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♫ Here we are in the future. Here we are in the future and it's bright... Nothing to fear. No one to fight. I can't believe we've come so far. Happily ever after here we are! ♫
~ Steven in "Happily Ever After"

Steven Shield WD
♫ I will fight to be everything that everybody wants me to be when I'm grown! ♫
~ Steven in "We Are the Crystal Gems"

Pink Steven Render
~ Pink Steven about Pink Diamond

Pink Steven (SU Future)
I just...want to FIX IT!!!
~ Pink State Steven releasing a scream-shockwave in "Volleyball"

Transformed Steven Diamond eyes (Fragments)
You're right, Jasper. I have been holding back.
~ Pink State Steven losing himself to rage and aggression before shattering Jasper

Helpful Transformed Pink State-1
Oh, don't worry! I fixed that too! I can fix anything. I can just keep messing up and fixing things forever, and you'll never have to know or think about any of it!
~ Pink State Steven in denial, shortly before shifting into Monster Steven

Monster Steven
That's not Steven!
~ White Diamond after trying to connect with Steven


Steven Quartz Universe is the titular main protagonist of the show "Steven Universe". He is the son of former rock musician Greg Universe and late leader of the Crystal Gems Rose Quartz, and the only member of human descent of the protagonist team, the Crystal Gems.

A Half-Human, Half-Gem as a result of his heritage, Steven is an extraordinary unique being with innate powers beyond that of both normal humans and Gems. While only a child, Steven has steadily grown from a tag-along to the Crystal Gems into an equal amongst their ranks thanks to his good-hearted nature and resourcefulness. Though he is a part of a monumental legacy, Steven is devoted to fulfilling his destiny as protector of humanity, just as his mother was before him.

Powers and Stats

Tier: At least 9-B. Unknown with Gem powers | 7-A | At least 7-A | At least High 6-A, likely higher, likely far higher with Shields | At least 7-A. At least High 6-A, likely higher in Pink State, likely far higher in Monster form

Name: Steven Quartz Universe

Origin: Steven Universe

Gender: Male

Age: 12-13 | 13-14 | 14 | 16

Classification: Half-Human Half-Gem, Crystal Gem, Diamond

Powers and Abilities:

Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Weapon Creation, Skilled Shield Wielder, Limited Shapeshifting, Forcefield Creation, Self Age Manipulation, Regeneration (Mid-Low, passively healed bone fractures, cuts, and bruises in short periods of time), Sealing and BFR (Can contain objects in bubbles of energy), Healing, Plant Manipulation, Fusionism (Can fuse with other gems and humans), Exemplary Wrestler, Empathic Telepathy, Attack Reflection (With Shield), Social Influencing, Underwater Breathing (Type 4. Via Bubbles), Resistance to Acid (Able to resist Centipeetle's acid, which could liquefy solid objects near-instantly)

All previous abilities to a greater extent, Dream Manipulation (Can communicate through and manipulate the dreams of people and gems), Possession (Can transfer his consciousness into other beings and people when he sleeps), Mind Manipulation (Can link his mind with that of others), Levitation

All previous abilities to a greater extent, Resurrection (Possesses the ability to resurrect things that have recently died with his tears), Aura (Allows him to enter the astral plane, where he can possess minds and project his thoughts), Sound Manipulation (Can play different songs to provoke different effects), Healing of Status Effects (Via Cure Song), Statistics Amplification (Strength, Durability, Luck), Healing (Via Get Beefy Song and Encouragement), Summoning (Can summon shields around distant allies), Limited Psychometry (This only applies when near areas of great significance to his mother or when fused with someone else)

All previous abilities to a far greater extent, Gem Physiology (Grants Regeneration (High-Mid), Immortality (Types 1 and 3), Shapeshifting, Size Manipulation, Body Control, Biological Manipulation, Self-Sustenance (Types 1, 2, and 3), Adaptation (Automatic adjustment to different forces of gravity), and Pocket Reality Manipulation (All Gems have a pocket dimension of infinite size contained within their gemstone)

