Speed is simply how fast a character can move in a given amount of time. There are five types of speed used for VS purposes: Attack Speed, Combat Speed, Reaction Speed, Travel Speed, and Flight Speed. The term "Speed" normally refers to Combat Speed.

Attack Speed

The speed at which an attack moves. For example, X character is hypersonic, but he can do an attack that is a natural beam of light, the speed for the attack is different from the speed of the user, hence the attack would be lightspeed even if its user isn't.

Combat Speed

The speed at which a character can fight.

Reaction Speed

Reaction speed is the speed at which a character can react to an event or action. This usually only grants a short movement upon reaction, whereas several movements at the same speed switch it to combat speed.

For example, let's say that character A shoots at character B with a gun and character B dodges. That is reaction speed. Keep in mind, sometimes a person aim dodges and it is not as good of a feat.

As another example, let's say that character A uses a minigun on character B, but the minigun takes a second or two to charge up and Character B sees this. If Character B dodges it is considered aim dodging since he/she knew that the attack was going to happen.

Reaction speed is reacting to an attack that you don't know is going to happen, or at a very close range. The reaction speed of a character also tends to be higher than its movement speed.

Travel Speed

The speed at which a character or object can move by running, or through similar means that do not involve flight or teleportation.

Flight Speed

The speed at which a character or object flies a certain distance, like going from the earth to the sun for example.

High flight speed logically requires similar reaction speed in order to manoeuvre when approaching different objects.

However, certain franchises, such as Marvel Comics (and DC Comics or Image Comics, which follow the same conventions), make a great distinction between regular movement speed and flight speed.

As such, we have generally assumed that the characters' regular reaction or combat speeds are roughly equivalent to their flight speeds unless this is clearly contradicted.


You can use this calculator to convert from one speed unit to another.

Speed Levels

m/s Mach SoL km/h mph
Immobile 0 0 0% 0 0
Below Average Human 0 - 5 0 - 0.0145773 0% - 1.6678e-6% 0-18 0 - 11.1847
Normal Human 5 - 7.7 0.0145773 - 0.022449 1.6678e-6% - 2.5684e-6% 18 - 27.72 11.1847 - 17.2244
Athletic Human 7.7 - 10.03 0.022449 - 0.029241983 2.5684e-6% - 3.34565e-6% 27.72 - 37.08 17.2244 - 22.436471
Peak Human 10.03 - 12.43 0.029241983 - 0.036239067 3.34565e-6% - 4.1462e-6% 37.08 - 44.748 22.436471 - 27.805118
Superhuman 12.43 - 34.3 0.036239067 - 0.1 4.1462e-6% - 1.14412e-5% 44.748 - 123.48 27.805118 - 76.7269
Subsonic (Faster than the Eye) 34.3 - 171.5 0.1-0.5 1.14412e-5% - 5.720624e-5% 123.48 - 617.4 76.7269 - 383.635
Subsonic+ 171.5 - 308.7 0.5-0.9 5.720624e-5% - 0.00010297124% 617.4 - 1110.6 383.635 - 690.542
Transonic 308.7 - 377.3 0.9-1.1 0.00010297124% - 0.000125854% 1110.6 - 1358.28 690.542 - 843.996
Supersonic 377.3 - 857.5 1.1-2.5 0.000125854% - 0.000286031% 1358.28 - 3087 843.996 - 1918.17
Supersonic+ 857.5 - 1715 2.5-5 0.000286031% - 0.000572062% 3087 - 6174 1918.17 - 3836.35
Hypersonic 1715 - 3430 5-10 0.000572062% - 0.00114412% 6174 - 12348 3836.35 - 7672.69
Hypersonic+ 3430 - 8575 10-25 0.00114412% - 0.002860312% 12348 - 30870 7672.69 - 19181.7
High Hypersonic 8575 - 17150 25-50 0.002860312% - 0.005720624% 30870 - 61740 19181.7 - 38363.5
High Hypersonic+ 17150 - 34300 50-100 0.005720624% - 0.01144125% 61740 - 123480 38363.5 - 76726.9
Massively Hypersonic 34300 - 343000 100-1000 0.01144125% - 0.11441248% 123480 - 1.235e+6 76726.9 - 767269
Massively Hypersonic+ 343000 - 2997925 1000-8810.2 0.11441248% - 1% 1.235e+6 - 1.0793e+7 767269 - 6706166
Sub-Relativistic 2997925 - 14989621.4 8810.2 - 43701.52 1%-5% 1.0793e+7 - 5.3963e+7 6706166 - 3.3531e+7
Sub-Relativistic+ 14989621.4 - 1.499e+7 43701.52 - 87403 5%-10% 5.3963e+7 - 1.079e+8 3.3531e+7 - 6.706e+7
Relativistic 1.499e+7 - 1.499e+8 87403 - 437015 10%-50% 1.079e+8 - 5.396e+8 6.706e+7 - 3.353e+8
Relativistic+ 1.499e+8 - 299792458 437015 - 874030 50%-100% 5.396e+8 - 1.079e+9 3.353e+8 - 6.706e+8
Speed of Light 299792458 874030 100% 1.079e+9 6.706e+8
FTL 299792458 - 2.998e+9 874030 - 8.74e+6 1x - 10x 1.079e+9 - 1.079e+10 6.706e+8 - 6.706e+9
FTL+ 2.998e+9 - 2.998e+10 8.74e+6 - 8.74e+7 10x - 100x 1.079e+10 - 1.079e+11 6.706e+9 - 6.706e+10
Massively FTL 2.998e+10 - 2.998e+11 8.74e+7 - 8.74e+8 100x - 1000x 1.079e+11 - 1.079e+12 6.706e+10 - 6.706e+11
Massively FTL+ 2.998e+11+ 8.74e+8+ 1000x+ 1.079e+12+ 6.706e+11+

Infinite Speed (Able to travel anywhere instantly, or move an infinite distance within a finite amount of time. Teleportation does not count. For further information, see notes 4 and 5 below.)

Immeasurable (Movement beyond linear time. This is why the speed cannot be measured. Given that S = D/T, if T is undefined the speed formula cannot be applied. This is the same reason why multiple temporal dimensions also grant immeasurable speed. For further information, see note 6 below.)

Irrelevant (Characters beyond, and qualitatively superior to, the concepts of dimensions of time and space themselves. Meaning: Tier 1-A and above.)


Omnipresent (This is technically a state of being, rather than a speed, but has consequences for combat similar to that of a speed statistic. For practical comparisons, each case requires more detailed consideration.)


Note 1:

The speed tiers used have intersecting limits, and this may be confusing to some members. The divisions are made based on Exclusive Form grouping, in which the true lower limit is the given lower limit and the true upper limit is just short of the given upper limit.


1) Mach 10 is Hypersonic+, not Hypersonic.

2) Mach 100 is Massively Hypersonic, not High Hypersonic+.

Note 2:

Kindly note that MFTL+ is a very broad category which starts from 1000x Speed of Light up to infinity. As such, MFTL+ characters need not be even remotely on a similar level of speed. In fact, the difference may be as great as the magnitude of difference between MFTL and regular human level.

In conclusion, one MFTL+ character can speed blitz another MFTL+ character, and assuming otherwise without a logical reason is fallacious.

Note 3:

While Omnipresence is, strictly speaking, not speed, it is listed as a speed statistic due to behaving in combat similarly to how normal speed would. For example, a being that is omnipresent within 3-D space would win every race against an opponent with normal speed, due to already being at the goal by the time the race starts. In addition, an attack from an omnipresent being is unavoidable with normal speed due to the attack being in every location in the universe at once.

A being that is not only omnipresent throughout space, but also time, would also be able to react to every attack from a being with normal speed before the opponent would even begin to throw the attack. This is the case because such a being would exist throughout all of time, experiencing past, presence and future at once while not being bound to the normal flow of time.

Omnipresence must be specified in conjunction with the scale. Because omnipresence within a single 3+1-D universe (aka a regular 4-D space-time continuum) does not mean anything to regular life forms in higher dimensions of time and space (which might be larger and more complex than this universe).

A character that is omnipresent within a certain space is not necessarily swifter than all non-omnipresent beings. In addition, if a certain character is omnipresent on a universal scale, it is not a relevant advantage during a match-up against a character that can destroy universes.

Note 4:

Timeless Voids, i.e. areas within a setting that lack time or exist outside of the flow of time, cannot be used to grant Infinite speed. One might be tempted to apply Speed = Distance/Time and say that time equals 0 in this situation, thus moving through this type of void should result in Infinite speed. However, in a Timeless Void, time does not exist, making Time = Not Applicable.

So in short, Time = Nonexistent or Not Applicable and Distance/Time = Undefined and cannot be determined under these conditions.

Note 5:

Time Stop does not grant a user infinite speed, nor does otherwise slowing down time increase somebody's speed rating. These abilities decrease the speed of others instead, while leaving the user's speed the same, and should as such be listed in the powers & abilities sections instead. The extent to which time is slowed down should also be stated, if possible.

Abilities that accelerate a user's time to make them faster can be mentioned as a rating in the Speed section of the relevant profile, as these abilities increase a user's speed relative to everyone else. However, they should be mentioned separate to their non-amplified speed. For example: Normal Human, FTL via time acceleration.

One should consider that a user of such an ability might not have time accelerated to the maximum extent at all times when scaling them to other characters.

Note 6:

Being able to casually roam around freely across linear time qualifies for immeasurable speed. However, traveling to different time periods through movement is a common feat in fiction that often leads to inconsistencies and has been done via FTL travel or running laps around the earth faster than it rotates. This can lead to characters being assigned an additional, independent, speed rating for the ability. This should preferably be evaluated case by case.

The difference between infinite and immeasurable is that the former can go everywhere instantly, whereas the latter can go everywhere and everywhen faster than instantly.

Furthermore, speed isn't defined by any number of spatial dimensions but simply distance over time. Meaning that it is possible for 1-dimensional characters to be faster than those who cover many dimensions. And the distance between two timelines is defined as the 5th dimension (Or a 4th spatial dimension) that separates two or more universes. Said distance is often unknown as it could be anywhere between much smaller than the Universal radius and infinite. But such details are only known to those who can travel through additional spatial dimensions. For that reason, crossing Universes is unquantifiable for speed unless details are specifically stated.

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