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Spaceflight - the use of space technology to fly a spacecraft into and through outer space. Ways of doing this include:

  • Human spaceflight
  • Interplanetary spaceflight
  • Interstellar travel
  • Intergalactic travel

You can also move in space through the magic that can be used as a one of the above principles and to work in a completely different laws.


  • Limited spaceflight - moving within the Earth orbit. For such a trip does not need any special equipment or vessels, just need to overcome the attraction of the earth.
  • Spaceflight by other space objects - used for moving meteors, asteroids, comets, or even whole planets. The disadvantage is the limited mobility of this "spacecraft" and the lack of protection from unfavorable external environment.
  • Spaceflight with the help of special devices - used to move various technical devices or specialized artifacts. Usually they are limited by the speed / range, and in addition, in some cases protection against unfavorable external environment has to provide separately.
  • Moving due to manipulation of the physical laws and constants - this includes both travel by manipulating gravity and movement through various portals. The disadvantage is that the protection from unfavorable environment is necessary to provide separately. Besides often first have to go to the near-Earth space, and only then you can move using the portal or the sub-space distortion.
  • Moving due to size - characters whose scale reaches of the planet or star, can travel in space at the expense of ordinary movements.