Insert a Picture that represents the Civilization, preferably a banner or flag, or their Capital, or an Iconic Image in lack of a better option. Standard size is 400px aligned to the right

If you wish, you can add a quote related to the civilization whose profile you are creating


A brief explanation and info summary of the Civilization and its history, structure, etc.

Powers and Stats

Tier: The Civilization’s overall level on the Tiering System

Civilization Type: The Civilization’s overall level on the new "Civilization Tiering System"

Name: The Name of the Civilization

Origin: Self-explanatory, the series from which the Civilization comes from

Classification: Nature of the Civilization, its Government Type, etc.

Kardashev Level: The Civilization’s level in the Kardashev Scale

Age: The Civilization’s age / How long it has last, or lasted

Population: The Civilization’s population in numbers, either rough or precise

Territory: The Civilization’s territory in numbers, either rough or precise

Technology/Abilities: The achievements of a Civilization, technologically or otherwise, or abilities they physically possess

Attack Potency: The Civilization’s overall destructive power, preferably subdivided into each notable weapon

Power Source: The means with which the Civilization obtains the energy to sustain its technologies

Industrial Capacity: Rate / Capability in which the Civilization can produce its technologies and resources, typically for war

Military Prowess: The number of soldiers, weapons, warmachines, ships, etc. which the Civilization can employ in conflict

Notable Individuals: Particularly noteworthy members of the Civilization, typically its leaders

Weaknesses: Weaknesses / Disadvantages of the Civilization and its technology as a whole


If you wish, you can add a gallery containing pictures related to the civilization, its weapons, armies, leaders, etc.


In addition to the ones listed in the Standard Format for Character Profiles page, you should always add the Civilizations category to these pages.

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