What is a Stomp?

A Stomp thread is when one character is immediately able to win against another, whether it is via battlefield removal, incapacitation or killing, with the opponent having no chance to retort with their own abilities or statistics.


  • Aeon (Castlevania) versus Dialga with speed equalization. Both may have a similar time manipulation emphasis, but the sheer difference in tiers makes the level of their power completely different. Note how even a small tier gap can be massive (Like 2-A to 2-B or low end 5-B to 5-A).
  • Superman (Red Son) versus Doctor Doom with speed equalization. Both may have the same statistics, but their abilities make it one-sided towards Doom.
  • 5-B Golden King versus X-Man with speed equalization. While both have similar statistics and incredible abilities, Golden King's passive abilities make it so that no matter the circumstances or chance, Golden King will always win.


A stomp thread cannot be added to the profiles of either character, regardless of the popularity of the match-up or the quality of the thread.

Not to be confused with a Spite Thread or a decisive match.

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