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Miss Martian (Young Justice) shapeshifts into another form.


Shapeshifting is the power to transform and reshape the form of one's body. Users are often called shape-shifters or metamorphs. The user can change their form, transforming and reshaping their genetic and cellular structure. They can impersonate others or enhance one's body for combat. Users with particularly flexible abilities can manipulate their form at will, combining abilities, traits, etc., being able to form limbs into weapons and such.

For limited shapeshifting, see the Transformation page instead.

Possible Uses

  • Partial change of appearance - Allows the user to copy features of other people, or simply change their age (i.e. to become outwardly younger or older). Usually limited to complexion and features of the organism (e.g. a thin person cannot gain the mass required to impersonate a healthy person).
  • Complete change of appearance - Allows the user to completely transform into another person, even change their biological age (not simply appearing old or a child-like, but actually getting younger or older). In this case, not only the facial features are impersonated, but the body is as well. For example, an ordinary high school student impersonating a bodybuilder would obtain real muscles.
  • Partial transformation - Allows the user to change their body parts or organs, making them not human. For example, the user can transform their hands into swords or transform their skin into steel.
  • Complete transformation - Allows the user to completely transform into the other (non-human) being. For example, werewolves (transforming into a beast) and vampires (turning into a bat).
  • Partial conversion - Allows the user to partially convert their body. For example, reduce in size or in some way alter the structure of tissues (making them stronger, or more elastic).
  • Full conversion - Allows the user to completely transform their body, changing its shape, structure and material composition. For example, the user can turn into a creature of sand or stone. In advanced cases, user can convert the body into energy, which provides protection from physical impacts, as well as a certain degree of intangibility.
  • Ideal transformation - Unlimited and absolute change to the physical form. A character with this ability can easily turn into a human, or into a rock, or into a wind, or even into in celestial objects.


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