All previous abilities (Except those unique to Pink Steven) to a greater extent, Life Manipulation (Possesses the ability to make plants regrow), Resistance to Poison Manipulation (Resisted the bio-poison from Spinel's Injector which was able to melt cars and completely necrotize a human's arm instantly)

All previous abilities (Except those unique to Pink Steven) to a far greater extent, Sound Manipulation (Via "screams"), Energy Projection (Waves of pink energy carried by his "screams," causing damage to his surroundings and to people near him. While usually omnidirectional/spherical with him as the epicenter, in Monster Form he can direct these energy-screams at a target, but can also still use omnidirectional screams), Awakened Power (Becomes stronger in response to passionate emotions), Flight (Gains true flight in Pink State), Technology Manipulation (Able to project his subconscious thoughts onto devices such as televisions and phones), Rage Power (Becomes particularly stronger with anger/aggression), Berserk Mode (Monster Steven is the Berserk Mode of Pink State when Steven completely loses control due to self-loathing), Improved Forcefield Creation (Able to create large walls of forcefields, offensive projectile barriers and spiked projectile walls, and large dome forcefields), Resistance to Empathic Manipulation (Resisted Blue Diamond's ability), Resistance to Transmutation and Mind Manipulation when in Berserk Mode/Monster Form (In this state he resisted Yellow Diamond's and White Diamond's abilities), Capable of Large Size via Size Manipulation ranging from Type 0 to Type 2 (He is normally the same size as his Movie/Future key, but can grow up to over 100 meters as seen in his Monster/Berserk Form)

Attack Potency: At least Wall level (Ripped part of an arcade machine apart with his bare hands. Destroyed the dashboard of Greg's van with a punch. Accidentally launched his shield hard enough to nearly cut his television in half). Unknown with Gem powers (The vibrations of his shield destroyed all of Lapis's water clones who had been easily overpowering the Crystal Gems. Accidentally created an army of Watermelons Stevens that were able to overpower the Crystal Gems) | Mountain level (Comparable to Eyeball. Can fight on par with Amethyst when the latter was holding back. Easily dispatched several Holo-Pearls) | At least Mountain level (Should be stronger than before. Forcibly unfazed Topaz, though with significant difficulty and concentration) | At least Multi-Continent level, likely higher (Is the pure gem of Pink Diamond, thus at least comparable to Yellow and Blue Diamond. A single shout is loud enough to break the floor of White Diamond's Warship), likely far higher with Shields (When he deflected White's beams and burst his shield to attack her, the resulting force knocked White briefly unconscious, and Human Steven stated that Pink Steven was "hurting her") | At least Mountain level+ (Capable of fighting against Spinel, Bluebird Azurite, and Jasper). At least Multi-Continent level, likely higher in Pink State (Stomped Bluebird Azurite and Jasper, the latter of which he casually shattered after he stopped holding back. Should be somewhat comparable to but overall weaker than Pink Steven and his Monster Form), likely far higher in Monster Form (When in Monster Form he was able to break out of Lapis Lazuli's water restraints. Stomped Yellow, Blue, and White Diamond as well as Alexandrite and a partially formed state of The Cluster. Monster Steven is not actually Corrupted but just shapeshifted due to Steven's subconscious perception of himself, according to a statement by Garnet and the lack of any need for Diamond Auras to heal him, and was thus simply the full potential of Pink State)

Speed: Unknown | At least Subsonic (Able to run fast enough to appear as a blur to Greg) with Relativistic reactions and combat speed (Fought and defeated several high-difficulty Holo-Pearls. Was able to fight and dodge multiple hits from Amethyst and Bismuth, having been able to pick up Rose's sword, draw it, and impale Bismuth before she could strike him. Could keep up with Eyeball) | At least Subsonic with Relativistic reactions and combat speed (Reacted to attacks from Topaz and Jasper) | At least Relativistic, likely higher reactions and combat speed (Comparable to Yellow and Blue Diamond) | Relativistic reactions and combat speed (Can keep up with Spinel, Bluebird Azurite, and Jasper). At least Relativistic, likely higher in Pink State (Was so fast that Garnet and the other Crystal Gems could not perceive or react to him and she appeared in slow-motion to him. Was able to completely overwhelm and blitz Jasper with his speed)

