemies and vehicles to float in the air which allows enemies to be picked off easily. Damage is increased and can do damage to multiple enemies simultaneously.
    • Shrink: The Shrink element causes all of those in the radius of the initial stomp to shrink down in size temporarily, causing them to become more weak to attacks, and can be crushed by standing on them.
    • Explosion: The Explosion element cause all nearby enemies to be launched into the sky at break-neck speeds, becoming missiles and are rocketed back down to the ground as meteorites/missiles and bombards the surrounding area, causing massive damage.
    • Bling: The Bling element causes all nearby enemies to dance and cheer, at the cost of some Cache.
  • Buff: The Buff Super Power allows the Boss to imbue themselves with an elemental aura which allows them inflict damage on nearby targets based on the element they equip. The ability also extends to the Boss' weapons and also them to shoot targets and apply constant elemental damage.
    • Fire: The Fire element makes enemies in the area around The Boss to be set on fire, which can panic enemies on the spot while taking damage over time. This also makes The Boss' weapon fire incendiary ammunition.
    • Lightning: The Lightning element makes The Boss a mobile tesla coil, electrifying nearby enemies and vehicles which can spread to additional targets. This also makes The Boss' weapon fire electrical ammunition.
    • Freeze: The Freeze element imbues the Boss with absolute zero temperatures, causing enemies in the area around The Boss to be frozen in place and damage to them is greatly increased. Enemies killed while frozen shatters into pieces. Frozen vehicles lose control, even if they're flying, and are disabled when frozen. This also makes The Boss' weapon fire freeze ammunition.
    • Explosion: The Explosive element turns nearby enemies in the area around The Boss into time bombs, and makes The Boss' weapon fire explosive ammunition.
    • Bling: The Bling element turns nearby enemies in the area around The Boss into gold statues, which can be destroyed and turns into extremely large amounts of Cache. Cache is automatically pulled to The Boss while active and gold infused enemies can be quickly with headshots.

Key: Saints Row 1 and 2 | Saints Row 3 | Saints Row 4


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