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Pokémon are able to inflict a variety of status effects on their foes. In this case, Butterfree is paralyzing its foe with Stun Spore


Status Effect is a broad term that refers to the any number of ways one is able to hinder their opponents by inflicting a variety of ailments. This is a feature most commonly seen in video games, providing additional options by generating utility outside of sheer damage.


Some examples of status ailments include (but are not limited to):

  • Cursing: Curses the opponent to impair them in a wide variety of ways (i.e. lowering parameters, sealing certain abilities e.t.c.).
  • Flash Freezing: The ability to quickly freeze one's target solid to prevent their movement and retaliation.
  • Mind Manipulation: The ability to invade and wreak havoc on their opponent's thoughts to inflict a variety of ailments, such as charming one's opponent to end their resistance, confusing them so that they attack everything in sight indiscriminately, or terrifying them into submission.
    • Emotional State Changing: A more direct version of the above ability. This will allow the user to manipulate the enemy's emotional state, thereby making them infatuated, happy, angry or sad. This can be used to control the enemy, render them immobile or make them a non-threat.
  • Paralysis: The ability to prevent one's opponent from coordinating their movements or stopping their movements completely.
  • Petrification: Turning the target to restrain their movements if not outright kill them.
  • Poison Manipulation: The ability to poison one's target as a means of slowly or rapidly killing them.
  • Sleep Inducement: The ability to forcibly put one's opponent to sleep or otherwise render them unconscious.
  • Statistics Reduction: Many characters are able to reduce their foes' strength, speed, intelligence, defenses, or other statistics and attributes in combat in order to gain an advantage in a fight.
  • Time Manipulation: The ability to stop or slow time around one's foes to restrain them.
  • Transmutation: Converting the target into something else (i.e. a common toad) to render them powerless.


Some examples of users include: