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Jonathan Crane was abused by both peers and family alike as a child due to his unusually slender appearance. With this making him grow resentful to all around him, he soon developed an obsession with fear and phobias, getting revenge on everyone who ridiculed him through lethal frights. Once an adult, Jonathan becomes a psychologist for Arkham Asylum, where he performs fear-inducing experiments onto the inmates. Eventually he combines a scarecrow suit based off of an incident in his childhood with a special chemical gas he developed to become the criminal Scarecrow.

Powers and Stats

Tier: 8-C | At least 8-C | 4-B

Name: Jonathan Crane, Scarecrow

Origin: DC Comics

Gender: Male

Age: Unknown

Classification: Human supervillain

Powers and Abilities: Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Martial Arts, Fear Manipulation and Illusion Creation with fear toxin, Empathic Manipulation (Has a gas than can induce rage) | Same | Flight, Energy Manipulation, Forcefield Creation, Portal Creation, Invisibility, Intangibility, Mind Manipulation, Memory Manipulation, Regeneration (Mid-Low)

Attack Potency: Building level (Traded blows with Stephanie Brown, can somewhat contend with Batman) | At least Building level (Stronger than Batman to the point where the latter needed a special armor to match him) | Solar System level (His Yellow Power Ring is duplicated from that of Sinestro's)

Speed: Likely Massively Hypersonic | Massively Hypersonic | Massively FTL+

Lifting Strength: Unknown

Striking Strength: Building Class | At least Building Class | Likely Solar System Class

Durability: Building level (Regularly takes hits from Batman) | At least Building level (survived getting rammed by the Batplane, took attacks from an armor-enhanced Batman and was only temporarily blinded by one of his grenades) | Solar System level

Stamina: Superhuman | Very high | Very high

Range: Melee range, several meters with weapons

Standard Equipment: Fear toxin, which is transmitted through gas guns, straws, darts and a skull-shaped sprayer. He also has a knife, scythe and his mask that protects him from the effects of his own gas | None | Yellow Power Ring

Intelligence: Genius. Brilliant psychologist, psychiatrist and chemist. Skilled in "violent dancing", a martial arts style he invented which is based off of crane-style Kung Fu.

Weaknesses: Fear of bats, addicted to and obsessed with fear in general | None notable | Blue Lantern Rings, his ring must be recharged every 24 hours

Key: Scarecrow | Scarebeast | Yellow Lantern

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