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The original "The Binding of Isaac" was designed by Edmund McMillen and programmed by Florian Himsl. It is a roguelike video game inspired by the early The Legend of Zelda games and the Biblical story.

McMillen in cooperation with Nicalis later recreated the game and released an improved version under the title ‘‘‘The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth‘‘‘. With "Afterbirth" and "Afterbirth+" the game received additional content.

The gameplay of "The Binding of Isaac" involves using one of multiple different characters to defeat monsters in real time while exploring the randomly generated dungeons in search for items and power-ups. At the end of each floor there is a boss enemy which has to be defeated to reach the next floor.

Power of the Verse

With most characters having small building level, this verse is quite weak in terms of attack potency. Nonetheless the items appearing in the game provide the characters with a variety of hax.






Playable Characters

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Items, Pickups and Collectibles


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