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Skylanders is a toys-to-life video game series published by Activision. In the game, the Skylanders have been sent to Earth as toys after an unfortunate run-in with the villainous Portal Master, Kaos. Players take on the role of Portal Masters to return the Skylanders to Skylands, and do battle with the forces of evil that plague the magical world.

Powers of the Verse

Skylanders is a fairly powerful verse, with even the weakest Skylanders being Large Town level and Massively Hypersonic+ to Relativistic+, with a few being able to achieve Lightspeed in short bursts, while characters such as the Trap Team and the Giants in the Small Island to Island range. Several Skylanders have access to Dark and Legendary forms, which make them more powerful, and a select few have SuperCharged forms that make them even more so. The villains are quite powerful as well, with the recurring villain Kaos having weaponry ranging from Island to Multi-Continent level in power. The Highest this verse gets is Universe level, with the likes of The Darkness and the superchargers.

The verse also has a decent amount of hax, including Space-Time Manipulation, Matter Manipulation, Intangibility, Mind Manipulation, Dream Manipulation, and Soul Manipulation.






Magic Element

Spyro Skylanders Profile Double Trouble Profile Wrecking Ball Profile Voodood Profile

Pop Fizz Profile Star Strike Profile Dune Bug Profile Deja Vu Profile

Cobra Cadabra Profile Ninjini Profile Hoot Loop Profile Trap Shadow Profile

Blastermind Profile Enigma Profile Splat Profile Mysticat Profile

Buckshot Promo Pain-Yatta Profile 2

Tech Element

Trigger Happy Profile Drobot Profile Drill Sergeant Profile Boomer Profile

Sprocket Profile Countdown Profile Wind-Up Profile Chopper Profile

Tread Head Profile Bouncer Profile Magna Charge Profile Spy Rise Profile

Jawbreaker Profile Gearshift Profile High-Volt Profile Chain Reaction Profile

Ro-Bow Profile Wrath of Cortex Dr. Krankcase Profile

Life Element

Stealth Elf Profile Stump Smash Profile Zook Profile Camo Profile

Shroomboom Profile Zoo Lou Profile Bumble Blast Profile Food Fight Profile

High Five Profile Tree Rex Profile Stink Bomb Profile Grilla Drilla Profile

Bushwhack Profile Tuff Luck Profile Thrillipede Profile Ambush Profile

Boom Bloom Profile CrashBacks Chompy Mage Profile

Water Element

Gill Grunt Profile Zap Profile Slam Bam Profile Wham-Shell Profile

Chill Profile Rip Tide Profile Punk Shock Profile Flip Wreck Profile

Echo Profile Thumpback Profile Wash Buckler Profile Freeze Blade Profile

Snap Shot Profile Lob-Star Profile Dive-Clops Profile King Pen Profile

Tidepool Profile Grave Clobber Profile The Gulper Profile

Fire Element

Eruptor Profile Flameslinger Profile Ignitor Profile Sunburn Profile

Hot Dog Profile Fryno Profile Smolderdash Profile Torch Profile

Trail Blazer Hot Head Profile Blast Zone Profile Fire Kraken Profile

Wildfire Profile Ka-Boom Profile Spitfire Profile Ember Profile

Flare Wolf Profile Tae Kwon Crow Profile Chef Pepper Jack Profile

Earth Element

Terrafin Profile Prism Break Profile Bash Profile Dino-Rang Profile

Flashwing Profile Slobber Tooth Profile Scorp Profile Fist Bump Profile

Rocky Roll Profile Crusher Profile Rubble Rouser Profile Doom Stone Profile

Wallop Profile Head Rush Profile Smash Hit Profile Barbella Profile

Tri-Tip Profile Golden Queen Profile

Air Element

Whirlwind Profile Sonic Boom Profile Lightning Rod Profile Warnado Profile

Jet-Vac Profile Pop Thorn Profile Scratch Profile Blades Profile

Fling Kong Profile Swarm Profile Free Ranger Profile Boom Jet Profile

Gusto Profile Thunderbolt Profile Stormblade Profile Air Strike Profile

Wild Storm Profile Bad Juju Profile Dreamcatcher Profile

Undead Element

Chop Chop Profile Cynder Profile Hex Profile Ghost Roster Profile

Fright Rider Profile Roller Brawl Profile Grim Creeper Profile Funny Bone Profile

Bat Spin Profile Eye-Brawl Profile Night Shift Profile Rattle Shake Profile

Krypt King Profile Short Cut Profile Fiesta Profile Chopscotch Profile

Pit Boss Profile Wolfgang Profile

Light Element

Spotlight Profile Knight Light Profile Astroblast Profile Luminous Profile

Aurora Profile Blaster Tron Profile

Dark Element

Blackout Profile Knight Mare Profile Nightfall Profile Nightshade Profile

Starcast Profile Hood Sickle Profile


Master Eon Profile Kaos Profile Captain Frightbeard Profile Count Moneybone Profile

Sheep Mage Profile Malefor Profile Kaos Mom Profile Mesmeralda Profile

Fire Viper Profile Imaginator Profile Doomlanders Profile Strykore Profile

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