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Gojo Satoru.png
I have a dream.[...]As they made clear with Yuji, the higher-ups are the scum of the Jujutsu world. Selfish idiots, bloodline idiots, proud idiots- Just plain idiots! I'm gonna reset... this crappy Jujutsu world! It'd be easy to kill everyone who's in charge. But someone else would just take their place. Nothing would change. And it's not as if people approve of massacres anyway... So that's why I'm turning to education. I need strong and intelligent allies. I need to foster them!
~ Satoru to Kiyotaka Ijichi

-Render-1 Satoru Gojo.png
Throughout heaven and earth... ...I alone am the honored one.
~ Satoru to Toji Fushiguro


Satoru Gojo is the world's strongest Sorcerer and a teacher at Tokyo Prefectural Jujutsu High School.

Born in one of the Three Great Families, the Gojo clan, his immense talent and power make him the last line of defense against Curses. He meets Yuji Itadori, the current host of Ryomen Sukuna, and becomes a mentor to him as part of a bid to throw off the Sorcerers' entrenched system.

Powers and Stats

Tier: At least High 7-C, likely far higher, far higher with "Purple" | Likely High 7-A, far higher with "Purple", even far higher with Black Flash

Name: Satoru Gojo

Origin: Jujutsu Kaisen

Gender: Male

Age: 28

Classification: Human, Sorcerer, "The strongest Sorcerer in the world", Supreme Grade Sorcerer

Powers and Abilities:

Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Curse Manipulation, Regeneration (Mid), Healing, Non-Physical Interaction (Can interact with Curses who are abstract manifestations born out of people's thoughts, mind and negative emotions), Flight, Skilled Hand-to-Hand Combatant, Enhanced Senses (Sorcerers can see Cursed Spirits that are invisible to the human eye), Energy Manipulation, Instinctive Reaction (Thanks to Six Eyes, he can subconsciously tune his Infinity shield and regeneration techniques as needed), Statistics Amplification (Sorcerers can amplify their physical power by flowing Cursed Energy through their bodies via negative emotions), Sleep Manipulation (Can put people to sleep with a touch), Telekinesis (Can induce an invisible force to crush targets), Forcefield Creation, Spatial Manipulation (Gojo can make himself untouchable in any way because he can create an infinite, invisible space between himself and the target. According to Satoru, this is the convergence of an infinite series and comes straight from the paradox of Achilles and the tortoise. Akin to the way Achilles will never catch the tortoise due to the potential, infinite amounts of finite space separating them or how the real number one will never touch the actual number two due to the infinite amount of fractions that separate them, the opponent will never touch Satoru due to the infinity between them. Therefore, to successfully hit Gojo, the target would need to physically cross a literal infinite distance first. Additionally, this ability is always active), Pocket Reality Manipulation & Homing Attack (Domain Expansions uses Cursed Energy to construct an Innate Domain with a Technique that spans the surrounding area. Additionally, the Techniques that have been granted in the Domain will always hit the opponent), Power Nullification (A Domain Expansion is capable of neutralizing all Techniques), Mind Manipulation, Perception Manipulation, Paralysis Inducement & Death Manipulation (Gojo's Domain, Unlimited Void, is a metaphysical territory that forces the targets to feel everything, suppressing their thought process and actions altogether. This phenomenon paralyzes the target with infinite knowledge, overloading the opponent's mind with never-ending information about anything and everything, causing the targets to die eventually. While Cursed Spirits can last within the Domain for a while, humans will not last long. Just 0.2 seconds within the Domain would take about two months of rehabilitation for any normal person once they're free), Teleportation (Shown here), Probability Manipulation, Physics Manipulation & Gravity Manipulation (Azure Glow is the byproduct of Gojo amplifying the Limitless and Negative numbers, causing impossible situations like Negative one apples to be born. Through the creation of these impossibilities, Gojo creates a scenario where the world itself is forced to attempt and correct itself and fill in the negative space, therefore, causing things to be pulled together at the spot of this impossibility resulting in attraction forces. With an inversion of Azure glow, Red Glow has the opposite effect. By using his reversal technique to invert the properties of Azure Glow, Satoru activates the divergence of his Infinity and, in turn, causes a Technique that attracts to become one which violently repels), Matter Manipulation (His abilities works on the atomic level), Attack Reflection (Can redirect forces to reflect attacks at other people), Invisibility (Can become invisible with a Curtain)

Soul Manipulation & Biological Manipulation (Experienced shamans have a natural flow of Cursed Energy that protects their soul from Mahito's spiritual and biological attacks), Heat Manipulation (Unaffected by Jogo's heat in his Domain), Power Nullification (Was still capable of using his Cursed Technique inside another Domain, which neutralizes all Techniques)

