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The ability which allows a greater degree of control over various technical devices. This control can be carried out at the expense of electricity or even manipulation of information, and using hacking. Additionally, there are various forms of techno-mages as well.


  • Electromagnetic manipulation - Control technology using electricity. It may include both granular processor control or even circuit control (including reprogramming), directly manipulating a material component of the technology (i.e. controlling the metal from which the technology is made using EM fields).
  • Assimilation with the technology - The user essentially becomes one with a technical device that allows him to become a (kind of) control loop. Normally requires a significant transformation of the user's body, and in some cases even complete abandonment of the body. Includes all cyborgs, as well as some robots (which instead of the AI ​​use a copy of the real human consciousness).
  • Information manipulation - Control technology via direct control of software and databases. Might be at the expense of specific types of telepathy, due to a direct connection to the system (including via a network). Moreover, in a particularly advanced cases, it might directly affect on any of the information contained in the technical devices (this can be prevented by only the same information manipulations, but a higher level).
  • Control of nanobots - Introduction of nanobots directly into a technical device, rearranging its properties or seizing control over it. Can also be used to assimilate the technology entirely (by dismantling it into atoms and molecules).
  • Techno-mage - Manage technology by methods unknown to modern science. Might include both real magic or just extremely advanced technology, nigh-indistinguishable from magic.


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