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Summary of the Series

Saint Seiya/Knights Of The Zodiac is a manga by Masami Kurumada that ran from 1986 to 1991. It told the story of the Saints, a group of powerful warriors who are sworn to fight as the army of the Goddess Athena. Along the series, they face off in various Holy Wars against Deities who wish to claim Athena's earth as their own, always against increasingly stronger opponents. The series quickly became a hit, and Toei Animation soon followed with an Anime adaptation in the same year. Interestingly enough, instead of merely following the manga and adding filler episodes from time to time, the anime took great liberties with the source material, altering details of backstories, adding / changing characters, creating entire new story arcs, and usually tying all new "filler" material to the original manga plot.

When the original Manga / Anime came to an end, the series found itself in limbo, and from 1991 to 2001, no new material came of it. This changed when both Masami Kurumada and Toei Animation decided to revive the series, and since them Saint Seiya has been an ever-growing, ever expanded franchise.

In 2001, the Saint Seiya Taizen Encyclopedia came to be, bundled alongside the Hypermyth, and with the two many details of the series's mythology became explained (Note: There was already a Hypermyth in 1990, but it was not written by, nor very supervised by Kurumada, and many of it's details are removed in it's 2001 update, making it clear what is the canonical version). In the next year, the Saint Seiya Hades OVAs began to be published, alongside the Light Novel Saint Seiya Gigantomachia, telling a story that happened in between the Poseidon and Hades arcs, and the manga Saint Seiya Episode G, a prequel focused on the Gold Saints, which Kurumada supervised , approved and officially confirmed canon.

Since then, numerous anime and manga were released, such as Saint Seiya Next Dimension and Saint Seiya Lost Canvas in 2006, originally intended to be equally valid story-lines published simultaneously, yet since 2009 Next Dimension has been called the canonical continuation of Saint Seiya. Also released was the Heaven Chapter: Overture, intended as the first of a trilogy that would tell the Olympus Arc, but due to disapproval from Kurumada, the plan was abandoned. And last, but not least, the Saint Seiya Omega and Saint Seiya Soul of Gold anime, and the manga Saintia Sho.

For long all of these anime and manga were viewed as non-canonical spin offs, but all changed when in 2014, when the direct sequel to Episode G, Saint Seiya Episode G: Assassin started, and in it the existence of a Multiverse in the franchise was confirmed. This, alongside references to various "non-canonical" anime in the series, forced fans to look at the Saint Seiya Franchise from a new perspective.

Timeline of the Series

Original Manga Universe:

  • Saint Seiya Episode G (7 Years before the start of Classic Series, Year of 1979)
  • Saint Seiya Episode G: Assassin - Prologue (months after of the fight against Cronus)
  • Classic Manga Sanctuary Arc (Year of 1986)
  • Classic Manga Poseidon Arc (Year of 1987)
  • Classic Manga Hades Arc (Year of 1990)
  • Saint Seiya Next Dimension (days after the Hades Arc / Year of 1743 in the past)
  • Saintia Sho (Events happening parallel to Classic Manga)
  • Saint Seiya Episode G: Assassin (Modern times, decades after the main series)

Toei Animation Universe:

  • Classic Anime Sanctuary Arc (Early fillers not included)
  • Classic Anime Asgard Arc
  • Classic Anime Poseidon Arc
  • Saint Seiya Hades OVAs
  • Saint Seiya Soul of Gold (In between Hades Inferno and Hades Elysium)
  • Saint Seiya Omega (25 Years after the start of Classic Series, Year of 2011)

Parallel Universes:

  • Saint Seiya Lost Canvas (An alternate look at the Holy War against Hades of 1743)
  • Saint Seiya Heaven Chapter: Overture
  • Saint Seiya Gigantomachia (In between of Poseidon Arc and Hades Arc)
  • Saint Seiya: Legend of Sanctuary (A CGI Movie adaptation of the Sanctuary Arc, taking heavy liberties with the source material)

Unknown Status:

  • Saint Seiya Online (An MMORPG of the series)
  • Saint Seiya Golden Age (In between of Poseidón Arc and Hades Arc of the Original Manga, not translated)

Note: If you want to know more about the Verse's Lore, read the Hypermyth here.

Power of the Verse

Saint Seiya is widely considered to be one of the most powerful anime verses there are. Due to the mechanics of the series even the weakest characters, capable of controlling only Basic Cosmos, comfortably sit around Island Level in their Attack Potency and Durability. Far above them are numerous characters, over 100 when counting the whole Franchise, whose power range from Multi-Solar System level, to Galaxy level, and even Multi-Galaxy level.

