What is a Spite Thread?

A spite thread is a type of Versus Thread in which two or more characters of vastly different Power are put against each other. A Spite Thread is made in order to humiliate one of the characters by making them lose without standing a chance or to enrage the fans of the character. They are different from stomp threads, as the one who created a spite thread did so with bad intentions, while stomp threads are created by accident.

Since Spite and Stomp Threads are unnecessary and will just breed bad blood in the community they are generally prohibited.

Difference between a Stomp Thread and a Spite Thread

Stomp Thread

  • Mostly made by new users.
  • It may be done by accident.
  • The creator may not know the powers of the characters.

Spite Thread

  • Mostly made by regular users.
  • It´s done on purpose.
  • The creator knows the powers of the characters.


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