The Sand Bird is a minor character from Super Mario Sunshine who has a small story arc within the game. Along with providing some lore for Isle Delfino and its inhabitants.

As an extraordinary, beloved and dangerous creature, countless people have dedicated their lives into protecting the Sand Bird. For unknown reasons, its egg takes an extremely long time to hatch. With residents at Gelato Beach nursing it for over 100 years.

Over the course of the game throughout several levels, Sand Bird finally hatches and flies away from the island. With Mario having to confront it in order to collect some red coins that were unknowingly on its back.

Powers and Stats

Tier: 9-A

Name: Sand Bird, The Legendary Sand Bird, Great Sandy Bird, Ōsunadori

Origin: Super Mario Sunshine

Gender: Genderless

Age: A few days

Classification: Unknown (Does not posses any known biological characteristics. As its name and appearance would seem to imply, it's supposedly a gigantic bird made out of sand. However the properties of its body share no similarities to that of sand)

Powers and Abilities: Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Flight, Inorganic Physiology

Attack Potency: Small Building level (Is roughly around this size. Destroyed the Shine Tower just by hatching out of its egg)

Speed: Superhuman

Lifting Strength: At least Superhuman via size

Striking Strength: Small Building Class (The spreading of its wings collapsed the monument its egg rested in)

Durability: Small Building level (Can burst through the Shine Tower with no injury whatsoever)

Stamina: Very high (Able to fly around at extreme altitudes for long periods of time without any sign of tiring)

Range: Tens of meters via size

Standard Equipment: None

Intelligence: Unknown  

Weaknesses: None notable

Notable Attacks/Techniques:

  • Tilt: Sand Bird will rotate its body at a perfect 90° angle. Probably to get predators off its back. If one does not have flight and is trying to attack the bird, this maneuver can easily take them off their course and potentially cause them to fall. Despite the bizarre and seemingly impossible angle, Sand Bird faces no hinderance at all on its flying ability.


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