Lifting Strength: Unknown | Class 5 (Was able to lift a full-grown person over his head with little difficulty. Casually lifted a large box of music equipment that normally required two grown men to carry. Lifted a large obsidian statue. Was able to support a large chunk of a stone pillar over his head with his shield) | Class 50 (Helped Rutile and Rhodonite push a rock that weighed this much) | Class Z (Comparable to Yellow and Blue Diamond) | At least Class M (Lifted a massive Gem Injector while in a weakened state). At least Class Z, likely far higher in Pink State and Monster Form (The full potential of this form is stronger than the other Diamonds including White)

Striking Strength: At least Wall Class | Mountain Class | At least Mountain Class | At least Multi-Continent Class, likely higher | At least Mountain Class+, At least Multi-Continent Class, likely higher in Pink State, likely far higher in Monster Form

Durability: Multi-City Block level (Survived the explosion of the Pyramid Temple). At least Island level, possibly higher with Shield and Bubble (One of his bubbles protected him from Lapis's tower collapsing on him and his friends. His shield blocked a point-blank shot from Peridot's Gem Warship. Used a bubble to protect himself and the other Crystal Gems when Peridot's ship re-entered the atmosphere, crashed and exploded) | Mountain level. At least Island level, possibly higher with Shield and Bubble | At least Mountain level. At least Multi-Continent level, likely higher with Shield and Bubble (His shield blocked hits from an enraged Yellow and Blue Diamond) | At least Multi-Continent level, likely higher, likely far higher with Shields (Was able to deflect multiple beam-attacks from White Diamond, including a final attack in which she became angered and bloodlusted and went all-out) | At least Mountain level+ (Took multiple hits from Spinel, and even withstood her strongest attack). At least Multi-Continent level, likely higher with Shield and Bubble. At least Multi-Continent level, likely higher in Pink State (His durability should scale to his attack potency in this form), likely far higher in Monster State (His durability again scales to his AP). At least Multi-Continent level, likely far higher with Shields and Bubbles in Pink State

Stamina: Unknown | High | High | Limitless | Very High (Performed a Class M lifting feat when his Gemstone was severely weakened and he had just spent nearly the last of its power, then climbed hundreds of meters and took an extended and brutal beating from Spinel in his weakened state while remaining conscious, returning to full strength/health and defeating Spinel upon his Gemstone's powers returning). At least Very High with Pink State (Brutally trained to control Pink State with Jasper for 72 hours nonstop except when sleeping or eating, maintained Pink State for much of the time and took many beatings from Jasper, somehow gained strength during the process instead of tiring, and finally battled and casually stomped Jasper using Pink State while still not tiring. Has never shown signs of fatigue after exiting Pink State no matter how much power/speed he used or for how long--including maintaining the state for hours at a time while repeatedly using several of its abilities--with the exception of very briefly falling unconscious but quickly recovering after reverting from his Monster Form, and that was likely due to psychological shock rather than physical exhaustion as he showed no signs of tiring during his monstrous rampage in which he stomped Alexandrite, Lapis, a partially-formed Cluster, and all three Diamonds)

Range: Standard melee range, up to tens of meters with Shield and Bubble | Standard melee range, up to tens of meters with Shield, Up to hundreds of kilometers with Bubble (Able to contain the Cluster in a bubble) | Same as before | Standard melee range, at least tens of meters with "screams", at least extended melee range likely further with Shields | Standard melee range, up to tens of meters with Shield, up to hundreds of kilomters with Bubble. In Pink State, at least tens of meters with "screams", at least tens of meters with Shields, and up to hundreds of kilometers with Bubbles, in Monster Form at least hundreds of meters with "screams" to the point of being able to stagger and briefly incapacitate White Diamond from such a range.

