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Insert a landscape picture that represents the location, preferably in its entirety, or an iconic shot in lack of a better option. Standard size is 400px aligned to the center.

If the best available image is vertical, its width should usually be around 365px, and the alignment should be to the right. However, it tends to depend from case to case what image size that is possible to fit to the right of the text in the page, and what turns too large or too small in comparison with the rest of the page contents, so you should test what works in that regard.

If the best available image is horizontal, which is the preferred option, it should have maximum size of 650px, and you should also test which size that turns most fitting and least intrusive to the rest of the page contents.

If you wish, you can add a quote related to the location whose profile you are creating.


A brief explanation and info summary of the location and its history, geography, etc.


Tier: (Optional) Current Tier of the location. Only applicable if the location is capable of attacking in some way and can properly be tiered.

Name: The name of the area

Origin: Self-explanatory, the series from which the location comes from.

Classification: Nature of the location, etc.

Location: Address of the location, as precisely as possible.

Size: The dimensions or area of the location, either rough or precise.

Environment: Climatic conditions of the location.

  • Resources: The materials present in the location.

Passive Effects: The effects that a location may be able to induce on its inhabitants.

Powers and Abilities: (Optional) A list of the location's general abilities, only applicable if the location itself presents them in a way similar to how a character would. For the sake of a shorter format, Passive Effects can be listed as part of a location's Powers and Abilities, in its own tabber.

Attack Potency: (Optional) The location's attack power or destructive capacity, if applicable (in bold; add any explanations using brackets, not in bold).

Speed: (Optional) It is generally "Combat Speed" (in bold).

Lifting Strength: (Optional) The weight the location can lift/move, usually expressed in tons, if applicable. (in bold).

Striking Strength: (Optional) The attack power of the location's physical attacks/blows, if applicable (in bold).

Durability: (Optional) The amount of attack power parts of the location can withstand before being seriously damaged, if applicable (in bold). Do not include this section unless the location has shown durability beyond what would typically be expected of the structures it's composed of, and specify if only certain parts of it reach this noteworthy level of durability.

Stamina: (Optional) Self-explanatory, if applicable.

Range: (Optional) The distance the location's attacks/abilities can cover.

Notable Features:

  • Inhabitants: Particularly noteworthy residents of the Location, typically civilization and races.
  • Areas: Particularly noteworthy areas within this location, can be biomes, buildings, or more.
  • Objects: Particularly noteworthy objects within this location, can be weapons, valuables or more.

Standard Equipment: (Optional) Objects a location is can be expected to have on hand at any given time. Not to be confused with "Notable Features", especially its "Objects" category, a location's standard equipment, if applicable, should only be what it is capable of directly "using" in some ways.

  • Optional Equipment:
  • Can Create/Summon:

Intelligence: (Optional) Self-explanatory, if applicable.

Standard Tactics: (Optional) The usual behaviour exhibited by the location during battles, if applicable.

Weaknesses: (Optional) Self-explanatory.

Feats:(Optional) List the location's feats of various sorts.

Notable Attacks/Techniques: (Optional) A list of some abilities the location generally uses.

Key: (Optional) For locations who have transformation stages/power-ups or who become stronger through certain points of the story, insert those transformations/power-ups/timelines here in bold.

Notes: Self-explanatory; Additional information about the location that may be relevant.


If you wish, you can add a gallery containing pictures related to the location, its biomes, civilizations, landmarks, etc.


For location profiles, always insert the category "Locations", as well as one with the name of the related franchise here.

For example, the most important categories in the Danger Room's page are "Locations" and "Marvel Comics".


In order to avoid repetition, the wiki enforces the following standards to location profiles:

  • Locations deemed too mundane and similar to real world locations will likely be deleted on a case-by-case basis.
  • Locations with extremely inconsistent structures with no canonical reasoning are not allowed.
  • Locations that are already covered by another profile are subject to heavy scrutiny in regards to their necessity.
  • If a location grants an extreme advantage to one side or another, a balanced alternative should be discussed in the relevant versus thread. Otherwise, the match will not be listed on any profiles.
    • Matches will also not be added if the location "wins", i.e., achieves win conditions through its effects on both the opponent, as it is then a mismatch.
  • Please refrain from creating profiles for real world locations, as most of them are very mundane and unremarkable.
  • If a location is indexed as being capable of combat, then matches featuring it as a battlefield for a fight should not be added to profiles, as it would be far too likely to interfere with the fight.


Other Standard Formats

Further Information


Discussion threads involving Standard Format for Location Profiles