Sandman from folklore is able to put people to sleep.


Sleep Manipulation is the ability to manipulate and control aspects of sleep. Users are typically able to put others or themselves to sleep. Along with manipulating sleep patterns, sleeping abilities or one's subconscious state while they're asleep. Under certain applications, Sleep Manipulation can easily be an incapacitating technique and in some cases negate conventional durability.

Possible Uses:

  • Sleep Inducement: Making an opponent fall asleep against their will. Some users do this through spells, poisons or other methods. Through doing this, one is able to prevent an opponent from taking action. Along with making them vastly more vulnerable towards attacks, since they have no guard or ability to react.
  • Insomnia Inducement: The exact opposite of above, Insomnia Inducement takes away one's ability to go to sleep. This can greatly weaken and eventually kill life forms that require sleep.
  • Self Sleep Inducement: Causes the person to put themselves to sleep. Many users will do this in order to immediately fall asleep, or take advantage of sleeping in order to replenish their health and energy.
  • Prolonged Sleep: Increases the duration of one's sleeping period, often times incapacitating the person for extended periods of time.
  • Subconscious Effect: Many forms of Sleep Manipulation also coincide with Dream Manipulation, where users are able to control what goes on within an opponents mind as they're sleeping.
  • Complete Dormancy: The ultimate form of Sleep Inducement. This ability can put any life form to sleep, regardless if they need to or are capable of sleeping. Along with putting non-organic machines or even inanimate objects in a state of inactivity that can vaguely be referred to as "sleep."


  • Susceptible to not work on those with a resistance towards sleep based attacks.
  • Some users may have a limitation on how long they can put someone asleep for.
  • If a user puts themselves to sleep, they may not be able to wake themselves back up at will.
  • Lesser users may not be able to make an opponent sleep if they don't need to or are incapable of sleeping.
  • Certain forms can be limited on how often they can put someone to sleep at a time.


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