Standard Equipment: Shield, Pink's Warship

Intelligence: Above Average. Though never directly stated, Steven is shown to be extremely intelligent in his own right. He is a natural problem solver, as most of his early adventures relied on him using intelligence and creativity to get himself out of trouble without the use of his powers. He is also able to converse with the highly intelligent Connie on an equal footing since they first met. Despite him being naive and socially oblivious, in the graphic novel "Too Cool for School", Pearl mentioned how Steven's education in the care of the gems was much greater than Earth schools, and Steven was getting perfect marks on his tests. As of Future Steven underwent additional combat training under Jasper, teaching him a more offensive combat style to contrast his normally defensive style. However, when transformed into Monster Steven his intelligence is reduced at least to Below Average, likely Animalistic, as he is bestial and mostly incapable of logic/reason in this state.


In the early seasons, Steven had little control over his powers, which resulted in them working with unexpected results (Such as almost ageing himself to death and turning himself into an out of control cat monster on accident) or not working at all. However, this becomes much less of an issue in Seasons 2-3 and is nonexistent from Season 4 onwards.

While they tend to have far higher durability than his actual physical statistics (except possibly in Pink State), Steven's Shield and Bubble can become unstable depending on his emotional state at the time; if he is properly focused and prepared for an attack they possess their full durability, but when he is in emotional disarray, his shields/bubbles, when typically having At Least Multi-Continental durability in later seasons, have been broken by characters far below that tier such as Jasper or Bismuth.

Steven is a lot more pacifistic than the other gems, and refuses to kill anything due to feeling that it isn't right.

If Steven goes into other people's dreams too much he gets sleep deprived.

In his Pink State, many of his abilities are uncontrollable and respond to both his conscious and subconscious psychological issues; this weakness appears to be entirely psychological rather than being an inherent weakness of Pink State itself.

Notable Attacks/Techniques:

