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The Sectopod is a robotic combat unit used by ADVENT. The Sectopod is fearsome foe most likely used as a last resort to deal with the strongest enemies. Sectopods are usually followed by ADVENT Troopers, Stun Lancers or Shieldbearers.

Powers and Stats

Tier: 8-C with Sectopod Blaster. Unknown with Wrath Cannon. At least 9-A Physically (can casually walk through UFO's that can endure Small Building level attacks). 9-A with Lightning Field.

Name: Sectopod (Post Invasion)

Origin: X.C.O.M

Gender: Genderless

Age: Unknown

Classification: Bipedal Robot, Weapons Platform

Powers and Abilities: High Stance, Lightning Field, Wraith Cannon, Overwatch [1]

Attack Potency: Building level with Sectopod Blaster. Unknown with Wrath Cannon. At least Small Building level physically. Small Building level with Lightning Field.

Speed: Normal Human travel speed with Hypersonic reactions

Lifting Strength: Unknown

Striking Strength: Small Building Class

Durability: At least City Block level (More durable than an Avatar)

Stamina: Peak Human (More mobile than an XCOM rookie)

Range: About 2-3 meters with the lightning field attack, about a dozen meters with the Wraith Cannon, at least dozens of meters with the Sectopod Blaster.

Standard Equipment: Wrath Cannon, Sectopod Blaster, Armor Plating

Intelligence: Is skilled in battle tactics. (Is strategic when deciding on who to attack first. If the Sectopod is near death, or feels outnumbered/outgunned, it may retreat to an allied position to regroup.)

Weaknesses: Armor piercing rounds can ignore the Sectopod’s armor, although difficult, it can be shutdown/controlled temporarily via hacking (Has to be hacked whilst next to the Sectopod). EMP ammo/EMP grenades make it more vulnerable to hacking. Explosives can permanently shred armor. Headshots have a higher chance to do critical damage.

Feats: Can walk through buildings/structures without taking any damage, immune to fire/poison/venom and psionic mind attacks. Gains defensive bonuses and increased aim when a hack fails on this unit.

Notable Attacks/Techniques:

  • Overwatch: Grants a reactionary shot if the enemy moves within the unit’s field of vision
  • High Stance: Allows the Sectopod to extend its height to two storeys high
  • Lightning Field: Can shock a nearby enemy in/out of cover (doesn’t work on floating targets) (takes a short time to re-use).
  • Wrath Cannon: Can charge up a powerful shot that can potentially finish of its target/s (does take time to charge up).

Note: This is different from the Sectopod seen in XCOM EU/EW.


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