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Stamina is an attribute that allows a certain character to remain active, exert itself to prolonged periods of time, and recover from ordeals.

Take note that we have no set categories for describing this attribute, and it is very hard to gauge properly, so you should preferably rather describe the stated or displayed extent for a certain character.

For example: "Thor once fought an army of frost giants for 9 months without tiring."

Avoid using standardized words or phrases (such as "High" or "Very High") on their own to describe stamina levels without further explanation, as it is an extremely wide field that contains numerous aspects that are not possible to properly equate to each other, for example pain resilience, endurance, and recovery time. It is strongly recommended to explain and elaborate on the feats that the characters have displayed in this area instead.

Infinite stamina should only apply to characters that can use their abilities any number of times without exhaustion.

Also, please note that characters that are mechanical or undead should not automatically be assumed to possess infinite stamina, unless this trait has been clearly defined within the series or by the lore.

Stamina, encompassing endurance and tolerance, is a factor that heavily depends on one's own body, the way it stores and burns energy and how it reacts to external stimuli, fatigue, stress and more. This usually is the product of a specific training, lifestyle and physiology, featuring differences even among the members of the same species, and thus it heavily depends on the conformation of a single individual. On top of that, it is often related to willpower and determination, making it even more unique. For this reason it is recommended to not scale stamina between characters that are comparable or superior to each other in terms of statistics such as Attack Potency, Durability etc. It should be allowed only when levels of stamina are explicitly defined as common and natural traits shared by members of the same species or group, or through direct statements and evidences of characters being comparable in such aspect.


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