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We have moved to a new external forum hosted at https://vsbattles.com

We have a new automated signup system for our wiki members, with a procedure that must be exactly followed in order to register.

For instructions regarding how to sign up or sign in to our new forum, please click here.


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This is a step by step illustration of how tags (formerly named topics) work in our external forum.

You should always search for and add the relevant previously existing tags to important discussion threads when creating them, so they are much easier to find in the future, and can be more easily linked to and overviewed.

Here is the page where you search for tags related to specific characters or verses.


Tags explanation 1.jpg

And here is what it looks like after you have selected a specific tag for which all the connected discussions are listed in chronological order.

Tags explanation 2.jpg

Here is how anybody can insert tags into a new discussion thread.

Make sure to not type too quickly, so there are no errors when the forum software searches for alternatives to automatically suggest, and be very careful to select the most relevant tags directly connected to specific wiki verse and character pages.

Tags explanation 3.jpg Tags explanation 4.jpg

Here is what tags look like in a posted content revision thread.

Tags explanation 5.jpg

It should be noted that the external forum only allows staff members to change the tags/topics for discussion threads after they have been created.

As such, if inaccurate tags have been added to an already existing discussion thread, please ask a few discussion moderators and administrators for help with editing the tags by clicking the small icon to the left of them.

Tags explanation 6.png

Here is what it currently looks like when somebody edits the tags of an already posted discussion thread.

Tags explanation 7.jpg

Please make certain that you always use the EXACTLY WORDED titles for the most relevant verse and profile pages when adding said tags.