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Stella is a supporting character and antagonist from Izuna 2: The Unemployed Ninja Returns. She's the foreign Goddess of the Stars, and Alte’s twin. Despite her cute appearance and gentle smile, she’s very spoiled and loves playing mean pranks on others. She plays dirty, using anything at her disposal to get what she wants.

Powers and Stats

Tier: At least 7-C, higher as EX, even higher as Shooting Star

Name: Stella, Charming Light, Goddess of the Stars, Stella (EX), Shooting Star

Origin: Izuna: Legend of the Unemployed Ninja

Gender: Female

Age: Several hundred of years; 10 appearance-wise

Classification: God

Powers and Abilities: Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Illusion Creation, Transformation, Statistics Amplification (especially speed), Energy Manipulation, Teleportation, Very proficient in CQC, Enhanced Senses, Regeneration (Mid-Low), Can harm intangible and divine beings, Very resistant to Mind Control, Corruption, Curses, Poison and BFR (unaffected by Yami-Uchi), Immortality (Type 1), Possibly 4th Wall Awareness and Fictional world acknowledgment

Attack Potency: At least Town level (Scales to Izuna and Abyss), higher as EX, even higher as Shooting Star

Speed: Likely Superhuman running speed, Possibly Subsonic with Stat Amp, Subsonic+ combat/reaction speed (She can dodge arrows shot from right in front of her by jumping a few meters aside), higher attack speed

Lifting Strength: Peak Human

Striking Strength: At least Town Class, higher as EX, even higher as Shooting Star

Durability: At least Town level, higher as EX, even higher as Shooting Star

Stamina: Vastly Superhuman, likely higher than Izuna due to being a God (She can keep fighting even after getting severely beat up, or having her stamina drained)

Range: Standard melee range

Standard Equipment: None

Intelligence: Despite her looks, Stella is extremely mischievous, using any dirty trick at her disposal to come on top. She’s also a very capable fighter

Weaknesses: Without Alte, she isn’t as strong

Note: Stella canonically always stays and fights with Alte, and cannot reach her full potential without him.


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