  • Steven's Shield
  • Steven's Bubble
  • Watermelon Steven
  • Shield Proficiency: Due to possessing his mother's gemstone, Steven can summon Rose's shield. Steven is able to summon his shield at will with little effort at any moment he requires it and increase its size at will. Steven can summon his shield as many times as he wants without tiring, even summoning more than one and dual wielding shields, and he is able to use it in conjunction with his protective bubble as an added method of defense. The shield is remarkably durable, able to withstand a charged shot from the Gem Warship, and has reflective properties strong enough to reflect a laser fired from a scanning Robonoid.
    • Projectile Shield: Steven can throw his shield as a projectile with great speed and power, weaponizing it as a ranged attack with enough accuracy to temporarily stun opponents. He can boomerang his shield off of several targets, causing it to return to his hand, and his shield has razor-sharp edges and can cut through substances as tough as solid rock before returning to him.
    • Shield Vibration: On certain occasions when Steven's shield is hit, it emits an audible vibration that disables magical constructs, such as Lapis's water clones and Holo-Pearls.
    • Shield Dash: Steven dashes towards his opponent and knocks them back with his shield, can run through multiple enemies and stun enemies.
  • Bubble Shield: Steven can summon an incredibly durable bubble forcefield that encases him and others that he is protecting. Steven is capable of summoning it reflexively, can expand his bubble to push away enemies and break free from being trapped inside a solid object, and can can "pop" his bubble to knock surrounding enemies back. Besides the bubble offensively popping, Steven's bubble has shown the ability to grow larger and smaller. The bubble can generate its own internal atmosphere, allowing Steven to survive in the bubble for hours underwater despite it being air-tight, and Steven is even able to breathe inside one he had just generated in the vacuum of space. He can also project his bubble around others and can create multiple bubbles in this way.
  • Shape Alteration: Steven can change the size of his bubble, as well as change its shape from a sphere into a variety of other shapes - for instance, causing sharp spikes to appear along its surface, or stretching it to encompass and protect other people.
    • Bubble Helmet: Steven can create a small bubble around his head to breathe in an oxygenless atmosphere or protect his head from damage.
    • Bubble Gloves: Steven can create small, hard bubbles around his fists like boxing gloves, enhancing the strength of his punches and his ability to block attacks.
  • Shapeshifting: Steven possesses some level of the natural shapeshifting abilities typical of Gems, being able to transform parts of his body into cats and stretch various parts of his body at will. However, despite having more control over this power than initially, he can only do this for a certain amount of time and his half-human nature puts more of a strain on his body than it would a Gem. As of Future he shows that he can completely transform into a Gem monster many times his size and height.
    • Fluctuating Age: Steven can manipulate his age through his state of mind, his physical age depending solely on how old he thinks he is. Uncontrollable age-changing could also potentially be caused by his emotions like most of his powers. This ability is an extension of Gem shapeshifting, however, due to his organic half, by shapeshifting into the body of an elderly man, Steven's body may actually fail as a result. As of Future, he demonstrates the ability to age-shift into his younger self and a more mature version of himself at will without his body becoming unstable.
  • Healing: Steven's saliva has the power to heal the injuries of both humans and Gems, and even inanimate objects. Steven's healing capabilities have not yet been seen to the full extent of his power, but he is shown to be capable of healing cracked gemstones, common human injuries and conditions such as poor eyesight and broken bones, and broken inanimate objects such as a torn stuffed animal. This power also heals Steven passively, with Steven having healed numerous bone fractures and severe physical trauma over his life without even realizing it.
    • Resurrection: Like his mother, Steven possesses the ability to resurrect the dead with his magic tears. The recipient turns pink and gains special abilities, such as the ability to grant access to the Pink Dimension through their hair as well as an extremely slowed metabolism and heart rate. Two known cases of this are Lion and Lars.
    • Corruption Reversal: When combined with the powers of the other Diamonds, Steven can permanently reverse the effects of the Corrupting Light on Gems.
    • Shatter Reversal: When combined with the powers of the other Diamonds, Steven is able to completely repair a shattered gem.
  • Life Creation: Like his mother, Steven possesses limited control and influence over plant life. Using his healing saliva, Steven can grow sentient and sapient flora by licking plants or seeds. These plants vary in intelligence depending on Steven's emotional state; Watermelon Stevens acted as Steven's bodyguards due to him being unsure of how to use his newfound powers, Pumpkin was completely non-hostile and possessed its own opinions of others due to Steven having full knowledge of the ability and thus control over it, and the Plant Stevens were reminiscent of Watermelon Stevens, pantomiming Steven's frantic and rapidly deteriorating mental state. Steven also possesses the ability to transfer his mind into plants he brings to life.
    • Pebble Animation: Steven possesses the ability to bring inanimate pebbles into living Pebbles.
  • Empathic Telepathy: Steven is able to sense things based on their emotional state. Steven can communicate with Gems through his dreams. This ability has primarily come to light while other beings are under emotional turmoil. Steven can also enter the dreams of other humans, but also that repeated use of this power can physically exhaust him, as sleeping in this state seems to provide no restful benefit that would otherwise be gained from typical sleep.
    • Mind Link: Steven is able to link his mind with another being allowing him to feel the target's emotions and see the world through their eyes. When Steven sleeps, his dream will be whatever the target is looking at. Steven does not have to willingly link minds with a person in order for this power to work.
    • Mind Transfer: Steven is able to transfer his consciousness into another living being he has a connection with while his own body is asleep. The true mind of the host body lays dormant while he is in control of it. Steven can also possess another person, though this requires both him and the person he is transferring minds with to be asleep. This ability is strong enough to reach from Homeworld to Earth, which is likely many lightyears away.
    • Psychometry/Retrocognition: Steven can relive moments experienced by his mother Pink Diamond, either as an observer or as Pink Diamond herself. This has only occurred when he is sleeping somewhere of great significance to his mother. When fused, the subjects of these memories can appear as amalgamations of figures both components consider to be similar.
    • Astral Projection: Steven, when unconscious, is able to enter an astral dimension while his body remains comatose. While in this state, he cannot interact or communicate with anyone in the physical world unless he phases through them. While in this astral dimension Steven is able to project a powerful pink aura, something he used to convince the other Diamonds that he was truly Pink Diamond reincarnated.
    • Electrical Interference: When under extreme mental or emotional stress Steven passively projects his subconscious onto devices such as televisions and cell phones. This ability appears to originate from his telepathy interfering with nearby radio signals.
  • Speed of Descent Regulation: Steven, like Rose, can levitate his body and even manipulate its gravity based on his emotions. When he thinks happy thoughts, he floats slowly to the ground, while when he is sad or angry, he descends much quicker. While floating slowly, anything he touches will also float just as slowly, no matter how large. This also allows him to jump higher than normal, having to be able to jump up to the temple's face and even above the clouds.
  • Pink Steven: In "Change Your Mind", it is revealed that if Steven's gemstone is removed, it will create a pink hologram that resembles Steven rather than regenerating into Pink Diamond. It'll then walk towards Steven and refuse with him. Sadly, Steven will be weak as long as the hologram exists. This hologram is much more powerful than Steven himself, cracking the floor of White Diamond's Warship and knocking her and all the controlled gems back with a shout, and easily deflecting White Diamond's power with his shield.

