You feel like making cookies. But nobody wants to eat your cookies.


The Bakery is the simple bakery established by a single bored baker. As their ambitions grow, so does the Bakery, growing into a theocracy based around the worship of cookies, and with its cookies ultimately encompassing and transcending the universe.

Powers and Stats

Tier: Low 1-C

Civilization Type: Higher-Dimensional Civilization (The Bakery has completely conquered its own universe, and travels to new universes to harvest more cookies and can even affect higher dimensions)

Name: [blank]'s Bakery

Origin: Cookie Clicker

Classification: Bakery, Empire, Theocracy

Kardashev Level: Type VII (Can use higher-dimensional universes to produce cookies)

Age: Unknown

Population: Countless grandmas, elves, angels, demons, and other workers and "Zillions" of followers

Territory: Several universes

Technology and Abilities: Biological engineering and advanced cybernetics, Excavators capable of causing planetary devastation, Interstellar and interdimensional travel, Dyson sphere technology, Magic and Alchemy, Antimatter Manipulation, Causality Manipulation (Can enforce causality), Higher-Dimensional Manipulation (Can fuse higher-dimensional universes with their own), Law Manipulation (By the five billion cookie mark, the cookies are rewriting the fundamental laws of the universe), Light Manipulation, Mathematics Manipulation, Matter Manipulation, Mind Manipulation, Physics Manipulation, Plant Manipulation, Probability Manipulation, Reality Warping, Time Manipulation (Doubled the length of a second, can cook with the "essence of eons"), Weather Manipulation (Can change the season at command), Summoning (Primarily the summoning of cookies), Supernatural Luck (Can generate cookies from thin air out of sheer luck), Time Travel, Transmutation (Can transmute any element into cookie dough and ultimately does so to the entire universe on a molecular scale, can convert light into cookies)

Attack Potency: Low Complex Multiverse level (The "Brane transplant" upgrade for Portals states that they can fuse higher-dimensional universes, or branes, with their own host universe to produce even more cookies. Ascending with 1 septillion cookies is said to bring them to a higher plane of existence)

Power Source: Thermal and solar power, magic, alchemical transmutation, all of the energy of the infinite past and future, antimatter and nanocosmics, the "pulse" of the cosmos, a timeless rhythm, and light itself.

Industrial Capacity: Absolutely absurd. Cybernetic and robotic crews capable of working and producing cookies nearly incessantly, and an unfathomable amount of cookie-producing facilities that allow for the production of so many cookies that the universe does not have the space to hold them all.

Military Prowess: Unknown, but doubtlessly sizable.

Notable Individuals:

  • The Baker

Weaknesses: The Bakery is completely focused on producing cookies.


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