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The SCP Foundation is a creative fiction website detailing top-secret investigations, research, and containment policies of the paranormal. These paranormal examples are creatures, entities, superhumans, godlike beings, events, phenomenons, artifacts, and objects that threaten the normalcy/order of the world, and the worldwide Men-in-Black organization the SCP Foundation do everything in their nigh-omniscient and seemingly limitlessly funded power to contain these anomalies. Some of these anomalies, codenamed "SCPs", are incredibly dangerous humanoids and creatures that could end the world or worse if it were not for their 24/7 imprisonment.

For detailed information about this series, visit the SCP Foundation.

Power of the Verse

Extremely varied, due to the massively varied nature of SCPs. Some, such as SCP-914, are just inanimate objects without any kind of dangerous or useful abilities whatsoever, while others, such as SCP-682, are extremely powerful, dangerous and hard to kill. Yaldabaoth and The Hanged King are both threats to the Tree of Knowledge, containing infinite Multiverses and uncountable planes of existence. Many of the Old Gods sit at around that level of power as well, with some far stronger like The Scarlet King.

Beyond the noosphere, the idea space that houses the collective of all human information, lies the magnitudes of infinity greater Infosphere, the collective of all information. In this hostile alien ecology lies the Outerversal anti-Idea Hierarchy of SCP-5800, consuming and dominating eachother to increase their size and complexity, with each level another Aleph number greater than the last one. Among the pantheon of meme complexes is SCP-3125, though even they are forced to yield to Adam-el-Asem the first man and Tufto's Scarlet King.

Surprisingly, SCP also has very powerful Hypoverse level characters, featuring several characters viewed as fictional by the main SCP narrative. From the Detective Murphy Law (SCP-3143) who "flattens" higher characters into his narrative, to the living Plot Devices of Operation ÓverMeta, who are also capable of manifesting in the main Foundation narrative, to the mutually destructive SCP-2747. As the previous characters are "Below" the SCP narrative, there are High 1-A SCPs that exist "Above" it of a higher metaphysical/'pataphysical' energy, viewing all previous characters as equally Fictional and insignificant. S Andrew Swann's SCP-001 are a "bunch of horror writers" that reside in the Alpha Layer who view and control even the most fundamental aspects of the SCP multiverse as parts of the stories they have written. Above even the writers themselves is an infinite stack of Higher narratives and the beings capable of manifesting themselves therein, such as the ever-ascending SCP-3812 and the self-destructive SCP-2747. Then, there are the further transcendent "True Authors," who created Swann's Proposal, the Alpha layer, and possibly both the narrative stack and Pataphysics itself, all for the sake of telling meta stories; Thus placing them at least at High Outerversal, possibly Boundless.

Canon and Powerscaling Rules

Before making pages for the SCP Foundation or changing existing ones, please carefully read through the Scaling and Canon Rules for the SCP Foundation.


Safe: Anomalies that are easy to contain, usually requiring little to no resources. Anomalies that require conscious activation or a user therefore fall into this class. Despite the name, "Safe" does not imply that it is not dangerous, just easy to contain. A nuclear bomb, for example, would be considered safe.

Euclid: Anomalies that are insufficiently understood or are inherently unpredictable. While not dangerous enough to be classified as Keter, Euclid-class entities are still capable of performing dangerous acts and/or devastate the world if left unchecked. Most humanoid anomalies fall into this class.

Keter: Anomalies that pose a serious danger to both the Foundation and the rest of humanity, often inherently hostile and require extensive or complex containment procedures, or cannot be fully contained with the Foundation's current resources. Even if it is not dangerous to human life, a Keter class anomaly can still be extremely expensive and difficult to contain.

Thaumiel: Extremely rare anomalies that are used by the Foundation to contain or counteract the effects of other SCPs, primarily Keter-class ones, or deal with the aftermath of an uncontrolled containment breach, either by altering history or "resetting" reality so the disaster never occurred.

Archon: Anomalies that should not be contained due to the damage that would be caused by doing so.

Apollyon: The hardest to contain, and most dangerous of all SCPs. Those with this classification are completely impossible to contain and pose a definitive and inevitable threat to the world at large, and possibly beyond. Essentially, the only way an Apollyon SCP can be prevented from destroying humanity is if something else wipes it out first. However, technically this does not make them the most "powerful" anomalies, as the Sun causing all biomass on Earth to melt together is much harder to contain than all but one or two of the Pantheon of elder gods.

Explained: A sub-class of object that has either been debunked as a hoax, sufficiently understood so as to be normal scientific knowledge, or so widely disseminated that containment is no longer possible.

Esoteric: Object classes for anomalies that do not fall into any of the above sections.

Akiva: The unit of measurement for divine grace/faith. Similar to how a lumen is a unit for measuring the total quantity of visible light emitted by a source. Much like how microwave radiation is present all throughout the universe is varying concentrations, Akiva Radiation is present in the same way. Certain anomalous objects are capable of emitting Akiva Radiation, some even being able to manipulate it. Of note, while manipulating Akiva Radiation may allow one to perform acts similar to reality warping, it is in fact a distinctly separate phenomenon, as Scranton Reality Anchors are unable to affect Akiva Radiation in any way. The thaumometer is an instrument that measures akivas.