  • Pink State: According to Dr. Priyanka Maheswaran, because Steven experienced a great deal of physical and emotional trauma from his numerous adventures and ordeals during his childhood, it affected his body’s ability to respond to minor stress normally. As a result, Steven’s body began reacting to new stress as if he was in a life-or-death situation. This response manifested as a transformation known as Pink State. In this state, Steven's body (except his clothes) glows pink, and his strength, speed, and destructive energy output became tremendous, and several of his abilities evolve in potency and function. However, Steven has little to no control over this state, entering it automatically when angry or when he experiences anxiety, which puts him at risk of accidentally hurting people near him.
    • Super Speed: Steven gains the ability to enter a state of super speed in this state, causing him to leave pink afterimages behind him when he moves and allowing him to move so fast that everything in the world around him becomes nearly frozen, including things as fast as Gems.
    • Rage Scream A powerful shockwave reminiscent of the screams Pink produced during her temper tantrums. These screams are "carriers" for Energy Projection appearing as omnidirectional/spherical waves of pink energy with him at the center and destroying anything around him, even involuntarily. In Monster Form, Steven is still capable of omnidirectional screams, but also showed the ability to precisely direct them at a single target, and in that state are so powerful that they can repel the powers of the other Diamonds and stagger even the likes of White Diamond from a long range.
    • Enhanced Bubbles In his Pink State Steven's bubbles change in form and function. He is able to create a large dome of interlocking diamonds which, when manifested, can carve through solid objects, slicing them apart at the impact. He is also able to create hexagonal forcefields that can act as both a defensive barrier and an offensive weapon. In this form, Steven can stack these barriers in order to enhance their offensive and defensive power, or make a wall with spikes for added offense.
    • True Flight: Upon learning to better control Pink State during his training with Jasper, Steven gained the ability to fly freely and unaided through the air while in this state, as seen during his second battle with Jasper at the end of their training.
    • Size Shifting: A side effect of Steven's Pink State is uncontrollable but vastly enhanced shape-shifting which includes size-manipulation (up to the high-end of Large Size Type 0 or the low-end of Type 1 while still in human form). This size shifting seems to respond to both his conscious and subconscious self-perception and his psychological state. In Pink State, any and all major changes in his self-perception seem to result in alterations to his physical form. At its furthest extreme, this ability caused him to become Monster Steven, transforming into a monstrous Gem-Kaiju with fluctuating Large Size ranging from Type 1 to Type 2 due to him entering Berserk Mode after perceiving himself as a "monster."
    • Monster State: Due to all of his emotional grief, PTSD, and sense of purposelessness, Steven viewed himself as a monster and therefore transformed into one. In this state, he became a semi-rabid animal and much more powerful than before. He was able to quickly defeat Alexandrite, completely resist the powers of all three Diamonds, break free of Lapiz' water chains, and even overpower The Cluster. However, once all of the Crystal Gems, the Diamonds, Spinel, The Cluster, Greg, and Connie all got through to him through their words and love, this managed to snap Steven out of this state and turn him back to normal.

Key: Season 1 | Season 2-3 | Season 4-5 | Pink Steven | Movie/Future


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