Attack Potency: At least Large Town level, likely far higher (Can fight Toji and he is considered a monster even in Toji's presence. His birth broke the balance in the world), far higher with "Purple" (One-Shot Toji) | Likely Large Mountain level+ (Kamo created a strategy to seal Gojo, because he could not defeat him. Even though he's sealed, Gojo's still apparently stronger than Kamo in Geto’s Body. His cursed energy is considered immeasurable even in comparison to characters like Jogo. He is able to win against Jogo and Hanami casually, overcoming the former's Domain Expansion with his own, and killing the latter with one attack. He has stated several times that he could fight with the whole Jujutsu Association. He is a supreme grade shaman, so he is much stronger than people like Nanami, Zenin family, Todo, Itadori, young Geto and anyone else below him in the hierarchy. Every Supreme Grade Sorcerer is capable to control the full cursed energy in their entire body simultaneously), far higher with "Purple", even far higher with Black Flash

Speed: At least Massively Hypersonic+ (Faster than Jogo. Caught Yuji and brought him to Jogo without him noticing. Could stay in combat with Toji Fushiguro)

Lifting Strength: At least Class 5 (Superior to Yuji, who could lift and throw a car and superior to Awasaka who withstand the weight of the Max Elephant)

Striking Strength: At least Large Town Class, likely far higher | Likely Large Mountain Class+, far higher with Black Flash

Durability: At least Large Town level, likely far higher (At least comparable to Geto) | Likely Large Mountain level+ (Much stronger than before. Able to take attacks from Miguel, who is able to fight against him); Infinity and regeneration makes him difficult to kill

Stamina: Very high (Satoru's Cursed Energy was said to be almost inexhaustible thanks to his Six-Eyes which helped him manage his energy expenditure efficiently)

Range: Standard melee range physically. Several kilometers with his Cursed Techniques and Sorcery

Standard Equipment: None notable

Intelligence: Gifted (Satoru is an extremely skilled fighter and experienced sorcerer who is regarded as the strongest Jujutsu sorcerer world-wide. He was also responsible for teaching and helping Yuji grow in fighting skills, curse manipulation, and personal development. Additionally, he is the first in a hundred years to wield both the Six-Eyes and the Limitless Cursed Technique)

Weaknesses: Satoru's ability is very destructive and has a wide range that is not suitable for use in crowded areas, as it is very likely to cause collateral damage and injure innocents. Satoru is the strongest sorcerer who is well known among all Cursed Technique users, which means that most of the enemies won't fight him head-on, and he is the top priority to be removed from the battlefield. His Infinity shield doesn't work inside a Domain Expansion.

Notable Attacks and Techniques:

  • Six-Eyes: the unique ocular feature found only in the Gojo clan, endows him with exceptional vision and awareness while also drastically reducing his curse energy consumption. Even when wearing a blindfold, he can see with amazing detail what is going on around him. Additionally, it endows him with incredible mental processing power, enabling him to subconsciously execute several Cursed Techniques simultaneously. Furthermore, he can relive three years of his past within his mind in a split second.
  • Limitless: The true nature of Satoru's Curse Technique, passed down through the Gojo Clan for generations. It manipulates space at the atomic level to produce "impossibilities" for various effects at his command. With his Six-Eyes, Satoru can utilize this technique to its fullest potential.
    • Infinity: The "neutral" form of the Limitless Technique. While active, any attack aimed at Gojo will instead strike the "infinity" between himself and his opponent, never reaching him due to the infinite amounts of virtual space produced between him and his opponents. Like the convergence of an infinite series, "number one" and "number two" can't reach due to the infinite number of fractions between them. Satoru can decide what can and can't interact with him based on the object's mass, speed, and inherent Cursed Energy.
    • Cursed Technique Lapse: Blue: Satoru uses the power of attraction to draw in everything around a point in the space of his choosing. He can move this point around himself to attract everything to that point.
    • Cursed Technique Reversal: Red: Satoru reverses the power of Blue, violently ejecting everything touching a void with the divergence of infinity with twice the strength of Blue.
    • Hollow Technique: Purple: Satoru combines Red and Blue, filling a void with imaginary mass to expunge everything along its path from existence.
  • Domain Expansion: Unlimited Void: Satoru expands a metaphysical territory to a particular size by utilizing an enormous amount of Cursed Energy. Inside, his opponent will experience all kinds of stimuli and exhaustive information, completely paralyzing them and eventually causing them to die. Any ordinary person within 0.2 seconds of the skill's scope and timeframe would be disabled for nearly two months; any longer than that would be fatal. Satoru estimates that for an average person, that 0.2-second span is roughly equal to half a year of the amount of information the brain receives. Moreover, like most Domain Expansions, it will provide a 100% hit rate and a tremendous boost to every user's cursed ability.
  • Curtain: It is a Technique that separates an area from the rest of space. Sorcerers mostly use curtains to hide their activities by rendering a specified location invisible to the outside, obscuring any action so that civilians do not witness the curses or Sorcerers.
  • Black Flash: A Technique that creates spatial distortion when a user connects with an impact of Cursed Energy within 0.000001 seconds of a physical hit. The phenomenon causes Cursed Energy to flash black, creating 2.5 times the normal attack power.
  • Showing One's Cards: A Binding Vow that increases the user's Cursed Energy in exchange for vocally divulging how their Cursed Technique functions.

Key: Young | 28 years old

Note: Even though it is stated several times that the Black Flash multiplies the attack by ^2.5, this is not consistent with the verse as several attacks would be Solar System Level. Many times several characters are able to resist a Black Flash, even if in theory the attack is ^2.5 stronger.


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