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Heh heh heh heh heh... all right. well, here's a better question. Do you wanna have a bad time? 'cause if you take another step forward... you are REALLY not going to like what happens next.
~ Sans warning Frisk on the Genocide Route


Sans is one of the guards of Snowdin Village. Lazy and frivolous with a knack for making puns and jokes, he has no interest in capturing humans, much to the chagrin of his brother, Papyrus. Despite his exceedingly laid-back attitude and status as "the easiest enemy", Sans has proven himself to be extremely observant and dangerous when pushed too far, becoming the final challenge Frisk faces on the Genocide Route and arguably the toughest opponent in the game.

Powers and Stats

Tier: 9-A

Name: Sans the Skeleton (never capitalized when spoken by himself)

Origin: Undertale

Gender: Male

Age: Unknown, (though Word of God confirms he is likely older than his brother)

Classification: Skeleton, Sentry, likely a scientist (hinted at through workshop), Professional Prankster

Powers and Abilities: Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Genius Intelligence, Energy Projection, Soul Manipulation, KARMA, Bone Manipulation, Intangible Attacks, Teleportation (Of himself, others, and his own attacks), Telekinesis, Gravity Manipulation, Able to lock his opponent in place so neither of them will be able to do anything (Sans essentially, in gameplay terms, never takes his turn, forcing his opponent to be locked in an unwinnable combat situation. This likely only works under the rules of Sans' own universe, which he exploited to do this), Glyph Creation, Clairvoyance, Danmaku, Resistance to Soul Manipulation (Like all monsters, he can defend against and take hits to his SOUL as if they were normal attacks)

Attack Potency: Small Building level physically (The weakest monster who can be faced in combat, even below Monster Kid in terms of raw strength. However, he is still roughly comparable to the lowest tier monsters), Can ignore Durability to an extent via SOUL Magic

Speed: Subsonic attack speed (Able to consistently tag Chara/Frisk), far higher reaction speed (Capable of consistently dodging Chara/Frisk to such a degree that they could never land a hit on Sans, even if they reset and knew exactly what he would do and where he would be, even if he was asleep. Only hit after his opponent broke the rules of the game to do so. Should be one of, if not the, fastest non-god tier characters in the game)

Lifting Strength: Unknown

Striking Strength: Unknown

Durability: Small Building level (Should be at least somewhat comparable to zero DETERMINATION Frisk, who could tank an oven overloading and emitting this much force without any damage whatsoever)

Stamina: Average, as he was able to repeatedly dodge blows from Chara/Frisk, though after a while, he showed obvious signs of tiring, such as sweating, heavier breathing, and eventually beginning to fall asleep. Despite this, he was still able to dodge after seeming to tire out

Range: At least dozens of meters via bone attacks, significantly higher via Gaster Blasters and teleportation to an unknown extent

Standard Equipment: Numerous bones and Gaster Blasters (strange, skull-headed cannons that fire lasers, likely named after W. D. Gaster)

Intelligence: Genius. While Sans is lazy, he's shown to be a genius, both in a tactical and scientific sense, if his workshop is any indication. He was shown to somehow run reports analyzing alternate timelines, as well as built what was likely some sort of time machine

Weaknesses: Incredibly lazy, Won't fight unless absolutely necessary (only fought in the genocide route, where he believes you to be a threat to all other timelines). Weak against murder intentions

Notable Attacks/Techniques:

  • Soul Manipulation: Blue Mode: Similar to his brother, Sans turns his opponent's soul blue, giving it "gravity" and allowing him to more easily hit his foes. However, Sans appears to have a far greater mastery of this ability than Papyrus, allowing him to effortlessly fling his foe around by manipulating their soul, or effectively 'changing gravity' and forcing them to move along the walls or ceiling.
  • Bone Attacks: Sans will send a massive amount of bones at his opponent, forcing them to think on their feet to dodge all of them. He will mix up his style, forcing his foes to jump through small gaps between bones, over pits full of dozens of bones, or even to rush along platforms so that they don't fall into a deadly trap composed of dozens upon dozens of bones. Sans will often throw in blue bones, which while they cannot be dodged, will only hurt his opponent if they attempt to move through them as opposed to allowing it to pass harmlessly through. While these attacks hardly seem to so any damage initially, damage quickly racks up from remaining in contact with them, allowing this relatively weak opponent a way of bypassing the defenses of superior foes.
  • KARMA: Whatever is struck by one of Sans' attacks will suffer from this condition, for a brief period of time. It essentially functions as poison damage for one's soul.
  • Gasterblasters: Strange devices in the shape of skulls which fire powerful lasers from their maws. Like Sans' bones, Gasterblasters will often be used in numbers and deal KR damage.
  • Teleportation: While Sans is unable to reset the universe in the manner of someone such as Frisk or Flowey, he has shown to have a useful form of teleportation, allowing him to teleport not only himself, but objects and other people, as well. During battle, Sans will often teleport his opponent, himself, and his attacks, not only moving himself out of harms way, but moving his foe into the path of a new attack. He has also shown the ability to restrain an enemy by repeatedly warping them back to their initial position.


Undertale Genocide route boss - Sans (dialogue emphasized)

Undertale Genocide route boss - Sans (dialogue emphasized)


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