Universe+ level Durability?


Before that explosion detonates, Mordecai and Rigby talk about what they want to come back as when they've been reset, the explosion engulfs the entire outer space visible in whiteness (the same whiteness that is depicted whenever the universe gets destroyed) and Mordecai and Rigby are inexplicably teleported back to the space ship headed toward Earth untathered. 

It's possible that blast Pops created at impact at the end reset the universe a final time. Though one issue would be why some people still have their memories in that case.

However even if that was only a regular supernova, Anti-Pops has reset the universe hundreds of times with his punches, grew large enough to where his fist alone was much bigger than a star, punched Pops making his spit drop turn into a star, is canonly far stronger than people like the Baby Ducks who have Galaxy level feats, etc. Them dying to a star is very clear PIS. Ryukama (talk) 5:06, July 5, 2017 (UTC)