Then there are the God Characters, whose powers can range from being as "insignificant" as Star level, though the majority of even the Minor Gods show immense superiority over any users of the 7th and 8th Senses, and through certain feats can be ranked at At least Multi-Galaxy level. Major, powerful deities, such as the Olympians and the Titans, possess a level of power far beyond all mortal comprehension, being beyond typical infinity and residing in a completely separate, higher dimension. Their levels are often around Universe+ to Low Multiverse level. Finally, Saint Seiya has the presence of a few God Tier characters whose power sits at the Multiversal+ level, with one sole character far above them at High Multiversal+.

The franchise also holds immense speeds, containing some of the fastest MFTL+ characters out there. For a collection of such speed feats, read this blog.

Finally, what truly makes Saint Seiya such an impressive verse, is also the special abilities and manipulations of the various characters, such as, but not limited to:

For more information, see this page.

Supporters and Opponents of this Series





The 5 Legendary Bronze Saints:

GodSeiya Shiryu Cygnus Hyoga Andromeda ShunSaint-seiya-phoenix-ikki-img

Other Bronze Saints:


Lynx Retsu

Coma Berenice Mei

The Silver Saints:


Hound Asterion

Lizard Misty

Perseus Algol

The Gold Saints:

Aries Mu - Sacred Saga E20ca7641d157f89c5b829123e1bcc68 7.10 C199e44b0b76094b4fdeb4865d704264 08d62b98ca9f58fa8506618a3720dfd8 20f06cfe8bd8b539f064c486d5b49319 Bd7de7ceef75cdacc2c881ffa7830615 Saint seiya sacred saga dorado escorpio by gabyred-d657aie Fea2151025546f6721ad7bdaadf4f65d Aae9739af6d68f59254deb58994e626d Gallery 10287 49 596690 Saint-seiya-pisces-aphrodite-big KanonDragon ShionSS

The Olympians:

6.05 6.13 6.16 144858182412350 (1)-1 144858182412350 (4) 144858182412350-2 144858182412350 (2)-1 6.09

Other Gods:

Ss-th-thanatos Hypnos-0 Persephone SS

The Titans:

Cronus RheaTarot HyperionTarot Theia Iapetus Themis Oceanus Thetis Coeus Phoebe Crius Mnemosyne

The Primordial Deities:

15 - 1 (2)-1 Tartarus1 15 - 1 (2)-0 Uranos 15 - 1-1

The Gigas:

Tifón en el Episodio G TLCEnceladus

Poseidon's Marines:

5.01 5.04 5.07 5.05 5.08 5.09 5.02

Hades's Specters:

0.7 9.09 9.03 9.02 9.05 9.08 9.11 9.01

18th Century Gold Saints:

Taurus Ox

Gemini Cain / Abel

Cancer Deathtoll

Leo Kaiser

Virgo Shijima

Capricorn Izo

Aquarius Mystoria

Pisces Cardinale


"The Legendary Thirteenth" Ophiuchus Odysseus


Icarus Tohma

Crateris / Garuda Suikyo

Galarian Steiner

Hector of Troy


Saint Seiya Episode G Assassin

The 21th Century Saints:

Pegasus Seiya

Aries Kiki

Virgo Shun

Libra Shiryu

Aquarius Hyoga

The Gladiators:

Arondight Lancelot

Durandal Roland

Gram Sigurd

Vorpal Alice

Phillipus / Azoth Paracelsus

Aparajita Chakravartin

Saintia Sho



The Saintias:

Equuleus Shoko

Delphinus Mii

Northern Crown Katya

Ursa Minor Xiaoling

Cassiopeia Erda

Eris's Dryads / Ghost Saints:

Ruin Athe

Malice Emony

Murder Phonos

Orion Rigel

Anime Only Characters


Cepheus Albiore

Asgard Saga Characters:

Polaris Hilda

Dubhe Siegfried

Alcor Bado

Mizar Shido

Megrez Alberich

Benetsnatch Mime

Merak Hagen

Alioth Fenrir

Phecda Thor

Movie Characters:

Phoebus Abel



Pegasus Seiya (Legend of Sanctuary)

Saint Seiya Lost Canvas

Bronze Saints:

Pegasus Tenma

Unicorn Yato

Silver Saints:

Crane Yuzuhira

Altar Hakurei

Gold Saints:



SagittariusSisyphusCapricornEl CidPiscesAlbafica1

Specters of Hades:

Mephistopheles Yoma

Owl Partita

Cait Sith Cheshire

Nasu Veronica

Saint Seiya Omega


Pegasus Kouga

Lionet Soma

Aquila Yuna

Dragon Ryuho

Wolf Haruto

Orion Eden

Sagittarius Seiya





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