There are warriors who have wings made out of steel...
They are just about to take off for the last battle that determines the fate of the world...
These warriors will never give up, because they've got tenacious and strong hearts, that are filled with great love...
They are ready to sacrifice their own lives to blaze a new trail for the future, for new hopes... and dreams.

—Opening narration to Wings of the Legend

Super Robot Wars: Original Generation (スーパーロボット大戦 ORIGINAL GENERATION), often referred to as the Super Robot Wars: OG Series or simply the OG Series, its a sub-saga of games within the larger Super Robot Wars franchise that, unlike other the games, feature no licensed mecha, characters or plots/stories at all. Instead, it uses only Banpresto's own creations (dubbed "Banpresto Originals") that have had appeared in many Super Robot Wars games over the years, alongside completely new cast of supporting characters, in an new story that mixes all the original plots Banpresto has created over the many games the franchise has to offer. The first OG game was released for the GBA in 2002, and as it was well liked by the Japanese fans, spawned a larger saga of games, and even got anime and manga adaptations.

General concept

In 2001, Banpresto (the creators of the Super Robot Wars franchise) released a CD Drama series based on Super Robot Wars α (Alpha), named "Super Robot Wars α ORIGINAL STORY", in which the authors developed a new story unrelated to the Alpha series that featured only original characters, mechas and concepts.

Those CD Dramas mixed elements from the Super Nintendo games (namely, the original plot and characters based of Masoukishin and DC stories from the SNES games, as well as the original protagonist characters and mechas from Super Robot Wars 4) with elements from the first Alpha game (namely, the SRX Team and the concept of the Balmarian aliens) to create a new story somewhat based in the plot of the first Alpha game, but that it was a stand-alone project (in other words, you didn't need to play Super Robot Wars α to understand the story of those CD Dramas). This concept was well received by fans, prompting to create the first OG game that started the whole saga.


Long story short, the story of the OG series takes places in a future when humanity has expanded into space. Two groups of aliens (the Ze Balmary Empire and some factions within the Zovorg Planetary Union) want to use the Earth for their own purposes, and so they send their advanced technology (dubbed Extra Over-Technology, or EOT for short) to make the human civilization advanced enough for their plans to be successful. However, a prominent scientist named Bian Zoldark, while investigating the EOT, also found out the plans of the aliens, and started a civil revolt to ensure the survival of mankind. All this conflict began to draw the attention of beings from other worlds and dimensions (the Einst, the Shadow Mirror, the Shura, Dark Brain, the Ruina, the Fury, the Kadoam Chakram... you name it), making the conflict even worse. The Earth itself seems to be the cause of such conflicts, as it seems that this universe is just the pet experiment of some being of cosmic power...

A group heroes with advanced mechas and brave souls appeared to stem the tide of evil. Currently, those heroes are known as the Steel Dragons Squad.

Important blogs

History and current canonicity of the OG games

Supporters / Opponents of the Verse





  • Garden of Baral
    • Chokijin
      • Ryukooh/Koryuoh
      • Jakubuoh/Bujakuoh
    • Shirei
      • Ouryuoh
    • Gan Eden
      • Nassim Gan Eden
  • Masoukishin
    • Antilas Squad
      • Cybuster
      • Granveil
      • Gaddess
      • Zamzeed
      • Valsione R
      • Raveraid
      • Duraxyll
      • Nezeria
    • Shu's team
    • Unrelated
      • Ishmile
      • Yotennai
      • Zelvoid
    • Three Pillar Gods
      • Nagzart
      • Sava Volkruss, God of Destruction
      • Ruzamuno Rasphitot, God of Balance
      • Gizoss Gragios, God of Creation
  • Steels Dragons Squad
    • Compatible Kaiser
    • Dynamic General Guardian series
      • Dyguenguar
      • Außenseiter
      • LiOh
    • Gespenst series
      • Alt Eisen Riese
    • Grungust series
      • Grungust Custom
    • Huckebein series
      • Exbein series
    • SRX series
      • SRX
    • TE Absorber series
      • Garmraid Blaze
  • Shadow Mirror
    • Ashsaber
    • Soulgain
    • Vysaga
  • Tsentr Project
    • Medius Locus
    • MX Garberus
    • AI1
  • Ze Balmary Empire
    • Adamatron
    • Astranagant
    • Dis Astranagant
    • Geber Gan Eden
    • Judecca
    • Keisar Ephes
    • Septuagint
    • Zfylud
  • Others
    • Dark Brain Corps
    • Divine Crusaders
      • Valsion
    • Einst
      • Stern Neue Regisseur
      • Persönlichkeit
    • Fury
      • Granteed
      • Laftkranz
      • Zui Gadin
    • Kadoam Chakram
      • The Kadoam Chakram of La Gias
      • XN-L / Zan-El
      • Fuhryam, the God of Creation
    • Project Idealants
      • Endlich Geist
    • Ruina
    • Shura
    • Zovorg
      • Baran Schnile
      • Uyudalo Class Suppression Battleship
    • Unrelated
      • XN Geist

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