Cognitohazard: A term used to refer to objects that are dangerous to sense or perceive, whether through sight, sound, smell, taste, or feeling. Cognitohazards typically cause mundane side effects that affect a subject's ability to function, such as paralysis or losing the ability to smell.

Humes: A Hume is a way to determine the strength and/or amount of reality in a given area. This is used to determine the strength of reality warpers and/or environments with reality warping properties. The nature of reality warping in SCP is divided into two data sets, the Hume level of the surrounding area, and the Hume level of a reality warper/anomaly. Should the Hume level of an object/person be more than the baseline reality around them, they are classified as a reality warper. Due to the nature of Humes, it is possible to neutralize a reality-altering anomaly through the equalization of Hume levels between the anomaly and baseline reality. This is usually done with a Scranton Reality Anchor, but can sometimes also be achieved by reality warpers themselves. A Kant counter is an instrument that measures Humes.

  • Type Greens: A designation for reality warpers or individuals with reality warping properties.

Infohazard: A term used to refer to objects that are dangerous to know about. This hazard differs from cognitohazards in that cognitohazards transfer their effects through the senses whereas infohazards spread through the knowledge of any kind of information. Infohazards on their own typically do not cause harmful effects, however it is the knowledge of said information that would likely trigger an external anomalous phenomenon.

Infosphere: The collective of all information and concepts, including alien concepts that are too big for humans to comprehend like SCP-3125. Subsumes the noosphere and eclipses it in size to an incalculable degree.

  • Noosphere: An idea space that is part of the infosphere that contains the information and concepts that humanity can understand.

Memetics: A sub-class of Cognitohazards. Memetics in regards to SCP objects tends to focus on the impossible rather than the mundane, regarding effects that are transmitted via information. In general, the effects themselves should remain in the realm of information. A memetic SCP would be more likely to be a phrase that makes you think you have wings as opposed to a phrase that makes you actually grow a pair of wings. Memetic SCPs do not emanate auras or project beams. They are SCPs which involve ideas and symbols which trigger a response in those who understand them.

  • Amnestics: Memory affecting agents that are applied with the intent of memory alteration or removal. Most Amestics come in the form of drugs. However, there are some Amnestics that come from anomalous sources, and are capable of altering memory in a more crude fashion.
  • Antimemes: An antimeme is an idea with self-censoring properties; an idea which, by its intrinsic nature, discourages or prevents people from spreading it.

Pataphysics: The study of reality-fiction interaction within the SCP mythos. As the SCP Foundation is a work of fiction to the Swann Entities, a field of study was created to better understand the relationship between the "fictional world" and the "real world".

  • Narratives: Stories or fictions that house entire realities. All fiction within the SCP mythos exists as Narratives and as such, they contain real worlds within them. Narratives can exist alongside other Narratives and they can even exist within higher Narratives. Each higher Narrative views a lower Narrative as fiction, and in most cases, entities of a higher Narrative are capable of affecting the plot of lower Narratives. Some Narratives can take the form of verbal stories, wherein the events in said stories play out in real life. Narratives span endlessly above and below, with no discernible "top" or "bottom" Narrative.
  • Swann Entities: There are many variations of this term, but they all denote the same thing. A Swann Entity is one of the many beings that exist on the higher Narrative relative to the main SCP canon/Narrative. Swann Entities are directly responsible for the existence of the SCP Foundation and have a hand in manipulating the plot of their Narrative.

Tartaerean: Denotes something demonic in nature, or originating from Hell.

Empyrean: Denotes something divine in nature, or originating from a Divine space. This can include both gods and angels.

Thaumatology: In layman's terms, magic. It is the study of magical principles as a practical science. Unlike reality warping, Thaumatology isn't limited to those gifted with anomalous abilities, any competent individual is theoretically capable of being a practitioner in the art of Thaumatology. Thaumatology has three basic principles: "Like Produces Like", "The Part Affects the Whole", and "Observation Changes Reality". Due to the latter principle, those of greater sentience are more attuned to practicing Thaumatology than those of lesser sentience (i.e. animals and plants). Similar to Akiva, Thaumatology is separate from the principles of reality warping, and is in a category all on its own.

  • Elan-Vital Energy (EVE): EVE is the fundamental energy that powers Thaumatology. EVE is emitted by living things and it is also often emitted by paranormal objects. EVE emission is not a perfect indication of whether or not a person or object has paranormal properties, but often, that is the case. Higher and more intense levels of EVE are generated by beings with higher levels of sapience: their Observer Effect is stronger, thus their EVE levels are stronger as well.
  • Aspect Radiation: Aspect Radiation is simply EVE in concentrations high enough to cause reality warping effects. Think of it as gamma radiation: Gamma rays are simply the upper end of the electromagnetic spectrum, the same spectrum that contains X-Rays, visible light, heat, and radio waves.
  • Type Blues: A designation for magicians or practitioners of Thaumatology.



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