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Michael renewing creation with God's mark.


This is a type of feat where a character's existence, energy, presence, or any given factor from them sustains a structure on any given scale. And through their sustenance, their statistics are subsequently tiered to being at the level of power that is relative to the given scale of the structure they sustain.

You can read more about this in the footnotes for our Tiering System page.

Possible Common Uses:

  • Stabilizing a building
  • Stabilizing a city
  • Stabilizing a mountain
  • Stabilizing a country
  • Stabilizing a planet
  • Stabilizing a star
  • Stabilizing a galaxy
  • Stabilizing a universe
  • Stabilizing a multiverse
  • Stabilizing the structure to survive assaults or destruction that threaten its existence

Stabilization Feat Rules

Before a character with a stability feat of sustaining a structure can have the feat accepted and applied to their statistics, it needs to meet the following criteria:

Requirement 1: Specify what exactly is being stabilized so that it is made clear what the character's sustainability is doing precisely.

Requirement 2: Prove that the stabilized structure is being directly sustained by the power of the character and not from the character's abilities, life force, existence, magical properties or any unknown connection that is independent of their statistics.

Requirement 3: Prove that the character's stabilization is comparable to the scale of the structure they are stabilizing. Preferably, it should be proven that the character's sustainability is comparable to the destruction of the structure to best show that their power rivals the destructive output of what would destroy the structure in the first place. Please keep in mind that this may vary depending on how the structure's destruction would occur. For example, if a character sustains the existence of a universe that would not be instantly or immediately destroyed when no longer supported, the power of their sustainability would not be comparable to destructive output that completely and immediately destroys a universe, and would not be sufficient enough to be given a 3-A or Low 2-C rating. However, their sustainability could be given either rating if the universe they sustain would be completely destroyed instantly or immediately without support.

Requirement 4: Prove that the power of the character's stabilization consistently scales to their regular statistics, similar to our standards for creation feats.

Possible Common Limitations:

  • The character's existence only sustains the structure.
  • The character's life force only sustains the structure.
  • The character and the structure are linked by a magical or unknown component.
  • The character's existence isn't required to stabilize the structure they are linked to.
  • The character sustains structures in ways that are different from keeping the structure in existence.
  • The character's sustenance isn't comparable to the entirety of the structure they are sustaining.
  • The character's sustenance isn't comparable to the destructive output of what would completely destroy the structure they are sustaining.
  • The character's regular statistics aren't consistently portrayed at the level of what they sustain.


Stabilization feats can vary significantly across fiction, depending on how the character's stabilization is treated and depicted in their respective series. Due to that, there are possible circumstances where stabilization is done independently from the given character's statistics. Down below are examples of which feats are viable examples, and which aren't.

Viable Examples:

Unviable Examples:

  • King Arthur (Legend of the Sword) due to Vortigern's magical properties.
  • Moon Spirit (Avatar: The Last Airbender) for the moon's existence being unaffiliated with Tui's death.
  • Piccolo, Kami, Shin and Beerus (Dragon Ball).
    • Piccolo and Kami are linked to each other, needing one to live for the other to live, despite Kami being not as powerful as Piccolo.
    • Beerus and Shin are linked to each other, needing one to live for the other to live, despite Shin being not as powerful as Beerus.
  • Jinchuriki and Tailed Beasts (Naruto) for one sustaining the life of the other, despite Tailed Beasts normally exceeding the power of their holders significantly.